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  1. J

    Which is a softer pillow?

    MyPillow or a gel pillow?
  2. J

    If you could afford to retire at age 33, would you?

    And if you are past 33, would you retire now if you could afford to?
  3. J

    Has anyone on here ever gone M G T O W? If so, how did you do it?

    I am asking because it would really help my career if I could focus on just my career for now, and totally avoid women for now.
  4. J

    My No PMO journal

    PMO stands for p0rn, mastvrbation, and orga5m Today I visited an adult store and all the customers were men, and all of them were looking at the p0rn dvds and magazines. The vehicles in the parking lot were mostly junky vehicles yet these men were spending what little money they have on p0rn...
  5. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    As a single 33 year old man I am wondering, what made you married men want to marry your wives? What I mean by that is, what qualities did or does she possess that made you want to give up all other women to be with her exclusively, and potentially harm your financial position in case you have...
  6. J

    Is she a likely virgin or at least low notch count?

    Very attractive woman, mid 20s, longest relationship under 1 year, and religious-based career. What do you think? Does she sound like a keeper? Anyone reading this feel free to respond.
  7. J

    Guys on here say that OLD is like fishing for the leftovers...

    this may or may not be true, but in 2010 and 2011 I met a few quality women from facebook. While not a regular dating site, it can be in a way. Maybe things were different a decade ago. What do you all think?
  8. J

    Cause and effect...what do you think?

    Let's say there is this man who didn't always have the bad habits of p0rn use and mastvrbation, and he used to get noticed more by women, he even looked better back then (not sure if this was why, but maybe), do you think he got noticed more by women before because his testosterone levels were...
  9. J

    How does one quit the bad habits of p0rn use and mastvrbation...

    if they have had these habits for many years, and have been using them to get to sleep and to lessen anxiety?
  10. J

    What are some tips to...

    be a woman's best option?
  11. J

    What are some things to do and say on a first date...

    in order to get a second date?
  12. J

    How difficult of a time does an average woman have of finding a man who is willing to marry her?

    I mean actually willing to go through with it.
  13. J

    What's your best OLD opener?

    Because "Hi" is so overused.
  14. J

    What are the best cities in the United States for OLD?

    By best, I mean with the best looking and easiest women?
  15. J

    Book recommendations for someone who has read:

    No more mister nice guy, and the book of pook. If you could only recommend one book, what would it be?
  16. J

    Who wants to discuss the book: "No more mister nice guy" or any other books

    about women, pickup, dating, seduction, wealth, et cetera? Just send me a message to get started. I already read: "No more mister nice guy" and can tell you all about it. I'd like to hear about books you read. You can post on here if you'd rather. I am currently reading the: "Book of Pook"...
  17. J

    Lessons learned from books

    What are some lessons you learned from books relating to pickup, dating, women, et cetera? Which books did you learn them from?
  18. J

    US Military question

    Would you recommend joining the army, navy, or air force for a 33 year old man with a bachelor's degree. I can swim well.