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    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    Won't the body degenerate if one quits it? Why not do it for perpetuity?
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    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Hmmm. Some gentle moderation and steering here. I'd say I'm broadly speaking a feminist. Women aren't treated with the same rights as men around the globe, and I find that wrong. They should have adequate pay, decide over their own bodies, have freedom in all aspects, and so on. Just like men...
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    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Great, important topic. I was in the same situation as you, the difference being that you’re a successful player. I was at a post-high school music school in Sweden, which is the worst kind of these places: quirky psychological artists that all adhere to the feminism/alternative/trans/etc/etc...
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    How many chicks have you slept with?

    13. Depressing topic for me, not proud or happy at all with my s life, a rather constant panic and desperation all the time. Feels like clock is ticking too, and I don't have the feels for women my age. However, I could have increased the count: I reject BPD girls, ugly ones, also neutral to...
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    Tips on quitting smoking.

    Hey man. I smoked for about 2 years, 10 cigarettes a day or so. I quit, haven't smoked for about 12 years. Had a cigarette in my mouth with a girl some months ago, didn't inhale. What was significant for me I think was a journal. I wrote the date, and then "Didn't smoke." It became a...
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    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    I read about plateau in the doc, it was fairly good. Basically to deload, switch to 3×5/3×3/1×3 when 5x5 is too much, which will happen (and kinda do for me it seems). See: https://stronglifts.com/5x5/#Plateaus But there's also a psychological aspect to it. As I see it, no matter what it's...
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    Why "working on yourself" outside of game, on its own, isn't going to get you lots of women.

    I could have written all this about me, it's just as applicable. Haven't heard about sigma males before; yeah, sounds like me too.
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    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    Quick note: I've had gains from StrongLifts: others say I'm more V-shaped, ask if I've lost weight, and I'm pretty sure I can confirm it myself. Should have taken photos, will start now. My weight is pretty much the same but it's as if I've gained muscle mass while losing fat. Stronglifts.com...
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    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    I’ve been doing StrongLifts (standard, basic exercises) 3 times per week for 3 months, and gradually I’ve gotten a body that is aching like an old man. Legs and shoulders, primarily. I’m not stiff, but it’s a kind of aching that I’m unused to. It doesn’t feel like the muscle soreness we all have...
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    Stealing others’ girls

    For me, my possible options are these: A. The trash. BPD girls, ugly ones, attention wh0res, drama queens, etc. Not for me — most of us screen for those. B. Party slvts. Sure. C. Single girls that are relevant. These are very rare, but yes. D. Girlfriends of other men. My experience says that...
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    Bench pressing bodyweight ?

    What the heck is autistic purposes?
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    Taking job as a bartender

    Yeah, maybe I'm looking for a magic bullet, that doesn't exist. On the other hand, I think it has been stated here as well as in other materials that the bartender job is good for getting poon, and I've seen it anecdotally myself. Maybe I should stick to regular game.
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    Taking job as a bartender

    Yeah. That's the standard answer here, "focus on your mission", "she doesn't want to be your no. 1", etc. This is a bit of a warning of Fredo in God Father 2, yes.
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    Taking job as a bartender

    Sure, career wise this is traditionally considered a "step down the ladder" in many ways. But I'm not in that ball park that much, I value other things at this time. The only job at the summer, at least. I can jump on the thread mill at any time. What I'm interested in in this thread is...
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    Taking job as a bartender

    So, in my quest for poon I consider working as a bartender. On a personal level I, as well, look forward to a simple job at least for some time. Other alternatives are intellectual six figures jobs. I pretty much got the bartender job in a high volume place, night club that mostly plays rock...
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    Men who compromise

    I also see it from a more game perspective. For instance, if I sit down with a girl, then another guy (white knight) drops down and criticise. Or in another situation, an envious friend of the girl pulls her away. They c0ckblock me. Similarly, at this social sphere grown up men are...
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    Men who compromise

    Yeah, that's the reptile brain/amygdala at work, and whether to activate sympathetic nervous system or not. Though that's not my case. I'm reflecting from a calm, rational standpoint, taking my time. The closest I get here is that I'm afraid or don't know the consequences of taking the...
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    Men who compromise

    In my current work place I take on the role as the managerial dad who compromise and adapt. And I am absolutely disgusted by myself. It is also so extremely unattractive, I would say. It feels like the biggest turn-off for girls is a man who bows, say “sorry” or “thanks”. I do it because it...
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    Getting rid of intellectualism

    Great thread. It is tragic that smart, hard working men are as attractive as a painful dead fish — when they are intellectual. Undeserved. The problem is that intellectual men when faced with stress (social situation/romance) solve it like they usually do when faced with stress in their...