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  1. metalwater

    broken is best

    really insightful. would love to hear some commentary from any and all members on this. this looks like several things together well explained and all 100% correct. this could be a road map for guys that want quality. it certainly describes the issues with social circle, that being...
  2. metalwater


    If you have anger, fear, frustration, hopelessness, SHAME, GUILT, doubt. Any of these or like these in your mind and heart it will be difficult to attract women. You can be tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, smart; but with a negative mind not much success. If you are angry at women for choosing...
  3. metalwater

    broken wires

    http://www.evolveandascend.com/2017/04/25/top-7-amazing-health-benefits-of-psilocybin-mushrooms/ I have seen multiple sources from different places making claims that this stuff can solve some brain wiring issues. Does anyone have any knowledge about that? Assuming being beta is a brain...
  4. metalwater

    Of these example what one is the most attractive to women ?

    https://blog.discinsights.com/which-disc-personality-type-is-a-leader What one is like you; why is it good? Of these who would have gotten more interest? Point is that is a path for any...
  5. metalwater


    What do you teach your kids about smv and red pill? for boys ? for girls ? How do you teach that ?
  6. metalwater


    plates = men spinning women <- men want to fck the women. orbiters = women spinning men <- men want to fck the women. To those that have been at this for awhile and also to the newbees, what is the difference between plate and orbiter. As men we complain violently about oriters if being...
  7. metalwater

    real love

    https://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships/2016/03/what-it-means-when-a-narcissist-says-i-love-you/ thought you guys might get a kick out of this one.
  8. metalwater

    asking for advice about uninterested wife

    Looks like an interesting forum. I have a wife of 15 years that has become uninterested in me. She still performs duties but clearly has lost most of the interest. And of course that is not a nice situation. So many details, and I know it is not fun to read a long rambling post. I would...