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    Young girl suddenly goes cold on a date

    Matched with a young girl (23) on bumble. I'm in my mid 30s. I was hanging around central london swiping right and left and we matched. I asked what she was up to she said she was drinking alone in a ****tail bar and was very sad. Something about her friends ditching her or something. She then...
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    Places where you can retire and live as an ex pat on a modest income

    I'm getting a bit disillusioned with my career in accountancy. I'm hitting 38 this year. I have tried to move into more interesting areas within finance with no real success and I cannot see myself being an accountant for the next 5,10, 20 years. I don't plan to have a family. So I do sometimes...
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    Girl cooled off after a hot third date

    I've been going on some dates with this girl over the last month. She has a lot going on with a new job, trying to move flat, holiday plans etc. and also has some health problems that make her tired. First few dates weren't great she seemed tired and distracted and uncomfortable with shifty eye...
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    Modern women and relationships

    I am in my mid 30s and would like a relationship. But I have started to realize that when it comes to relationships women in their late 20s/early 30s are incredibly picky. Of course they like to peddle the myth that guys are just after fun and sex and they all say on their dating ads they are...
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    Women who come on hot and heavy starting off

    I've had a few dates with this girl and she seems keen....too keen. She's talking a lot about future activities....even saying she was going skiing end of the month and did I want to join her (I said that sounds nice let's see and luckily she didn't press further). She's showing a lot of...
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    I've had mild-moderate depression most of my life but avoided antidepressants in part because of the sexual side effects but also because a lot of studies say they are no more effective than placebo and I am also worried that once you start taking it is difficult to come off them and when you do...
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    Getting over a beautiful woman

    I thought I had outgrown oneitis but after years of dating and relationships with moderately attractive women this summer I fell head over heels for a classic heartbreaker. You know the type. A beautiful social butterfly who lights up the room and is delightfully feminine and charming. We were...
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    Girl says we are not compatible in the long run

    I've been seeing this girl around four months. She said a few months in that she wasn't ready for a relationship and wanted to keep things the way they were i.e. hanging out and hooking up. But I think with the holidays we have ended up doing more couply things e.g. she spent Christmas with my...
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    Building stamina for jogging fast!

    I want to start jogging but do not really have the patience for these Coach-to-5K programmes with walking/running intervals and also need to get a good workout from the start as part of the reason I am taking it up is to deal with depression/anxiety. What is a good approach for getting fast...
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    Getting next to no matches on bumble/tinder

    I used to do pretty well on Match (and still do) but it seems most of the attractive girls in their 20s and 30s have migrated to bumble/tinder and Match is now mostly single mothers or overly serious career women. I'm a reasonably good looking guy maybe a 6 or 7. Not super photogenic though...
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    Girl seemed really keen and has now cooled off

    I met this girl a few weeks ago on a dating app. We flirted a bit and she was already planning our first 3 dates before we'd even met and telling me how in the shower she was thinking of me and imagining our first kiss and how she liked the idea of going to a movie soon and cuddling up together...
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    Dating a social butterfly

    I've been dating this Turkish girl recently. Relatively new to London. She is a successful professional, consummate networker, and seems to collect friends. She has a bad habit about bragging how popular she is and how busy she is. We met a few weeks ago. First few dates went great. Time flew by...
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    Ending a long term relationship

    I have been living with a girl for the last five years and we've been together for seven years. She is incredibly in love with me and gave me a lot of support during a difficult time for me (my father passed away and I was struggling with depression). She hasn't had many boyfriends and she is...
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    What weight do women put on height and physique?

    I'm a pretty average looking guy. Girls call me cute because I have a bit of a baby face. But my face is quite round and I lack the chiselled jawline of the guys that are seen as classically handsome and despite being in my mid 20s still look much more like a boy than a man. However in my...
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    When girls take ages to text back

    I've had a few dates with this girl. OK she does not seem crazy about me but I've kissed her on the lips at the end of each date and it feels like we've had a fairly good time together. There was a broken date where she claimed she was sick three hours before we were due to meet but she then...
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    Seemingly good date but went a bit cold at the end

    Ive been chatting to this girl on a dating site for a few weeks. We agreed to meet last weekend but nothing was finalised and i was in a lazy mood so didnt pursue it. We talked again on wednesday and she seemed a bit upset so i apologised and we talked on the phone and had a nice conversation so...
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    Strange first date with Italian, her sister and an Italian Lawyer

    I met this girl online. We had a date arranged for thursday. But a few hours before the date she said her sister reminded her they had a dinner with an italian lawyer who could be a useful contact for her (she is studying at law school). Generally i dont accept group dates so i tried to make...
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    Seriously weird night

    I met this girl from an online dating site. We share a bottle of wine and we are connecting but she seems kind of serious so I do not really think anything of it. But she buys more wine without asking me so I figure she is up for some fun. Then she suggests some more but Im balking at the prices...
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    To kino or not to kino

    I hear different views on the use of kino. Some guys say that touching a girl too much on a first date makes you seem needy/desperate and makes her uncomfortable and it is better to let her come to you and wait for her to touch you and then mirror her. Doc Love would be an example of this...
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    Nerves on first dates

    For some reason I always get really bad nerves on first dates. This usually makes for painful first dates with a lot of awkward silences. I freeze up, shake like a leaf and generally cannot relax and vibe with the girl. This is particularly a problem if the girl is quiet and if we don't...