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    My tinder stats - journal

    Requested my data from tinder to see some stats , to have some sort of an idea how I am currently doing at the moment my Swipe right % is 30 vs 40 on average My match rate % is 1.65 vs 2.4 on average 50% of the matches do not respond women on average have a 14% swipe right ratio and a 30%...
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    Tinder etiquette

    Hey guys , since I am planning to go to a couple of places during the summer , I decided to buy tinder premium and use the passport feature there . I realized quite soon that most women get offended and unmatch you when you say something like “ tinder is so addictive when you match with all...
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    Joggling through life and women - finding free time for women

    Hey guys , curious about one thing . In the last year I find it extremely difficult to actually have time to game girls : between work , getting my masters from an elite university , going to the gym and just socializing a bit with my friends during the week it is almost impossible to have...
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    Italian men and trannies

    Was chatting with a couple of friends that are Italians and apparently in Italy there is a thing for men to f8ck trannies I find this quite disgusting myself , but in the same time in Italy it is quite common and guys are quite opened to share their experiences With trannies , in the same way...
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    Tinder game

    Having little to no energy and not feeling like doing any approaches , I installed again tinder after a pause of like 2 years the funny thing is that I still have like 90 matches from the previous time I used it for a couple of days . This kinda lets me think that the vast majority of women are...
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    Timing - the most important thing in seduction

    Recently I met a girl that a couple of months back I knew she was very much into me , but at that moment I just had other things to do so I did not pulled the trigger a couple of days back I met her accidentally again , she was still flirTy and opened but not at the same level as it was the...
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    Women and dread game

    I did some soul searching after my last gf more or less made on purpose things fall apart . Basically pushing me to the point of braking our relationship . even though she was saying what a great lad I am bla bla ( the usual stuff that women say ) , she started seeing a guy 1-2 days after I...
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    Women & Money

    There are a lot of ideas here that in order to be successful with women you need to have money , otherwise you will never have too much success with women . this is partially true , as in order to keep or increase your SMV you have to invest in yourself : haircut , clothes , eating healthy...
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    Women & relationships

    Something that guys are missing is that higher value guys have the same problems with women , that Normal guys have , especially when it comes to relationships . was seeing a girl for some time , and we were planning to spend a couple of days together . I told her that till end of June I will...
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    simon leviev

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Leviev For all the red pilled guys out there , look at this guy who is a con artist and tricked women giving him money Being frank to yourself , you will actually accept that he is not that good looking but has a good style which helps most of the guys...
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    How to game your medic ?

    Just met now a sexy medic when I went for a checkout did anyone else tried to game their medic ?
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    Feeling bad when rejecting women that I do not feel attracted to

    Did you guys ever feel bad when rejecting girls that you do not feel attracted to ? I can never directly reject such girls ,and just responding to them as girls respond to guys they are not attracted to . It just makes them even crazier … what would be the way to reject such girls without...
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    High status men and women

    For those who still think that sexy women just throw themselves to high status men should have a look at the James Franco scandal https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6296352 High status men have an edge compared to normal guys , but they do not score as easily as most guys believe
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    Banning Pan

    I do not really agree with banning pan . yes , he is neurotic and so one , but most of what he said was 80-90% good material this is how guys behave , they are aggressive and so on , and for sure they do not plant pansies as some here think a guy should do if People get offended when they are...
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    Discussion between 2 average looking American women while abroad

    I am traveling through Europe now , and now I am sitting at a table next to 2 American women , somewhere in the late 20s . Good looking wise they are somewhere between a 5 and a 6 . Neither ugly , but neither cute it is funny to hear how this women see men , and categorizes them . one of them...
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    How women see masculine sexuality

    Got this summary from another forum , and I think that is quite eyes opening on how women are masculine sexuality vs how men see feminine sexuality the topic is about what kind of women go for men heterosexual escorts and what they want “Also, you're right, we're not the Midnight Cowboy kind...
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    Money is good to have , but not a deciding factor for getting laid

    I think that this is a prime example on why money alone does not guarantee you success Jeff bezos gf looks like a tranny , despite him being super rich
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    Fact : The uglier a woman is , the higher the chance of her hoeing around

    I was going through women that I have slept with , talked with and then it hit me the uglier a woman is , the higher the chance of her hoeing around is Was going also through social media to see who likes posts about hoeing around one way or the other , and surprise most of them where maximum...
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    Women and their sexual preferences

    Went to a team event , and got drunk with my colleagues after a while I started talking with some female colleagues and they were saying that they prefer good looking and young men for sex ( the girls are around 35 years old ) , while for relationships they want older men as they have more...
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    Guy thoughts

    When I am seeing girls that I do not see as more than a fwb , I am just saying to me that who knows maybe I will find a quality girl when I find a quality girl , after a while I get bored of her after a short while and want to sleep with someone new then eventually things fall apart and you...