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  1. J

    Just got mt test levels checked. Do any of you know how to read it?

    Just for reference, I am a 40yr old male, 16% bodyfat on a dexascan, working my way down to 12/13%. Workout 5-6x a week. Live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I have always considered TRT at some point if I needed it. All my results came back in the healthy range but it is a huge range and I want...
  2. J

    Downgrading girl from recent exclusivity to plate

    Against my better judgement I recently granted exclusivity to a 23 yr old woman at her request, she is very hot but quickly realizing she will be a future train wreck of a girlfriend. I'm 38 and really don't want the headaches, entitlements and antics that come with a young very hot woman. It...
  3. J

    Married Woman attempting to branch swing to me (need advice)

    Hey fellas, in a situation and not sure how to handle it. Had someone I've known and been friends with for years who is married tell me she has always had a crush on me and wants to spend time with me. I'll give the situation and back story We met around 6 yrs ago, we both own...
  4. J

    CNN article on more women cheating

    Saw this article today when I was scrolling through my phone on more women cheating in marriage. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/05/health/why-women-cheat-partner/index.html Decided to google it to see what the comments would be on it and came across this DC mom forum. Take a read if you want to...
  5. J

    feminine imperative

    So I listen to Pandora when I go to the gym and this commercial keeps coming up. I've been a reader here since the middle of a BPD relationship around a year ago. Anyway, I definately took the red pill and really enjoy reading different blogs, especially Rollo's stuff. This commercial just...
  6. J

    BPD ex.... 3 months out - need some advice

    I've been really struggling lately getting over my BPD ex. I finally broke it off for good over 3 months ago and immediately went into my "get over it" routine of the gym and dating multiple girls. I have never had a relationship that was so hard to get over and honestly feel like a loser for...