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  1. TheCharmingGuy

    My hopeless friend

    So I have this friend (let’s call him Jerry) and we’ve known each other for a few years. He’s always been pretty hopeless with women, and I’ve gotten a female perspective on this from one of my own dates, who agreed that he was bad at talking to women. I have tried to give him advice, and he...
  2. TheCharmingGuy

    Pick-me girls

    Do you entertain the idea of dating them? If so to what degree?
  3. TheCharmingGuy

    Virtual Reality

    Currently have an Oculus Quest Vr from Oculus by Facebook, about to upgrade to an Oculus Quest 2. Anyone else on here play vr? Any good experiences/games to share? We can agree that the Oculus line is better than PlayStation, but I’m open to arguments…
  4. TheCharmingGuy

    The worst way you ever screwed up an encounter/date/LTR/female experience etc.

    What is the worst mistake you ever made during a date/texting a girl/during an female encounter? That you regretted later? Maybe that you made when you were less experienced or a dumb mistake you made recently? I’m curious to see what people have to put. Might be a more humbling thread than some...
  5. TheCharmingGuy

    Wish there was a “Don-Juan O’ Meter” everybody on this forum had to take

    I’ve come to realize that this forum is full of pvssies in DJ’s clothing and most of them lie all the time about what they do with women. I wish there was some sort of lie detector test they could all take before joining to prove they really are a Don Juan. Maybe then we could weed out the simps...
  6. TheCharmingGuy

    How susceptible to clickbait are you

    How clickbaitable are you? That is how vulnerable are you to clickbait and how much of your time does it waste? I am the most clickbait-gullible person I know (though I am quite intelligent and hard to fool in real life) and I wondered if anyone else was like this.
  7. TheCharmingGuy

    Are gay women jerks to you?

    I feel like gay women are never nice to me because most of them are all for hardcore women empowerment, believe that the world is entitled to their opinion, and are the sort to drink out of “man tears” mugs. I think it’s because since they don’t need us for sex at that point they can get away...
  8. TheCharmingGuy

    Cooking is Sexy

    Women love men that can cook. Why is this? I get the general premise but any more specific ideas as to why this is such an attractive attribute in a man?
  9. TheCharmingGuy

    Only Bother Yourself with High IL Chicks

    Have you ever wondered how many hours/days/even weeks you spend per year chasing women? It might surprise you to learn that it’s a lot. Let us assume that I try to pick up one woman a day and that each encounter takes ten minutes, and that I also get two dates a week, each lasting two hours. It...
  10. TheCharmingGuy

    30 Stupid Feminist Questions Answered

    30 Stupid Feminist Questions Answered This is a YouTube video in which a man debunks feminist questions. He uses a recent post from another site where women stand on camera and ask questions like “why are guys always thinking about boobs? I don’t think about boobs really at all” or “why can’t...
  11. TheCharmingGuy


    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/hooters-waitress-slammed-praising-women-24177712 Tl;dr: woman posted a video showing a females-only gym, saying how “safe” she felt there without any men to “bother” or “judge” her. Personally I think this is a disgusting form of segregation at its best but...
  12. TheCharmingGuy

    Love is Rare

    You guys, does love exist in the same quantities anymore? Has anyone here ever had love? There is a whole lot of sex advice on this forum but not really any relationship advice/ advice for actual LOVE. Yes, I said the L-word. I bet there are hundreds of guys on this forum who have had sex with...
  13. TheCharmingGuy

    Tips for reminders/self motivation?

    Many times I forget to work out until late at night when I am tired, or I do not plan my schedule accordingly. I have the time to workout if I am smart about being productive and getting my other things done, but I don’t know how to remind myself or motivate myself. I am proud of my rather...
  14. TheCharmingGuy

    How many of you are vaccinated?

    How many of you guys are vaccinated?
  15. TheCharmingGuy

    This forum has turned bad

    Does anybody else notice that 90% of the people here don’t actually have anything good to contribute to any discussion on the forums? It’s kind of sad. It’s even sadder knowing that most of these same people read all this great advice on the forums coming from knowledgeable people that could...
  16. TheCharmingGuy

    Unique Compliments?

    Any ideas for compliments that go past the normal monotonous “your hair looks nice” crap we usually revert to? It would be good to have a collection of favorites, a “utility belt” of compliments of sorts. I mean, every girl above a 7 out there has heard “you’re pretty” about 100 times before you...
  17. TheCharmingGuy

    Palm Reading

    Learning a bit of palm reading is great for dates, you can literally do it anywhere. And it’s great because 1. You can touch her hand, making her feel attracted and breaking the touch barrier 2. You get to sit there and tell her what her hand tells her about her life, which is great because it...
  18. TheCharmingGuy

    Post your best tips on body language

    Guys can put themselves up a few points on attractiveness by having body language that turns a woman on. When girls say a guy is hot, often they aren’t talking about how his face is shaped or how his abs are toned, but how he carries himself. “There’s just something about him...” heard that...
  19. TheCharmingGuy

    Should I wear the outfit more that a girl complimented me on?

    Was out with a friend group that included a few girls. Was wearing a white button down with the top button undone and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Girl from the group says “wow, that really shows off your biceps, you should wear that more”. Should I wear it the next time I see her in...
  20. TheCharmingGuy

    Do This TODAY to boost your confidence

    Hey fellow Don Juans. You’ve probably heard the whole “confidence” routine before many times, but I think it’s seriously underrated. Girls LOVE guys with confidence. I’m probably a solid 7/10 myself, maybe 7.5-8/10 because of my muscularity. Yet I pick up girls without thinking all the time, all...