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    Macked it to a younger woman in a bookstore (first time)

    I am 45 and I don't think I ever tried hitting on a woman in a bookstore nor did the opportunity ever present itself (until tonight) Anyhow: They have a Starbucks Cafe in the Barnes and Noble (Central Jersey) and I was reading a magazine. I just happened to look up and a well-dressed petite...
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    MLB Baseball players today and the gloating

    It seems like anytime a player gets a homerun they stand there and watch it and/or do a bat flip. Sometimes they can even be losing by a few runs, guy hits a double and then he is making gestures to his own dugout. I don't remember players acting like this in the 90's and earlier. As a...
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    Are those terrified of roller coasters not exposed to these rides as a child?

    Just an interesting thought.... I like roller coasters and have been on the biggest and baddest (I live near a Six Flags). However, we went to amusement parks as a child and my father would go on with us. I have a few friends who don't seem to be into amusement park rides (thrill rides) but...
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    You have to think you are good enough--

    That's the main difference in a nutshell between guys that are in a relationship with an attractive woman and guys that are single When you see even just a moderately attractive woman (let's say a 6.5) that is showing you IOI's, do you think "Oh, here is my lucky break" or "Why would she be...
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    Extrovert vs. Introvert vs Ambivert

    In my opinion: These are generalizations and this pertains to attraction: As a guy--Extrovert is a positive and Introvert is a negative As a woman--Extrovert is neutral and Introvert is positive Most of us, probably fall in the middle (Ambivert) Why: Women like men who are fearless and...
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    Texas Travel

    Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards Ft. Worth, Austin, Fredericksburg and/or Waco. Fort Worth seems to have the whole wild wild west Cowboy vibe which would be cool and then take a nice drive to Waco and perhaps check out Baylor U.
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    What pure confidence looks like: Sal Valentinetti on America's Got talent

    Watch 2:00 to 3:45, ZERO FEAR, not afraid to be vulnerable with his emotions about family and his mother and COMPLETE belief in his abilities. All at 20 years old! We can learn something from Sal!
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    Movie: The Northman

    Anybody else see this? Though a little weird at times, I thought it was epic. The cinematography, the battle scenes, the music and of course Anya Taylor-Joy! Highly recommend if you like history.
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    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    Anybody else do this? If I find a certain woman attractive and that said woman is in a committed relationship and acts like you don't exist, I usually respond in kind. Usually this is somebody you see here and there (gym, colleague from same organization) Why? Maybe it makes me feel a little...
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    Any US Civil War Enthusiasts?

    I have been to Gettysburg, Antietam, Chancellorsville and Chickamauga in NW Georgia. I was thinking about doing Vicksburg, MS. Anybody been?
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    Is the whole world against you getting laid?

    Sometimes I feel this way. Afterall, sex and desire for female companionship from attractive women is such a strong innate biological desire; I don't think we are ever truly happy when we see other men succeed in this department. Thoughts?
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    What separates you from the competition? Think of something hard you participate(d) in

    When it comes to confidence and feeling good about yourself (especially around women); think of something that you participate/participated in regularly or in the past (you don't even have to be good at it) that is DIFFICULT and SEPERATES you from the rest of the pack. The main point is your...
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    Florida Everglades

    Are they worth a visit?
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    Ottawa or Toronto?

    Which would you visit if you had to choose one? I love history so I am leaning towards Ottawa but I have heard great things about Toronto
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    Running races out of state

    Anybody ever do a 5k, 10k, half marathon etc out of state? It wouldn't be my sole purpose to go there, but cool idea. There is one in the Adirondacks in September as well as Bar Harbor, Maine.
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    Feeling Blue?--Go for a run!

    It doesn't have to be 5 miles of non-stop running, or even 3 miles. It can be as little as 1.5 to 2 miles. As long as you DON'T STOP from point A to point B and can hold it for at least 15 to 20 minutes your body will release endorphins and you will immediately feel better for about a couple...
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    Pete Davidson

    Proves looks don't matter when it comes to LTR. Now he's dating Kim Kardashian?? The guy dates the hottest women and he's goofy looking. Only positive physical attribute is his 6'3" stature. Is it because he is a "broken" man and women want to fix him.?
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    You know where you stand by eye movement alone

    Eye communication is great because you pretty much know where you stand with a woman before you even talk to each other. BTW, this is ALL on an unconscious level and she probably doesn't realize she is even doing it. You briefly lock eyes with a woman, and she responds the following way: Up...
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    Do you have to be Top 10% to do well in OLD

    I consider myself a 7 to 7.5. Above average height, full head of hair, fit but closer to average facial aesthetics. I get matches here and there, but not alot at all. My main theory is, women know they are the gatekeepers to sex and a "7" woman has alot more dating leverage than a 7 man? A HB...
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    The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Soviet Invasion of Finland (Winter War 1939)---Similarities

    History often does repeat itself. Seems like the Russians have no respect for their troops either and treat them like cannon fodder. In the Winter War, the Russians didn't give their troops winter clothing since they thought it would be a quick victory; those olive drab uniforms made easy...