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    Words mean nothing. Trust your gut.

    Two weeks ago I was out with the buddies. I went outside the bar to smoke a cigarette and a girl in a small group outside the bar immediately shifted her focus towards me. We began talking and she gave me heavy signs of interest. Touching and grooming herself, staring daggers at me and giving me...
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    Great job offer from ex company, but fear of failure

    I have a decision to make and pressure myself with fear of failure. So I wanted to ask you guys, what you think about my current situation. My former boss from a company I left over ten years ago, contacted me last weekend and made me an offer for a position as CISO (Chief Information Security...
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    Ghosted by a "friend"

    I have to vent a little bit and hope to hear some of your thoughts about a buddy that ghosted me out of nowhere. We were like brothers for the last 13-14 years. But since he became father for the second time last year at the end of spring, he went silent on me for no obvious reason. The night...
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    case of illness in her close family

    One oft he girls I’m seeing just heard about a case of illness in her family and I just don’t know how to proceed in this situation with her. We’re dating since early december 2019. She just moved near my homecity, I’m living in a different area for working purposes and commute home nearly...
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    Flaked and stuck with OLD match

    So Im trying OLD since six weeks. First time in my life and it‘s working pretty good for me so far. One of the girls got me stuck in a situation, i don‘t feel comfortable with. Had a match last week, funny conversation, had her number about twenty messages back and forth. Continued the...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    I met my now ex girlfriend in early 2015, i was 27, she 22. We clicked instantly and she came up with beeing exclusive three weeks after our first date, she wanted me to move in together after already three months and i gave in after five. I never got along so good with a woman, she showered me...
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    No contact when you dumped her

    Greetings, what about NC when you dumped her? I only read about NC when she dumped you. I dumped a girl that went bossy and disrespectful because i didn't make her my number one priority. But sex was awesome. I told her that i did it because of her behavior. Can this work to let her come back...
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    Trouble at work

    Six weeks ago, i started a new job. There i met a girl that fit my preferences way too much. I didn't do any moves on her, because of my reputation and the fact that i didn't want to cause any possible drama at work. But i think i wasn't able to hide my interest in her and she noticed it. She...