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  1. zekko

    Who is the *******? Scheduling Conflict with owner and manager

    The fact that the Manager got the employee to cover verbally without writing it down makes it sound shady. Like he was hiding something, he wanted the Owner to think that he was still covering it himself, so he got the credit. In the end, I guess he did.
  2. zekko

    Beavis & Butthead

    I've been wanting to get Paramount+ for awhile now. This is another reason to.
  3. zekko

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    I'm not going to get into a drawn out argument with you over this, but I'll say this: Concentrating power in the central government is extremely dangerous IMO. Also, you know as well as I that a person in Oregon does not want the same thing as a person in Iowa. Why shouldn't they be able to...
  4. zekko

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    State rights is fundamental to the country. Yes, you provided a bad example of it, a misuse of it, but that was the world at the time, and it was not unique to the United States. There's a lot of brutality in human history, medieval people were downright barbaric. Hopefully we learn from our...
  5. zekko

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    I honestly don't know the answer to this. Probably the reason why the answer is not readily available is that we've been told that the man's opinion is basically irrelevant. To say nothing of denying the child a chance to have a life.
  6. zekko

    How many introverts are here?

    This is the big advantage extroverts have, it's the energy. They get energized from talking to people, and theoretically they can get higher and higher. There's an enthusiasm there. As an introvert, talking to people drains me. You are spot on, absolutely correct. We don't need to be told...
  7. zekko

    Who is the longest currently active member?

    I always enjoyed his posts also, and wonder what happened to him. He would get into some crazy stuff.
  8. zekko

    How many introverts are here?

    I'm an introvert, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I think it gives me more independence than most people have. I am no longer shy, although I do sometimes struggle with forming connections with people. I think I lack a certain warmth that some people have naturally. I lack the desire...
  9. zekko

    Who is the longest currently active member?

    Thanks, I feel better already.
  10. zekko

    Anyone else finding politics in US are affecting relationships and friendships?

    I agree with you, although I notice both sides accuse the other of telling them what to think (or do). Regarding alternate realities, "create your own reality" has long been a thing in the manosphere and PUA theory. I know that's not the same as an alternate reality literally, but some people...
  11. zekko

    Who is the longest currently active member?

    I'm not proud of it lol, but I think I may have the most posts.
  12. zekko

    When on a Date… Sit Beside Her or Sit Across from Her?

    I'm not pretending to give advice here, but I've always sat across. But I enjoy the conversation, and I like to have some elbow room. The sit beside her bit is cute though. If I saw a couple of young kids come in and sit next to each other, I would probably think it was cute.
  13. zekko

    Anyone else finding politics in US are affecting relationships and friendships?

    I think you could characterize the two sides in any number of ways. What's interesting is that each side has its own news sources, and each side has its own version of the truth. Each side lives in its own reality. It's almost like two alternated dimensions living alongside each other in one.
  14. zekko

    Anyone else finding politics in US are affecting relationships and friendships?

    I'm not so sure. Some theorize this is the natural direction as societies evolve over time, it could be our ultimate fate. I hope you're right, but I'm not optimistic.
  15. zekko

    Anyone else finding politics in US are affecting relationships and friendships?

    I have a long time friend who is on the opposite side of the spectrum. I've dealt with it mostly by not discussing it. Once in a while I will bring up some small aspect of current events, usually something that I don't have particularly strong feelings about. He got pretty wound up during the...
  16. zekko


    I've never watched this either. I wouldn't mind binging it at some point, if I can find the time.
  17. zekko


    If men can give in to their desires, why shouldn't women give in to their desires? Maybe the girls want more attention, maybe they want the emotional high of an affair. For all this reasoning about men having the drive to have sex with different women, the manosphere will tell you that women...
  18. zekko


    I wish this was something that was stressed more in the manosphere. Instead, they push the "I'm an alpha male, I must have sex with whoever I want whenever I want, even if I'm married" angle while demanding that women stay faithful. When Rollo was here, he used to frequently say that "women...
  19. zekko

    "Woke" Terminators

    Save earth from climate change by killing Columbus? You called it, woke garbage. I bet the idea gives certain people a hard on though.
  20. zekko

    Women becoming fake bi-lesbian due to male hate?

    See, I've always thought women were more likely to buy into lesbianism because women are more sexually appealing, they have greater beauty. I know guys here absolutely dispute that idea however, they think they are just as sexy as any woman. But I mean c'mon, look at the female body, it's...