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    Where are some fun places I could go for my birthday next month?

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but as some of you may know from my Valentine's Day thread, I'm recently single. I'll be turning 28 at the end of next month and I currently live in Delaware where the nightlife is...well...it doesn't exist. So since the pandemic lightened up I...
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    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    Just got off a FaceTime with my girlfriend a little while ago, and it's kinda bothering me, so I thought I'd share here and get some opinions... Been seeing my girlfriend for 6 months. She's much better off financially so I drive an hour up to her each weekend to spend that time with her since...
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    Need help dealing with a problem I've never had before

    This has the potential to be a very long thread. I'm not even sure if I should be making it because in doing so I'm probably overthinking this more than I already should, but I'm hoping somebody can offer me some advice or a solution. I'm 27 years old, I'm dating a woman who lives about an hour...
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    How much fun can I have in New York as somebody who's unvaccinated?

    Title. Wanted to go somewhere nice and go out to bars and restaurants, but I believe they have some strict mandates right now so I'm wondering if this isn't worth the effort.
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    Update on “Got a situation I want to run by some of your more experienced guys”

    I messaged a few people this and since it took so long to type up I figure I’d just copy paste it. So here’s a little update, and hopefully you get this and can comment on it soon since I’m with her right now…this is in response to this...
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    Got a situation I want to run by some of you more experienced guys

    Wasn't sure if I should make this thread. I'm probably overthinking things because so far everything's been great. But I've been delving into Patrice O'Neal and part of me in the back of my head thinks this "relationship" is ultimately doomed, but I'll describe it if only to get some input from...
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    Help me figure out if I f***ed this up

    So this is a pretty recent thing so I'll try to give the whole context. Met a girl while on vacation in Ocean City, MD 2 weekends ago at Seacrets. We hit it off enough that we texted the next day and she invited me over. We ended up going to a public pool, talked for a bit, made out for a bit...
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    Sucralose as a sugar substitute

    Recently discovered these C4 energy drinks and I love them. They taste great, zero calories, zero sugar, and 200mg of caffeine. I'm a little curious because I started reading the ingredients looking for a downside and saw sucralose as a sugar substitute. I've been told that this stuff isn't...
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    Those who are rich, how did you decide what you were gonna do to become rich?

    Started watching some of the Fresh Fit podcasts and recently tuned into the Andrew Tate interview. I don't know much about his "MLM scheme" or how accurate the numbers he boasts are, however, one thing did interest me. He said at one point in his life after fighting that he was broke and made a...
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    Opinions on Andrew Tate?

    Discovered him through a podcast interview. Wanna leave this open ended, anybody who's watched him have an opinion?
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    Opinions on Fresh Fit podcast and Kevin Samuels

    Recently found out about these guys after watching Aba & Preach. Been watching their stuff lately and they keep referencing Rollo Tomassi and talking about high value men and stuff. Most of it resonates with what this forum promotes and advocates, but they seem EXTREMELY red pill. I don't know...
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    Help me pick somewhere to stay in Atlantic City for my birthday, I have options...

    So I'm celebrating my birthday in Atlantic City, NJ this weekend. I've got a room at Ocean Casino for Saturday, and I have a friend who's comping the room for Sunday. However, they have no nightlife in the hotel itself, no bars are open, just drinking on the gambling floor. But I'm told it's a...
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    Help me figure out where to go for my birthday during COVID

    So, single guy, 26 turning 27, living in Delaware. Originally the plan was to go up to Atlantic City, NJ and stay at Harrah's or something. I'm friends with the manager so sometimes he hooks me up, I have a couple friends who can make the drive, and I have a Tinder girl lined up to see me there...
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    So I've decided that I just kinda wanna f*** a bunch of hot women and have some FWBs, so I'm checking here for advice on that

    Kinda bored and got to thinking, so this might be a long read. Anybody that makes it through and offers their opinion, know that I sincerely appreciate your time. For context, I'm 26, almost 27 years old and I've been with ~68 women. I don't post this to brag or anything but because I'm asking...
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    Is it worth getting a second gym membership to have a social life during COVID?

    Starting off, I'm 26, I'm in really great shape, and I currently work out at my personal trainer's studio gym. The problem with this is that between this and my job I see absolutely nobody within the same generation as myself on a daily basis. My job doesn't have me interacting with anybody in...
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    Quick, potentially dumb question

    Girl I matched with on Tinder is somehow about 67 miles away even though my radius is set to 30 miles. It's currently 1AM. This is a 1 hour and 15 minute drive. She's naked sending me Snapchats trying to get me to come over. I'm 26 and currently live at home with my parents unfortunately...
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    I'm a little bit down right now, what are some good ways to make real money without having to rely on others?

    Not sure if this is a good place to ask this, but why not. This is something of a long read. For context, I'm 26 years old. I live at home with my parents in Delaware as of about 2 years ago once I moved back following a year of working out of state that didn't work out the way I'd hoped...
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    Single guys who sleep around, how are you finding hookups during this time where you have to stay seated at the bars?

    Title. Haven't had a new thing in months because I have to rely on Tinder and Bumble trash...
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    Resolved, feel free to ignore
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    How to make money during the coronavirus?

    Regardless of how serious you may or may not think this virus is, damn near everything is shut down where I live (Delaware). I'll be out of work, along with tons of other people. I'm not able to work from home and I can't imagine companies are hiring people to work from home during such a time...