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  1. Fruitbat

    Has weightlifting changed

    I’ve been back lifting for about 3 months. i lifted a lot in my late 20s and early 30s. When I was into it, the advice was for big compound moves. Squats, deadlifts etc. It’s what I do now and love it. what I’ve noticed back at gym these days, is that most of the advanced guys and...
  2. Fruitbat

    Refined carbs

    Howdy, i had some health issues a year or two back and all the Drs recommended med diet over and over. i live med food but find the slight endorsement of bread has been an issue as I love it and I can binge on it. when I eat bread I feel like crap and I put on loads of weight. In fact all...
  3. Fruitbat

    Social proof and partners

    Just noting: all the men I know who have vast social proof, have very dominant women. To explain: I am almost 40, my friends are all turning 40 at the same time. In terms of 40th celebration. I have about 20 people coming. So does my other friend. I have 2 other friends who are having...
  4. Fruitbat

    Flops ;-)

    But personal but anyone noticed as they age, whilst we aren’t lucky enough to actually grow extra inches, the size of ones unawakened little chap gets bigger? When I was younger it would curl up a lot smaller and then grow exponentially. Now, it seems to have kind of loosened out and hangs...
  5. Fruitbat

    Jobs Market

    Not sure how things are with you, but the jobs market is extremely hot at the moment. Recently changed jobs and greatly increased income. I’d been with my previous outfit 14 years. I wish I’d done this before as I found that moving around actually can get you a big pay rise. I hope this...
  6. Fruitbat

    Punching above

    4 separate people commented on my relationship snd said I was “punching above@ my wife is 12 years younger snd slim and pretty. I am overweight (not obese), not facially attractive but I am tall. However, I’m a high earner and I am good socially. I don’t feel like I’m punching above. Sure, my...
  7. Fruitbat

    Raising boys to men

    Bit of a read here, but here goesI have nephews who I spend a lot of time with taking them to sporting events. I’m a go getting type but my sister and her man deeply resent people like this, they have a kind of anti-system anti-success attitude and have very few friends. They’ve never been...
  8. Fruitbat


    Not sure what happened. I’m married. I live with an au pair so I’m outnumbered. so. My wife is bytching from work about everything (she’s on period). Au pair is kinda on her side. So I basically get pisssd off wit this behaviour. I’m not physically aggressive but I show obvious that I’m tired...
  9. Fruitbat

    Fury Wilder

    any of you cats like boxing? What a fight that was, of course as a Brit I like fury but what a man Wilder was to take that beating and never give up. It takes 2 to make a good fight. Fury I would say now would stand up in any era, I think he’s as good as Ali, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis. None I...
  10. Fruitbat

    Know your worth

    Just going through the final stages of a new job. I’ve been at the same place for 14 years. I looked in the job market because I was bored and I got 50% more on basic and OTE is double. DOUBLE! moral of the story is, move about. Stick too long in one place and you just get stealth pay cuts...
  11. Fruitbat

    The wall of woke hiring

    I am looking for a step up role. I’ve been working on this for many years, getting exams and experience. in Europe we now have rules coming in where you have to look at your male/female pay and explain et etc. What seems to happen is all the men stay at the very top on massive money but all...
  12. Fruitbat

    Career personal dynamics

    Long post guys but your perspectives welcomed if you can be bothered to read. Something I’ve struggled with in my career. I work in a very dog eat dog field with a high percentage of dark triad - and I am not dark triad by nature. I have learned sound techniques to deal with those who smear...
  13. Fruitbat


    Just a random rant. This has happened with several women I’ve lived with. A wet central heating system has a thermostat. It heats the house, achieves the correct temperature, and then switches off, to the point at which the temperature falls. At this point, it switches on and heats to the...
  14. Fruitbat

    Comic relief - humourous gamefails

    Have you ever royally screwed up your game or encounters with doing something dumb? When I was 21 I met a hot woman about 5 years older in a petrol station (gas station to most of you) She was trying to change a wheel on her car and she asked me for help. I started chatting her up and she was...
  15. Fruitbat

    Proud Boys

    I see the leader of the proud boys got 6 months for burning a BLM flag. I don’t know much about them. I thought they were just red pill patriots. The BBC (of course) classify them as far right. Is this the standard these days? How long before this board is classified as extremist? Anyone...
  16. Fruitbat

    Mental strength

    I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve been obese 3 times and lost it and got buff 2 1/2 times. Probably been obese 30% of my adult life. 40% of my adult life I’ve been losing weight (it takes a long time) and 30% I’ve been lean. The last time I got obese, I was the...
  17. Fruitbat

    Interesting question

    We often speak of how we wouldn’t date onlyfans girls. May want to sleep with them but most self respecting guys wouldn’t wife up a THOT. Got me thinking, I follow some beautiful girls on Instagram who are tasteful. They are often married and just post fashion shots. Nothing overtly sexual...
  18. Fruitbat

    Ah, that now makes sense!

    Before betaing out and marrying, I dated for a while. One girl actually I really liked as we got along very well. it was doomed as she had just divorced a guy, he wanted kids, she didn’t. I wanted kids eventually. So it was a happy couple of months but no more. one thing which struck me as...
  19. Fruitbat


    As we know money is a huge part of attraction. I noticed a massive difference - completely different league, once I had a solid income. I look around at many of my friends and acquaintances and I don’t know where they get their money from. I have an income in the top 15% in my country, and...
  20. Fruitbat

    Social Media

    Sorry this isn’t a post on women so mods please move if you don’t want it here. Just realised how much time I waste on social media. Hour after hour, it can take over your life. The world has changed recently. Social media is 99% “I stand against racism/sexism/whatever” It’s almost...