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  1. TheKid

    Rotation vs Anti-Rotation

    Just wondering the benefits of both and which one would be better to train on the reg?
  2. TheKid

    Are female abusers all cheaters?

    I have a theory that all women that abuse (I mean really abuse) their partners, are cheating behind their back. Remember that any emotional cheating is cheating to a woman. And that they are abusing you due to her unconcious mind hating the fact that you took her freedom away. Mind you this is...
  3. TheKid

    Apologise or just keep ignoring

    Confronted a plate about something although i sense im in the wrong. Take responsability or just keep ignoring? Its been one day and she has kept me as a friend on snapchat.
  4. TheKid

    Ex reaches out dor second time in 9 months

    Ex messaged me again 10 months NC (after her first message 5 months ago didnt get a reply) she sends me a screenshot of a guy i know trying to get her to come around. In the message she states that i would kill her and i would find out regardless if they kept it a secret. She sends me a...