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    You get to choose your identity

    Quick thought on identity. We all choose our identity whether we realize it or not. Choosing the correct identity for you is extremely important. Because all behavior and actions stems from identity. For example, I have created my own image of myself as a gritty, extremely, hardworking...
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    Money>Muscle. Money will take you farther in life than Muscle.

    I realize this is not an earth shattering revelation, but I think men should take heed of it. Thoughts on where a man may want to prioritize his time. Cliff notes version- Money>Looks. This isn't an original idea, but I don't know if guys on this forum pay enough attention to it. I here...
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    Oneitis Prevention and Treatment Plan

    Writing this is selfishly more of a reminder for myself than others. I am not a doctor but I diagnosed myself with moderate Oneitis yesterday. So, after maybe 18 months of spinning plates with maybe 6 different girls that have come and gone, now find myself with a case of moderate oneitis. I...
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    Competition Anxiety- Somewhat interesting personal case study on CO

    Somewhat interesting personal case study on competition anxiety that happened in the last three weeks. I'll write out a numbered cliff notes version because I hate writing long paragraphs and am not the best writer as you will soon see. Also, not particular proud of any of my running around...
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    You may want to try video chatting before meeting up

    Something I have been doing more after going on a few first dates and being disappointed when the woman shows up looking significantly less attractive in person or has a personality that does not mesh with my own. Anyway, here are the plusses for doing this: 1.Gets them to comply early on...
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    Relationship coming to an end- what would you do now?

    I'd like to get your thoughts on this relationship and where should I go from here. A little long winded, but just bear with me please. I tried to break down a somewhat cliff notes version as detailed below: 1. I have been in a relationship with a very well behaved Filipina for the last 16...
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    Breaking for 4 months and Goals

    I'm taking a break from this forum until 06/30/2021. Just not progressing as fast on goals that I need to and spending more time than healthy here. I won't be the same person when I return. I'm setting some public goals to give me some accountability when I return. 1. I am in fighting...
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    The 20% OLD Rule

    I'm kind of a big data and numbers guy and came up with this after a fair amount of dates, lays and plate spinning off OLD. This is a general rule that more often than not turns out to be true.. I'm aware there are exceptions to this rule (and every other rule). I've met up with chicks from...
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    Effective way to get her back to HER place?

    Stacked two dates tomorrow night. First dates. Usually I try and schedule dates around me and just come up with an excuse to head back to my place, but couldn't do that this time. What do you do to get back to her place? In the past, I've actually gotten lucky and I'll walk the girl back...
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    Supplements for best results in the gym

    At 37, I'm in excellent shape, but want an edge to get more ripped and add a little more size. I haven't used supplements for a long time. The big thing and break through back then was creatine. Is that still the best supplements out there? I'm not going to take steroids or anything like...
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    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    Hey brothers, Another thread mentioned this somewhat in passing (thanks to the brother that passed this information along), but I wanted to get more information. What's been your experience with hair transplants? First hand experience would obviously be preferable, but a close buddy's...
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    Accountability. Lost 6 pack. Time to get it back.

    More of a public declaration than anything. I'm 37. Disciplined myself with clean eating and intense consistent work outs. Earned the six pack, which has been pretty elusive as I've gotten a little older. No excuses, just that its more challenging now. I've been getting laid like crazy...
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    Spinning Plates has been a life changer for me

    So finally started to get emotionally grounded after a divorce about a year and a half ago. Made some serious gains in my business and fitness. Improved a couple parts of my personality- a big one being that I cut coffee big time, which is making me naturally calm and mostly emotionally...
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    Last night: trouble getting erection: where do I get from here with plate?

    Hey brothers, Embarrassing, distressing issue from last night. 1. Started taking very small dosage of Zoloft (treats premature ejaculation) ~April 2nd as I think I was cumming faster than I wanted. 2. Had sex with this one plate on 4/11. Started going a little soft midway through. ****! 3...
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    Messed up early with this chick, salvageable or move on?

    Hey brothers, Feel free to blast me for poor attitude/behavior, but give me some advice going forward. Cliff notes: 1. I met a 32 year old girl on match. I am 37. 2. She just (3 months ago) got out of a 10 year relationship with a guy that cheated. 3. I could have been more assertive on...
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    My hangups and sticking points

    Hey brothers, Just turned 37 and starting to go on a lot of dates lately. Wanted to lay out some of my sticking points to maybe make myself more aware of them and try to eradicate them as quickly as possible. I welcome any advice. 1. I tend to be way too much of a nice guy with women...
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    Is the approach different with women on the rebound?

    Hey brothers, Went out with a girl yesterday, age 31. I'm 37. She just got out of a 10 year relationship with her ex boyfriend after he cheated on her. It ended around Christmas, three months ago. She's just beginning to date again. Amateur question, but is the approach different with a...
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    Ashamed to say, still stuck on ex wife

    I hate to admit it, but I am not over my ex wife. She called an end to the marriage two years ago (realize that's a long time to still be bothered by it) I've dated, banged other girls, but still think often about her. What bothers me the most is the thought of her with other guys. I know...
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    How did you get an ex wife to sleep with you?

    I've hit a bit of a vengeful, angry streak. I shouldn't be proud of it, but I am using the hate to motivate (cheesy line, but applies well here). Note, this is not done in any effort to get the ex back. She is long gone. But, there is a petty side of me I suppose, that thinks that if you...
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    Game Plan Going Forward

    Game plan going forward following divorce, which is to be finalized next week. Truthfully, I have this drive to get revenge on the ex wife. The thought of some other guy banging her infuriates me. Obviously, I take it personally that she left. 90 days from now I'd like to really upgrade as a...