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    Girls have lost the ability to flirt.

    Same as when you become their man and have sex with them, you are a sexual beast and a spunk and then conveniently after breaking up you actually have a small penis and never gave them an orgasm.
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    Girls have lost the ability to flirt.

    Girls can't even converse face to face, eye to eye contact anymore -- it's almost like if you flirt with them and ask them questions, ask them out, they are not responsive and don't see it as legitimate contact because it's not through phone text or apps... ie; in person contact scares the ****...
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    Reasons a woman only meets up once?

    You are a beta time ***** that she **** teases and ****s around with until her alpha ****s gets off work.
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    Chemical imbalance... this is an absoulte sham, just a nice rounded phrase big pharma has been selling for years... There is no chemical imbalance OTHER THAN the imbalance that is created by the snake oil dog crap drugs they sell you. HOW DO I KNOW ?? ... THERE IS NO DAMN TEST TO TEST THE BRAIN...
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    Good news for all the 5'7" to 5'9" guys out there.

    Caring what women think they know they want.... whole thread reeks of oneitis
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    Desperation will nuke your chances

    If that blows your chance you were better off without her, as she was always only going to waste more of your time and her interest in you was low - she is doing you a favor.
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    Do you think Bridgette Fonda has hit The Wall?

    "To the window... to wall .. get low, get low."
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    'Hot Burglar' Wanted by Cops Drives Women Crazy on Social Media

    Man who has more alpha qualities and takes alpha action more than 99% of men women are usually fraternizing with is considered hot, and makes their clam gush for the first time in a year --- whoa you don't say lol
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Sorry, your post is cope -- Naming Leonardo as an example is getting old - NO ONE IN THE MANOSPHERE WILL BE AN A LIST CELEBRITY WITH 1 MILLION DOLLARS. A hot young girl can however start an OnlyFans, get flown over the Saudi Arabia by a rich 20 year old baron and get a train run.. but yes, keep...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Yes - the biggest proof is the question; when in the history of the world has every single ****ing country all agreed and done the exact same thing 'to stop' the flu?
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Sorry, no - i like you, but this is bull****, envision this and you know for sure you wouldn't care about your beard being trimmed and clothes ironed and color matched for the day. The car however, the car i believe you on, the car and man are like man and dog - a man gets pleasure driving his...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    So?, are these women hot as fark 8/10s?? people on the net act like if the age number of their women is low that just means she looks like a young Teri Hatcher or whatever. Like dishing out '19' means QUALITY, i bet the girls are the backlog women that barely any men were attracted to, but when...
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    Ive apparently alpha widowed a few women BUT...........

    I've got this and had this, and have heard about it - a women surmised that women go nocontact etc for self-protection and to ease their hurts, they do it so they can keep going essentially. That's all I can say (the woman whom told me this had broken up with me 14 years ago to marry some dude-...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    I agree with some of what you are saying - HOWEVER, read this again -- you literally spelled out BETA BUCKS/ALPHA ****S Men with money/resources/comfort = maybe date a little first VS Hawt Men = **** first IF she doesn't want to fark/kiss/suck you immediately like you are Brad Pitt, then it she...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Trust me, I don't want to be right about it - - I've got snips of men quoting this and that about being older and thats when the younger ones start noticing and eye ****ing you - and yes, I'm getting that now here and there. Back in the Roosh Return of Kings days I read many stories - In hope...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    And also why you need to vet your women like she was an insurgent on your side, and her actions and character were the difference between winning a war.
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Experience somewhat, but I am calling out this thing to see if there is anyone ACTUALLY LIVING IT, this whole narrative that seems to be peddled everywhere in the manosphere, but never really seen in the farkosphere. Sure, maybe Rollo was right - at 30 something your 5hit is more in order, you...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Again, sorry this isn't directed at you -- but this is beta bucks and exactly what I am getting at in OP -- Money, resources, all stuff she wants from a nice safe man, while she bangs some random fit fake confident dude always smiling and being 'cool' on the side. "Allegedly" men's SMV at 38...
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    Tired of not closing on the girls I want, need closure!

    She had another chad/tyronne sheduled the next day and used you as her time *****?? I only say this because when you 'make out/hook up' and you know you will be together the whole night, usually A leads to C, B never matters in the end. I can never understand how forking doesnt occur in these...