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  1. LucianoM

    I had her on a pedestal, now shes in the gutter

    Blondie is fvcking dead to me!! This stupid b!tch went and got a ghetto ass motherfvcking NECK tattoo!! Yes, NECK. Are you chitting me! Who the F does that chit!? My attraction towards her went from a 10 to a 2 in an instant. I had her on an altar now shes in the fvcking gutter with the rest of...
  2. LucianoM

    Did i get myself into some chit?

    So me and blondie(the 18yr old im tryna date) planned to hit up the club for NYE and I reserved a table and had to pay for a minimum of 3 bottles. Being thats it was only us two i asked her to invite some friends to help us drink but all her friends already had plans so I said f it and hit up a...
  3. LucianoM

    Girls should be the most important thing to you

    A married mans biggest motivatior in life is his wife and kids. Thats why he gets up every morning, thats why he busts his ass for a promotion, to support his family and give his kids a better future. A married man will gladly put his wants and needs aside for his family and thats a noble and...
  4. LucianoM

    Whats the craziest b*tch youve met?

    For me its one of my plates ive had for the last 5 months. By far the biggest dumpster fire of a female ive ever met and shes only 19. -Uses cocaine almost daily -Sees a psychologist and a psychiatrist -Is on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills -Does acid, shrooms, and extasy -Serial...
  5. LucianoM

    Am i simping or what?

    So i live in L.A. and have been living with roommates for 5 years. My current rent is cheap af and i never minded bringing girls over to smash. But ever since i met blondie(the 18yr old) ive been getting hotels to avoid bringing her to my house full of roomates and 10x10 room. So i decided to...
  6. LucianoM

    Men are your competition, not your friends.

    Im talking about guys you meet in the party and pick up scene. They are nothing more than competitors, dont ever think they're your friends. Sure you might meet a cool wing here and there, and he may genuinely want to see you succeed but once you start doing better than him you'll see him flip...
  7. LucianoM

    How do i confess my love to an 18yr old.

    Ok guys this is coming from a 37yr old life long bachelor with over 300 lays. Ive never asked a girl to be my gf because ive never had one. But a few weeks ago i pulled the hottest girl of my life. A stunning 18yr old that looks like ana de armas, petite body with perky butt and blonde hair...
  8. LucianoM

    Girl left her IG signed into my phone

    This girl ive been smashing for the past two months left her IG signed into my phone and ive been reading all her messages for the past 2 weeks. Holy chit. I knew she had a semi-bf who she was cheating on but i didnt know that shes also fvcking at least 3 other guys. This week she banged one...
  9. LucianoM

    B*tch made men

    One of my best friends began acting distant and ignoring my texts/calls i had no idea why since we had never argued and stayed in contact almost everyday. Well i recently found out that he was also interested in a girl whose in our social circle that i recently started fvcking. She ended up...
  10. LucianoM

    Getting into vaping

    I started vaping weed a few months ago after not smoking in years. And ive realized its an effective tool to click and escalate with girls. if shes down to smoke then chances are she likes you and prolly dtf. Ive already met lots of girls by simply asking if they want a hit. It also works for my...
  11. LucianoM

    weekend report from Los Angeles

    The cops have been cracking down on house parties lately and some raids have even appeared in the news but people here are still partying hard despite the lockdown. For those of you who dont know, LA has always had huge house party scene and if you know the right people you can have a cool spot...
  12. LucianoM

    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    I guess you can call me a chad or chad light, but a lot of girls like me. I usually get at least one makeout or lay per weekend. Either a ONS with a girl i met that night or close a girl that ive been gaming. Things Ive learned about girls over the years are -Girls are horny af, some are...