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    An education on Dark Triads and Power

    This documentary is a shocking deepdive into what a man with power is capable of and how much he can get away with. This documentary also shows how difficult it was, because of his celebrity, to bring him to justice. What this documentary illustrates is a tiered-system for men. If you're a...
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    Dark Truth revealed in the mainstream

    I believe these types of articles are designed to cause mental breakdowns in men who have fallen foul of #metoo. If you’d been falsely accused on rape, and saw an article like that, I’d imagine you’d have a mental breakdown.
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    What women are experiencing online with Pump and Dump Chads

    This video has so much useful data. Who's banging all the women online? Dark Triad liars who are dating 3 girls per day and then ghosting after sex. Who cleans up the mess? You guys
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    It happened again…

    I was sitting with a mate, having a beer, and a flaming gay man walks by and starts swirling around a lamp post. Super flamboyant. My mate said “nice dance moves” The gay guy looked over at us and said “I’ll join you in a minute” and prances into the bar and brings out a giant jug of beer. He...
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    Reason for crazy women

    Do you think the cause of much of the craziness that we are experiencing from women could be due to Humanity undergoing a massive transformation under our nose. From the article: The prediction was made by Catriona Campbell, who is described as “one of the UK’s leading authorities on...
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    Girl I’ve been seeing describes me in one word. Insult or compliment?

    Girl I’ve been seeing got frustrated with me today and confronted me in anger. She stood in front of me with tears in her eyes and said “I’ve been looking for a word to describe you…..you know what you are?…you are Houdini!! You are fvcking Houdini. You keep disappearing and reappearing” I...
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    The second they know you like them…

    I always have to remind myself of how immortal this lesson is. When a girl knows you like her. She starts to withdraw. I saw 2 different girls this past weekend. Very similar profiles. Early 20’s, Sydney girls, woke etc I banged both girls by using my usual game techniques. I didn’t vary...
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    Women only love their children

    Women will never love you, as the now cliche RedPill wisdom goes. But your mother loves you (most likely). Women are incapable of loving men. But they do love their children in most healthy circumstances. This is the truth about female love. They are only able to love their children. This is...
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    Male Arousal / Female Arousal - totally different

    Great video on the differences between male arousal and female arousal. Failing to understand these differences are what stops you from getting laid. Classic mistakes that men make is they project their own sexual configuration onto women. This causes men to become incredibly frustrated when...
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    The Great D. Bacon is back

    Great, simple advice from a local hero.
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    Why OLD is deteriorating

    New idea on OLD guys. I'm not white knighting, just giving a new perspective. A key reason OLD is in such a death spiral is actually very, very simple. Men, across the board, are lying to women to such an extent that women just can't deal anymore. Nothing is real. She doesn't believe anything...
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    The Waste

    I’m lying in my bed with a 21 year old Aussie chick snoring her head off next to me. It was an interesting experience meeting her. I thought I’d post it. She is the biggest wasted potential I’ve ever met. This chick has had so much sex, since the age of 14, that the only way she is able to come...
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    The Self-Gaper

    New data! Something I haven't seen before in my extensive banging career, but experienced for the first time recently. I was doing a girl doggy. The usual routine. Pumping her vag hard, Looking at her assh0le as I was pumping her vag. I began to notice as I was pumping her, her body and assh0le...
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    The timeline of a woman - she burns bright, but burns out fast

    Society wants you to think woman in their mid-20’s are too young to get married, and should be Carpe Diem slvts until they are 50. This is evil and misogynistic. Here is the real timeline: Women are in their physical prime up until their early 20’s. Then the decline hits. A 25 year old woman...
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    The Most Unlikely Male Role Models......Hanson (?) Mmmbop

    I'm speechless by this video. Hanson have created a massive family unit and have completely trolled the anti-family agenda. I dunno what else is going on with Hanson, but this video alone has so many triggering things in it for the 2022 mangina and social justice warrior.
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    The most important thing to keep in mind about reality by Sun Tzu

    This is how the top men who run the world play you, and wear you down.
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    Inter-male competition - Our entire culture is designed to make you unsuccessful with women

    I think many of you are beginning to realise that you live in a world that wants you to fail as a man. Some of us succeed on our own terms, DESPITE the world trying to fvck us over at every corner. This world, particularly the West, appears to be designed as an unfairly difficult hazard course...
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    Gay men are very good at banging women

    This article is an unbelievable redpill for those who don’t already know the truth about STDs. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10588693/Expert-baffled-five-fold-increase-sexually-transmitted-disease-women-Melbourne-suburbs.html this line in particular: “Historically, gonorrhoea was...
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    It's over for....

    ....Anyone-who-identifies-as-a-man-cels The above just appeared on my facebook feed. Girl I went to school with. Mind blowing woke-ness. From what I understand, her husband identifies as a woman (he's a dude - makes no effort to look like a woman. Fat dude with a beard), so that now makes...
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    Women are more existential than we think

    Direct quote from a girl I’ve been seeing: “Why is living so hard? Life is just a process of filling little voids continuously.” pretty insightful for a chick, I’d say. Maybe a lot of them feel this way deep on. Might seem obvious to some of you, but many women aren’t happy with their abundance.