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    Shifting Problem?

    I drive a 5 speed. Anyways, the shifting was fine until today. When I'm DOWNSHIFTING from 4th to 3rd, or 2nd to 1st (5 times more common 2 to 1), and I'm just going to use the 2->1 shift as the example, but at 30k/hr, I downshift, and I feel this spinning/vibration as the clutch is down...
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    FR: Really Drunk (day one)

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    LR: 10 hours.

    From http://www.sosuccessful.net/forum/showthread.php?t=187
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    Need Music exactly like..

    ...The old Rap/R&B sound. Examples like the Not. Big, Tupac, Ice Cube (we be rich), that sound. Please, dump as much as you can. I have a huge craving for the sound right now :rockon::rockon::rockon:
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    Looking for Population and Material!

    http://sosuccessful.net I'm just about to take the reins, and I need people. Join, Post and Refer. :up:
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    The Finally Mastered Being Yourself and CF&F Skill Sets

    If you can walk into a store and talk to any cashier, if you can stop someone that looks bored, and if you can talk to anyone of any age and make them smile, you're doing this right. If you're suddenly discovering that girls that you're talked to want to talk to you, if you're finding...
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    FR - I got asked...

    So if you haven't read the AAA/IOI Theorys, go read them now. Why, because I will dump a list of events. - She comes over for hug. - She asks me how my day was.- She asks me if I'm Interested in seeing a movie with her and a friend - I ask her if she's asking me out on a date. She says maybeee...
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    Yesss, Finally!

    Ottawa got their asses handed to them! 6-2 Anahiem! :rockon:
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    Docs - Personality, A Quick Look Into Why It Matters So Damn Much

    Take a gander at this MSN conversation, a girl I've never talked to before, and I want you to think about a few things. - Who has Control of the conversation? - What is the Energy State of this Conversation (Electric, High, Middle, Low, Dead)? - Is the converstaion light-hearted, Serious...
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    Hold out your hand

    Tried, Tested and True. If you're sitting next to a girl, and if there is any one way to safely test interest, if you have any confusion at all, or you want to use this to get the ball rolling, hold out your hand just above hers. Roll it from there. Admire how soft her hands are, bust on her...
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    Looking for Grooving Music

    Yeah, as the title says, I'm looking for some solid light rap, r&b, soul, basically songs that are easy listening, with a nice groove to them that you can mellow out to. Basically, anything NOT mainstream. :D
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    LR: Like putty in my arms (and a Makeout Mini-Guide)

    This IS a HotOrNot girl. Slightly long, good stuff lies about 2/3s down. --- So, I've been talking to this girl for...maybe a week, she likes to ask what's up sometimes texting on the phone, so we talk every so much. What really fired it up was the meetings. The first one, we met up at her...
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    So You Want?

    To change? -Stop sitting on your ass To get a girlfriend -If that's all you wanted, find your vagina and the desperate fatty eyefvcking you. To get rid of acne because you believe it's the only reason why you can't pick up? -Grab some turpentine and a metal brush (I hear if you get the one...
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    HotOrNot is free!

    Just to let you guys know that if you want some work on your online game, you have a free outlet to do it with. I added like 6 girls to msn lately -_-, all with the opener, 'Hey'. 1 I had to slow down and say date first hun, and another told me she was horny and couldn't do anything about it...
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    STD - Girl.

    A little birdie (rather, one of her friends that doesn't know that personal things shouldn't be disclosed in a err....comment board on a profile)...mentioned... I'm royally scared now. I haven't gone anywhere with this girl, but that might be the reason she hasn't come onto me yet either...
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    WIPFR: Survey

    FR: Survey Do you know how you messed something really important up. Yeah. You'll like this. So, I was at the mall to get 2 replacement shirts. Chick wasn't cute, didn't bother talking to her. Anyways, I was heading out the door, and this HB8 Blonde with curly hair stops me and asks me to...
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    Question: Investment Akin to Str8up, the higher rates.

    I understand everything up until, what can I invest in that will turn out a higher return? I mean the 10, 15, 20, 30% returns? That's about the only question left standing in my way to world dominance. -Oh hey, it's post # 3103, Happy Belated 3100th post to me!
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    WIPFR: Food Store Girl

    Another approach. I've seen this chick at the local grocery store a few times, casual passing chat, nothing big, until last night. I have odd sleeping patterns after a work weekend, so I slept from 5pm or so to 11, and didn't fall asleep until 3am (actually..I was getting more awake). So, I...
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    WIPFR: St Patty Day

    Really, tonight was a suck out. Obtained one kiss close w. tounge before the name (actually, I only spoke a few words to her after the fact because she was looking for her friend and crap) Anyways, I think her name is Emily, judging by her friend that lost her purse and mentioned her...
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    St Patty's Day

    Before I head out, he's a insiprational picture of me ready to kick some pootang tonight! :rockon: If I can do it, you can do it! Get the hell out tonight and have fun, enjoy the company of many friends, savour a few beers and find us some biatches! Rawr...