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    Lost custody by court order

    I lost custody of my 2 children ( 8 and 4 yo) even though I don’t do drugs/violence or anything like that. I used the word custody because I couldn’t find a better English word for it. Here in Germany I’m still allowed to see my children every other weekend but they took all my parental rights...
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    I hate to care about women

    at the moment I’m seeing a girl and she treats me well. I text with another girl and she’s down to meet me the first time this week but I still get rejected a lot by women. just today I was flirting back and forth with someone on a dating app and when I asked her for her number she unmatched...
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    Do all women lose respect?

    All women I dated lost respect and didn’t tolerate much after a while. Some after a few weeks/months, others needed longer but eventually every girl stopped respecting me and tolerating things I did/said. If a woman is into you in the beginning she doesn’t care if you treat her poorly. If she...
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    What’s up with women who say they are demisexual?

    I guess many of you know what demisexual is. Some girls claim that they are only able to have sex with someone they feel connected with and that they don’t care much about things like attractiveness. Are they bull****ting us and if so, why are they doing it?
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    I failed to have sex with her..

    I already posted a thread a few days ago about that girl. We had our second date yesterday and when we were making out, i fingered her and she was really wet. I knew she wanted it but i just couldn't get hard. I have a grower too so i felt ashamed when she was giving me a BJ and i just couldn't...
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    I'm getting mixed signals.. give me advice

    So there is this pretty 20 yo girl i met on a dating app last week. Texted her a bit and got her number, then asked her out. She's very sweet and agreeable but acts a bit strange imo. I'm asking you guys for advice because i want to know if i'm the problem or if she just doesn't like me because...
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    Girl leaves me alone in hospital after date

    Hey guys I’m in a ****ed up situation rn. On Monday I drove 70 km to a girl that I met online. We chilled at her place and made out, slept together. The next morning my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t take it so she brought me to the hospital. I vomited and couldn’t even stand on my feet. The...
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    Why are asian women like that?

    So I noticed that there are many girls from abroad on tinder. I found out that you can change your location and changed my location to asia. Within a week I got 2-3 matches and 0 dates here in my area and that’s why I was shocked what happened when I changed my location. I literally got 50...
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    Got my Testosterone checked and it's low for a young man..

    I always wanted to get my t-levels checked and i finally did it last week. The result is 380 ng/dl and my doctor said it's within the average range but after some research i found out that it's pretty low especially for my age. I can't sleep well, don't have random erections or morning woods...
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    „You make him think he’s lit, he’ll always come back to you“

    Just came across this scene from power and there is so much truth in it. Think about it. Every girl that you loved, made you think you were great and when she took that feeling away, you started acting like a drug addict.
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    Women simp for high value males

    I just saw this video and damn these girls are simping hard for this guy. They text with 0 game. Many guys even know that they’d have 0 success with such messages that’s why we avoid them but there are 0 boundaries for women. She can say whatever she wants.
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    Narcissism just seems like a disorder that describes men

    A girl told me that I’m a narcissist and since I don’t know much about that stuff I just made some online test. I noticed that all the answers that make you a narcissist are just masculine traits like being decisive or wanting to be a respectable person. If you daydream being a successful...
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    Why is it ok to insult somebody as an Incel?

    Being an incel isn't something someone should be proud of and i'm not defending these guys but women constantly insult men as incels when they are criticised. Women are basically shaming men who do not belong to the 20 percent of sexually successfull men while ANY woman can have sex at any...
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    Feeling really depressed/Baby momma wants full custody

    Hey guys, so i have 2 kids and i don't see them since summer 2020 because my baby momma is a bpd crazy chick who tried to make my live to hell. I did go full no contact and decided to set up a schedule for the kids through lawyer. So i went to the lawyer and the lawyer told me that he will...
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    Where are the limits for you at improving oneself?

    I wonder what the limits are for you guys on improving yourselves? I mean nowadays you can get taller with surgery or get a bigger penis etc. Do you think someone should get surgery if he is average to get above average in height or penis size? Shouldn't we accept our basic body characterists...
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    How to bang regardless of her mood?

    Hey guys i have a question for you. How do some guys ( maybe even some of you ) bang women who don't have genuine desire for them like hookers? How can someone have such a mindset? I need a minimum level of comfort and submissiviness in order to bang her good but many men don't need that. They...
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    Foreign girl trying to take advantage of me?

    I'm learning a skill right now in IT. Have to visit a vocational school 1 day a week. There is a foreign chick in my class who is learning the same skill. She studied in her homeland and lives her for 2 months now. looks ok, nice body. Didn't give her any attention but she kept asking me...
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    Do alpha girls exist?

    I was sitting in the train today and noticed a girl hearing loud gangster rap music. She was young probably 16-20. There were 2 boys in front of her sitting as if they had no balls. The girl crossed her legs, had that arrogant look on her face and you clearly could feel this IDGAF attitude from...
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    Fixing extreme approval/validation seeking personality

    Hi i watched a Red Pill Video today and it was about approval/validation seeking. Found out that this is something women usually do so it's feminine. A man doesn't need the approval of others. He just does what he wants to do and '' the tribe '' don't have to give him validation or approval...
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    Feeling disappointed and bad about myself

    Hey guys, as some of you know i have a hard break up behind me. Thanks to this forum and the Red Pill i Was able to get a lot better. I' m thinking way less about my ex but i couldn't fully delete her from my life because shes the mom of my kids. Currently i'm learning a profession in the IT...