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  1. ubercat

    Introducing an ex to a current girl

    Sorry for those who expected a kinky threesome thread. Nope unfortunately not I got an ex who was actually a good woman a lot of the faults in the relationship at the time were me and she has actually matured since. Not perfect by any means she can be manipulative trying to get things for...
  2. ubercat

    buying near the bottom

    It's hardly an original thought but I would like to buy the S&P and dow near the bottom Now obviously it could just be a ledge not the bottom and I'm willing to take my chances on that. So does anybody know how to spot the point when the large institutions make their play. it would also be...
  3. ubercat

    Skiing the slippery slope

    I was wondering if we could take something blue pill and make it better. now please don't bother posting if you're a frame Nazi, fake internet Alpha or plan to just manage a harem until you can't raise wood anymore. This is for the ltr crowd who have to live with women for years with all of...
  4. ubercat


    Stupidly I was talking with the g/f this morning about renting an apartment in town to cut down my commute. Epic fail forgot the inbuilt agenda. So of course she raises moving in. Which I do a non graceful shutdown on because I'm running out the door to work. Epic fail 2. Not my best work...
  5. ubercat

    winging on a double date

    My girlfriend was trying to set up my mate with this hot yoga teacher. They've seen each other's photos and agreed to meet up so there's some initial attraction. The chick wanted a double date. I personally hate setups like this where it's an official double date. I've always done better in...
  6. ubercat

    Contract may be cancelled before I start

    I've picked up a 6 month contract with one of the banks It's through a large Recruitment Company. But the email offer came from a bank employee or at least she had a bank email address. I had another job lined up as a backup offer until the background checks completed. I've passed their...
  7. ubercat

    Just walk Keith

    Unbelievable. Even when you re a millionaire entertainer in your own right and have given the woman 2 kids u get cucked in front of the whole world...
  8. ubercat

    Boss shopping work around

    I work as kind of a project manager. Now most of u have probably worked with PMs. A PM is meant to lead their team. I had a days leave and the boss got this woman to start working on an estimate for some work on my project. Evidently it was so urgent it couldn't wait one day. And worse when...
  9. ubercat

    Cat nap

    Hey guys Time to go dark for a while. the community here taught me a lot last year. this year has been about paying back the debt. I've tried to always play the ball not the man. I've also tried in my own small way to add to the total pool of knowledge. I've made a lot of posts on LTR...
  10. ubercat

    Women assimilating your friends

    Hey guys I m sure most of you who ve been through LTR breakups have had this happen before. You introduce your woman to your friends. Then in the break up she peels away the friends she likes. For example I had gone out of my way to meet our neighbours nice young couple with kids. I got on...
  11. ubercat

    The motorcycle Diaries

    It's been a so so year on the self-improvement front. I haven't lost any weight to speak of however I have toned up. The older guys will understand it takes a fair bit of effort just not to go backwards. Spring has turned here now so it's time to amp things up. This diary thread will cover...
  12. ubercat

    G/f trouble

    Heh heh I know most of you guys will say the trouble is that I've got a girlfriend but let's let that 1 go through to the keeper for now. Basic situation is I told my girlfriend off for changing our plans at the last minute. I was pretty direct about it. To be honest I was blowing it up a...
  13. ubercat

    Xes - boundaries for me

    G/f cracked it coz I was catching up with an X socially. Now I m wondering what's sauce for the gander. I would care if it was reversed but I would try and not show it. I don't think there s much point in setting boundaries. Anyway as per dj101 I ve delayed 'The Talk' until tomorrow...
  14. ubercat

    side effects of hair loss treatments

    Hi all I've been taking finasteride and minoxidil for hair loss. And it seems to have worked however @marmel75 raised some serious concerns about long term side effects including sexual dysfunction which is obviously going to scare the hell out of a DJ. I assume a proportion of the older...
  15. ubercat

    should I flake on this chick

    I got a message on POF 15 minutes before the date from this Aussie chick saying that she was still at the gym. And that she had expected I would send a confirmation text. I replied that I don't confirm I just do what I say I'm going to do. Bottom line is that I've agreed to her being half...
  16. ubercat

    Etiquette when girl has a cold

    4th date with this Chinese nurse I've been troubling today. she says she has a slight cold but she's coming over to my place anyway. obviously if she turns up and she's half dead I'm not going to try and get the leg over. the point count is we got to third base on the last date. I ve done...
  17. ubercat

    frame battle best response

    I've had more than enough female company and puzzy lately so I ve spun down my 2 plates. but I've kept dating this Chinese nurse that my friends wife set me up with . Been out on 2 dates. Seemed all good and she sent thank you texts after the dates. Enough kino on date 2 that she should have...
  18. ubercat

    quick OLD question

    Its 40 degrees C in Melbourne today so while hiding in the AC I was messaging this Japanese net chick. so following my usual rule on the third message I gave her my phone number and told her to drop me a text so we could meet up. she came back I'm on holiday in another city blah blah blah but...
  19. ubercat


    Generally thanks so much to the sosuave community. I know most people say it's just random guys off the net. but guys have taken time out of their busy lives to PM me advice which will remove a few roadblocks and commented on FR threads over weeks. I have provided a bit of advice on topics I...
  20. ubercat

    Best night for first date

    Hi All Doc Love used to say - Friday and Saturday nights were reserved. Basically she should be wondering what you were doing on those nights. And some experienced DJs like Harry Wilmington take the same line with slightly different rationale - that a girl will think you're trying to push a...