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    Murk's relationship - SOS

    Keep complaining about it to her and you'll be single soon enough. She sees all your angst on the subject as weak, insecure and threatened by other males.... it's a massive turn off for her.
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    What's Her Interest Level? Confused.

    Yeah I was thinking she could have been in drugs in the first date and coming down on the second....
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    Is sex overrated ?

    date a BPD chick and tell me sex is underrated. Ive been separated from mine for 4 weeks and constantly think about it.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    My Ex messaged me about a few days ago (3 weeks NC). I was weak and replied, didnt give a inch in the responses I gave but still I probably gave her the validation to move on that she needed. So be it, perhaps it was the last act of kindness I could offer. To your point though this girl...
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    Biggest age difference you have attracted and bedded repeatedly?

    Best pull was a 20 year old when I was 40 in a bar. Since then though I try and aim for 5 year, beneath that its just a bit too much.
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    Is taking a break ok or weak.

    Unbelievable guess who just messaged me after 4 weeks....... "Did you know that studies show that people who are really emotionally connected synchronise their breathing and heartbeats when they make love. " This is the test to myself Ive been waiting for.......Must....remain.....strong......
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    Is taking a break ok or weak.

    Week four out of a 2.5 year BPD relationship, everything is bland. When my marriage ended (13 years) I had this real drive and hunger to hit the single scene and take as many woman as I could but this time I just cant seem to get into it. Ive resigned myself to just focusing on myself for a...
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    How do I fix? My response to her friend during no contact was taken as a blow off

    Damn dude I could have wrote this post! I am in the exact same situation as you, except Im 4 weeks into no contact and have given up on seeing her again. She pulled the same thing last year (oddly at the exact same time of year), went off and tried to start another relationship and ended up...
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    It happened again…

    give me a quick rundown.........
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    It happened again…

    Someone's about to come out of the closet :)
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    Im back baby!

    So I waited two days texted to setup next date on saturday, got what I thought was a enthusiastic response and a let's do something next week...... now it's Tuesday... nothing..... Do I text again or keep waiting?
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    Woman desire men for there resources........

    yeah but life is about concession. For instance I could move into the city (which is where most of the tinder swipes are) and put myself into a much richer position. Id have a apartment and Id be 1km away as opposed to 40km which is where I am now. Buuuut Id also have a apartment which is...
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    Woman desire men for there resources........

    be fair though bro, there are a crap-ton of hot as F%$K single mums way above your SMV that are willing to lower there expectations to try and lock down a new baby daddy. If you can ride the wave without falling off (like I did) then its a nice wave to ride. Just have to get better at...
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    Woman desire men for there resources........

    Holy **** man this is on point. I gave this chick way more then what should be required and I can totally see that the outcome was completely non consequential to my effort. She did use me for identity, my ignorance promoted the idea that her alignment was because of something deeper, like we...
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    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    Thanks man, you have been a awesome support from the start of this thread, wish I could repay the favour with a beer but just want you to know Im thankful. Ill get to the 9 dude, Im not there yet but the Russian girl gave me a mad high five a couple of days ago so I know all is not...
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    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    Im starting to see it for what it was man, its so weird when you are emotionally tied to a girl you just blind yourself to the situation. Im starting to feel much better about this nightmare being over and looking towards a brighter future. The cravings for her body haven't left yet though...
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    What are the BIG cheating signs to look out for that you have experienced from a cheating woman?

    How does that make any sense, your SMV defines what you pull so if you pull higher then your SMV that is your new SMV......
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    Why do I have a higher success rate on first date dinner dates than drinks

    I always push for the bar on first dates and close almost everytime. That being said I wish I had more up my sleeve because my drinking is OP. Still if she says yes to the first date at the bar she knows whats up.
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    Im back baby!

    Haha well sort of, had my first date since my LTR ended two weeks ago. She drove me home this morning, boom! Feels like the spell has lifted somewhat which is massive relief. She happens to work right next to where I live so that's convenient, question is do I message her or wait. I wanna say...
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    Woman desire men for there resources........

    So Im basically f&%ked. I mean Im 6'2 well built (could lose a couple of kg for the cut look) and have a above average job but that's not going to help my average looks and depreciating hairline. Unless I can looks max to a 8+ (FUE in turkey, haven't ruled it out) Im not getting anything more...