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    how do u get convos started wit girls have them talk to u

    What's up Not too much, winding down from a long day. You? Same here had a good weekend. where do u work at
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    finally figurelifeout n stuffand going out just go live life n trrrrk hot grrrrrrrrrr

    Brrrrrrrrrapppehdeeeeough Puzzler!!!!!!11++
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    im serious but how do you get funny and playful with girls?

    I got the idea but my social skills and pretty limited and I am struggling with keeping a comedic act with women while trying to rapport with them how do you FULLY develop this mind?
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    approached a group of girls and failed.

    I went and sat down and her friend wasrecording me sayingthis iz weird i said"i see what i like" they askedwhat my name was i told her im polyamarous she said she is too she has7 dudes i said damn and i said u gonna find a sucker evetuallyto marryi can tell thatshe wanted meto leave so i did...
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    online dating im not getting anywhere

    You guys say just msggirlto askher out but nogirl repliestothat or saya doesnt know me then wheni talk to her andsay lets have drink shoot me ur numberthey justtake my number and nothing?
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    For women not in relationships how do u get them to roleplay or buy sexy outfits?

    Like schoolgirl or cheerleader or officer etc..
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    Today when wanting to approach I found my problem after I didnt approach her...

    my mind was telling me (i dont understand why i am confident and not today) when I should of approached her when she walked by and i didnt and she sat down and I just walked by and didnt do anything my head was then telling me that I shouldnt approach because she will think I am weird or creepy...
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    me and girl went to show had fun ran into her past man

    she wasnt in relationship she just told me he was side to him it was weird she wanted to say hi so yeah we all just said hi to each other he didnt seem to give a damn really i could just tell. she said she dont have feelings like that no more. do i assume she still wants him even tho she said...
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    Confidence is up.... Club game is eh...

    The beginning was ok like one chick i sat down and talked with and said im gonna go back to my friend then later i was gonna try talk to her she walked by me and disregatdrd me advice? Another chick got to grind on me during big sean song and i tried to talk to her she was with friend then...
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    Guys I need some assistance on getting the emotions ignited.... Unlock her legs says.

    I mean I know this chick likes me but obviously shes not in love with me and I dont think its staying thats way obviously because I digging myself a hole persay when I said I like her and I am seeing her every week and I know its predictable and boring. Also saying we dont need to have sex every...
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    Side chick wants to talk to me advice?

    Hey this side chick wants to call me tonight lol i just made joke google is your friend she said that was rude wants to talk to me anything i should worry? Just be cool and also what about if she asks if im ****ing anyone
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    so if was trying to say we dont need to have sex all the time....

    if she was trying to say we dont need sex all the time**** when I show up to her place tomorrow I was thinking about when she opens the door be like someones trying to be a bad girl and pick up kinda do wrestling move put her in bedroom and just f her brains out be like call me big poppa say...
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    Can someone explain to me how do you establish friends with benefits to a girl?

    Well i told girl i like her she said i cant take it back so what so i do? How do yall normally go about it
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    When you know you screwed up telling a girl you like her

    On average with yall how long do u end up sleeping with girls till they are forcing u to commit or they walk? And how do u keep it a friends with benefits? Obvioisly saying that to a girl turns her off so WTF!? How do you backtrack if u tell her you like her? All right fella.....My *****...
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    Emergency i need help women is being*****

    I don't know how to say this but we're looking for two different things. I've already done the friends with benefits situation and I didn't care for it. So if that's what u want then we probably need to end it. I'm not interested in that. I have give u the $25 that u paid for the tix and I'll...
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    I feel like I have been **** Tested if I am right.......

    then i am i swear..... women A Few weeks ago, she was texting me while I was at the fair. You guys said it was a jealousy **** test we Talked about it last week and she said she was joking saying she was talking about her younger cousin thats autistic. now this happend last night Her...
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    Is it bad i basically am fallin for girl i told het everything i feel pretty much

    Then what's up? Why are u protecting your heart so badly? I haven't done any thing to show u that I'm gonna hurt u but u keep "punishing" me for the other wrong doings. Which isn't fair to me. So i called her we talked till 5 am basicaly told her how i thought about women i was goodey too shoe...
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    What do u ask or talk to a 19 year old about?

    Im lost i ask her generic questions she just responds generic i said dont think we get along u seem pretty boring she said im thinkin the same thing i said we can agree on something
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    i am having struggling issues getting women interested in me online. What do you talk

    About? Girl I met at wrestling show we got an awesome thing because i was able just talk about wrestling with her all day i mean she is putty in my hands. But I aint got **** on these chicks online besides asking them about what they do for fun or whatever. What do you guys GENERIC OR GENERALLY...
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    Planning to leave town for 3 weeks so about girl i recently hooked up with what do i

    Do in this situation? I just tell her im gonna staying in chicago few weeks to learn bartend i know shes not really going anywhere so i should be cool?