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  1. jamesfromhouston

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Hey everybody. This question has been asked on SS in 2005, with barely any replies and discussion; so I thought we could tackle it again; might make a great contribution for the forums. Is gossip about you being a player/ladies man a bad thing? This is something I have been thinking about...
  2. jamesfromhouston

    What's Her Interest Level? Confused.

    Hey bros. Would like to know the IL of this girl I recently met: - Met a Tinder date at a Starbucks for some night coffee recently. We make out during the date. - We have a good time. Tons of laughs. She invites me to her friends birthday party on the same night. We bounce off together. - We...
  3. jamesfromhouston

    Should plates initiate? How often should you contact plates?

    Hi gents. As the thread title states. Been thinking about it lately: 1) Should plates initiate hangouts? Ive realized with some of my plates, they tend to not initiate hangouts with me. I'm the one who is always initiating and it feels like I'm always put on the pursuit. Generally, should...
  4. jamesfromhouston

    Some Opinions Needed For This Situation.

    Hey bros. A mini field report from me and some Opinions Needed. Easter around the corner. I went to a house party recently for my buddy's birthday. My buddy made it epic, rented this massive mansion on a hill. It was an amazing scene. A previous plate I hooked up with showed up. She was keen to...
  5. jamesfromhouston

    What Are Some Signs Of A Time Waster

    Hi bros. Recently I've been reflecting on this question/challenge I face. I've met many women (online / offline) and often, women will either go out/progress with you or not. (They're either interested or they're not.) But often times, regardless of this, a lot of women enjoy stringing you...
  6. jamesfromhouston

    Weird failed hook up. Thoughts wanted.

    Hey gents. Would like some opinions on this. A few nights ago, I met up with a girl at a hotel lounge. We had probably met up about 2 times since 2021. And each time we made out heavily and talked about having more "fun" somewhere more private next time. So fast forward to recently. I tell...
  7. jamesfromhouston

    Some lessons I learnt so far in 2022 (Jan - March)

    Hey gents. James here. Just checking in with my dear bros. We are now a quarter of a way through 2022 and I'd like to share some thoughts of things I've discovered this year, so far: - Girls don't really have much power and they usually play the same tricks. They all want their life to...
  8. jamesfromhouston

    Rant: Getting So Tired Of OLD Lately. WTF.

    Bros, just a small rant here. I'm seriously getting so sick of OLD lately that I have made upping my Cold Approach game, my resolution this year for dating. For some reference, I am actually on Tinder, Bumble and CoffeeMeetsBagel. I've paid for premium on all 3. I've been using all 3 for the...
  9. jamesfromhouston

    How long do your plates usually last?

    Hi bros. I've been reflecting on my plate spinning since last year. (This is still new to me, I got red pilled in Jan 2021, its when I started spinning). At one point, I think I had about 6 to 7 plates spinning at once. Fun times, I had some back to back hook ups that were unforgettable on...
  10. jamesfromhouston

    Tried cold approaching in a nightclub last night. Advice needed.

    Hello gents. New year. New me. I wanted to pick up cold approaching. (Prior to this, I've largely been doing OLD and social media game. Had alright success with it but incredibly tiring and boring to game like this. Time to learn and get good at cold approaching.) So last night I was at a...
  11. jamesfromhouston

    Update On Married Woman. What's Next?

    Hi bros! Just an update on the married woman situation, (you can read the full thread here. Summary of last thread: I met up with a married woman a while back, she seemed keen to meet 1 on 1 but was giving mix signals throughout our first meet.): Then I met up with her again 2 weeks ago, we...
  12. jamesfromhouston

    How to deal with her annoying female best friend?

    Hey bros! I was at a house party over the weekend and hung out with one of my plates. Her best friend was there and was basically third wheeling us the entire time. And the friend is one of those really loud, obnoxious, AMOG sort of girl, who kept roasting me, teasing/dissing and basically...
  13. jamesfromhouston

    Mind Games That Girls Play

    Hi gents. We often talk about our strategies/approach/games we play on women. My experience with some "gamey" women this year has made me curious as to the sorts of games they play on us. Would be cool to exchange some personal experience as to the mind games that girls play. So we will all be...
  14. jamesfromhouston

    Is this mind gaming or just low IL? Need Advice.

    Hey bros. Need advice! I met a girl at a friend's party a few months back. We have been hanging and I eventually f*cked her. (We have also f*cked a few times.) At first, she would initiate a lot, message me out of the blue, send me pics, ask what I am up to. Generally very bubbly. She also...
  15. jamesfromhouston

    Girl Finds Out About Other Plates. How To Deal With Gossip.

    Hey gents! I've been spinning plates like mad lately. Had several lays this month. All-in-all, has been an epic ride. Thanks a bunch to all the bros here for inspiring me to live life epicly. Not sure if it would have been possible without SS. Anyway, I've been dealing with a very specific...
  16. jamesfromhouston

    How do you guys kiss close?

    Hey gents. How do you guys kiss close in your own way? Let's share some tips/insights with one another. Here's my approach: Nowadays, personally, I aim for kiss/make-out on date 1. My general approach is to set the first date at a nice lounge. We meet. Usually, I'll get a table reserved at...
  17. jamesfromhouston

    Met Up With A Married Woman. Thoughts Needed.

    Hey gents. Over the weekend I met up with a married woman. We had been talking about meeting up for awhile. But I've been busy so she has been waiting to me to firm a date. (We had connected/met on Facebook because we work in the same industry.) So I invited her to go to a cool bar with me...
  18. jamesfromhouston

    Kissing On First Date. Thoughts/Advice Needed.

    Hey gents, Last week I been on 2 first dates with girls I met on OLD. Girl 1: We had a good vibe during the meet up. Laughed a lot and she was really excited the whole night. I could sort of tell she is interested in me, due to how quick she agreed to meet up with me. Throughout the whole...
  19. jamesfromhouston

    What are some tips on opening successfully?

    Hey gents. I've been doing more approaches as of late. Really want to get better at real life approaches and see more successes. (OLD was my main way before). A majority of my approaches so far has been challenging, I usually go for something situational but most of the time, I immediately feel...
  20. jamesfromhouston

    My Social Media/OLD Experiment: Findings So Far

    Hi gents. I'll try keep this short and concise. For the past several months, I've been doing an experiment to see whether if I actively/strategically used IG/OLD, I would get good results. To give some context, I am a relatively well-known and successful business person. I am young, I...