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  1. Barrister

    What are the stigmas for single men over 35?

    Seems contradictory I know, but I do think married women will see you negatively. At the same time, when I see them outside of a setting where their husbands are present will be much more open towards me and flirtatious than when I have also been in an LTR. As for why they are better, I think on...
  2. Barrister

    What are the stigmas for single men over 35?

    You will be seen in a negative light by married women and to a lesser extent married men (if they are blue pilled). I do think there is a lot of truth to what @SW15 states, although I think part of that is just by function that married couples become busy with their families and grow apart from...
  3. Barrister

    Thanks Sosuave

    The moderators here do a pretty good job from what I can tell. Also, when they have been wrong in the past they have owned up to it publicly on the forum. It's hard to know what you are talking about based upon your post, but I imagine if you didn't get an immediate response that doesn't...
  4. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Brother, the point is not to worry about what category women put you into. You are analyzing these situations in a very logical, analytical way. That isn't how the female brain works at all. Women's thoughts and actions are based upon emotions and feelings. She wants to feel that you are...
  5. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    To be clear, I wasn't saying you were abnormal. Merely that your state of mind of not really caring about a guy you ended up in a relationship with before said relationship is abnormal. I would say that my experience with high interest women is uniform, 100%, in that they typically are...
  6. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Not sure I completely buy that what he was doing in that time with other women "didn't concern you." That isn't how women operate pre-relationship at all. Unless you are telling me you settled for him/weren't that into him. Even the most dialed back of women who are HI are reaching out a lot...
  7. Barrister

    Sh*t Test: “Are You Banging Other Women?”

    With a small smirk on your face: "I don't kiss and tell."
  8. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    The problem is that most women automatically just classify any guy that has success with women but doesn't commit into category #2 regardless of what the truth is if they end up sleeping with him and he doesn't commit. In your case with your boyfriend, given what you have told us, I imagine had...
  9. Barrister

    milfs honking

    No - and if I did I wouldn't pay it and would be in court. Usually if you get these it is from a camera system at a light snapping a photo of your plate and then mailing a ticket when it matches the plate with an address (with a claim that you "ran" the red light). Most people just pay to avoid...
  10. Barrister

    New GF likes to text a lot

    You are under no obligation to text her back at anytime in particular. If it is becoming too much, just stop texting. If she gives you sh1t, then tell her you can't be constantly texting like that while you are at work, etc. There isn't any rational basis for her to argue with this. But if that...
  11. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    In order to be truly red-pilled (and to really be happy in life for that matter as far as I am concerned), you need to truly have a IDGAF attitude. You don't - that much is obvious. It doesn't matter what these women think about you (or your friends for that matter). The bottom line is you have...
  12. Barrister

    How do I get over the insecurity of talking to one girl

    First, ask yourself why you want just this one girl. Assuming you can articulate that and it makes sense, next accept the fact that when you commit to a single woman you naturally are giving up certain freedoms, at least to the extent of keeping that woman. Also accept that this means facing...
  13. Barrister

    milfs honking

    If you’re going only 5 mph over the speed limit you will be getting passed by probably 50-75% of the other people on the road - male and female. I generally go about 10-15 mph over speed limit on the free way every morning and I’m one of the faster cars. If I do get passed, it’s generally always...
  14. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    That’s a different story in some cases but it is a good point. Most women aren’t even going to converse (at least not flirt) with the guy they know bangs very below average women. A reputation for being a player and a reputation for a being a guy who will fuvk anything are two different things...
  15. Barrister

    Question for BeExcellent and Catsmeow

    Basically exactly what I was going to say. Financial resources are a part of the equation for attraction. Generally, some level of earning potential is a requirement for social proof, which is fairly important to top tier, hot women. But is just a part of everything and is not the end all be...
  16. Barrister

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Any press is good press. I’ve had women in the past tell me to my face that they’ve heard I’m a player or ask me if I am a player. It is almost universally always a sign that they are open to getting laid by me. So in vacuum, definitely a good thing. Women want the man other women want. Shows...
  17. Barrister

    A question for cats meow...

    He does have longevity. So as far as trolls go that is impressive.
  18. Barrister

    Is sex overrated ?

    From a purely physical standpoint I think this is true for all of us. But there are better feelings out there for me. Child being born, winning my first jury trial, cashing in on a big settlement, etc. There are bigger feelz out there.
  19. Barrister

    Most dating problems can be solved by putting oneself out there more.

    I agree that meeting women IRL and developing a skill for talking to them is the absolute best thing a man can do to hone his cold-approach skills as well as his ability to build rapport with them in general. To the thread title itself though that interacting with them IRL in general "solves...
  20. Barrister

    Is sex overrated ?

    2Rocky already said what I was going to: Sex isn't a big deal so long as you are getting it. When you aren't, it tends to become the main focus above all else (even when it shouldn't). Also, the thrill of the "hunt", of getting a new woman into bed, always has it's lure. We, as men, are...