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    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    I’ve been doing StrongLifts (standard, basic exercises) 3 times per week for 3 months, and gradually I’ve gotten a body that is aching like an old man. Legs and shoulders, primarily. I’m not stiff, but it’s a kind of aching that I’m unused to. It doesn’t feel like the muscle soreness we all have...
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    Stealing others’ girls

    For me, my possible options are these: A. The trash. BPD girls, ugly ones, attention wh0res, drama queens, etc. Not for me — most of us screen for those. B. Party slvts. Sure. C. Single girls that are relevant. These are very rare, but yes. D. Girlfriends of other men. My experience says that...
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    Taking job as a bartender

    So, in my quest for poon I consider working as a bartender. On a personal level I, as well, look forward to a simple job at least for some time. Other alternatives are intellectual six figures jobs. I pretty much got the bartender job in a high volume place, night club that mostly plays rock...
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    Men who compromise

    In my current work place I take on the role as the managerial dad who compromise and adapt. And I am absolutely disgusted by myself. It is also so extremely unattractive, I would say. It feels like the biggest turn-off for girls is a man who bows, say “sorry” or “thanks”. I do it because it...
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    Getting rid of intellectualism

    In my interactions I suspect I have the problem of appearing too intellectual or displaying too much value. Here’s how my convo might be: Me: “I study language X. You’re French/Swedish right, how do you deal with pronunciation/bla bla?” Her: bla bla bla Later on: Me: “You took pictures at the...
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    “Let’s continue online”

    I’ve been interacting with two girls that are keen on me but both divert to IG/FB. They’re both 21-22, I’m 37 (“You look like 27”). It’s not rejections, it’s as if they’re more comfortable there, or don’t want to talk among others. My thought is that this generation is more comfortable with...
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    Leadership: predictability of a leader

    I’ve reported to some leaders that are unpredictable, and some others that give a predictable, safe, trustworthy impression. One obviously wants to be the latter kind, but on the other hand in order to lead one needs to introduce new elements or take unpopular decisions — and that costs...
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    Squats: taking care of the back

    I’m ramping up using StrongLifts, and will lift 80 kg tonight. I’m concerned about the safety of my back/spine, I only got one opportunity. In order to protect my back I do this: I’ve tried dropping the bar (on the guards in a power rack) such that I know how that is done. The times I’ve had...
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    Working with women

    During high school I collaborated a lot with girls (music) and do that now again later on in my life, also at a music school. It has shaped me, I very easily friend zone myself and fall into their frame, we all become the same, equals, the polarity and traditional roles disappears. In addition...
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    Vegetables and gasses

    Fun topic. At this cantina there is a good tasting sallad bar, and I enjoy it and keep my weight down this way. It is primarily raw vegetables of diverse kind. Downside: gasses, which causes a social problem. How do people deal with this? The vegetables have obviously pros and cons.
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    Midlife crisis

    @Who Dares Win wrote an in my opinion a striking description, from thread "Why am I ghosting women": Can't relate to all of it, but I'm 37, surely a late bloomer, and I've realised I kinda have a regular midlife crisis. There is of course a slew of negative things one can dwell in: lost...
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    StrongLifts Bench press: developing a “long” breast

    I’ve been doing StrongLifts 5x5 for five weeks now. I’m 170 cm, 64.8 kg, currently comfortably benching 50 kg, will probably plateau at 70 kg or so. I see a development where I’ve gained muscles higher up on my chest, not further down closer to the nipples. I’m concerned where this will go in...
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    High testosterone = angrily sad?

    I got T-levels reported and they’re above average. Although I have a good reason for being angrily sad (impotence/no lust), I’ve noticed that my uncle nevertheless is the same, angry in that painful way, often over nonsense. It’s not very respectable, attractive or joyful so I’d rather get rid...
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    A Better Workout Plan

    I need a better workout plan. Currently I have three workouts: run 1 hour per week, 2-3 upper body workouts, one abs workout. Upper body workout (currently): Push ups (50x4) pull ups (12x4) Bench (8x4@55 kg) Over the shoulder (20x4@10 kg). (from neutral to straight up arms with curls). Abs...
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    Leg Day

    So people say "And of course, don't skip leg day." I don't get this obsession. I do moderate squats and dead lift 90 kg. But they're exercises I find discomforting, not fun, sometimes painful. They are demanding. I run maybe 12 km a week, I don't got thin thighs. I feel like skipping leg day...
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    Self esteem & girls

    I’ve figured out I have as good self esteem as a black hole. I’ve performed a lot in life (you do the math), so at a first impression this is unnoticeable. The problem it causes is that I project my own views of myself onto girls and don’t think they could possibly like me, get jealous...
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    Fashion: fit or casual T-shirt?

    I try to care about the size of my new white T-shirts, heh. Either rather well-fit/tight or more casual. In either case it’s a slim fit, I got athletic build. In my world it’s fvck boy on one extreme, and unnoticeable casual on the other. I’m currently leaning towards the former: rather make an...
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    Daddy issues

    A HB at a club last night more or less approached me and started hammering me about that she wanted a compliment for her shirt. I got alert on this, didn’t consciously identify it as a **** test, but intuitively didn’t pamper her or comply. My experience and literature says complimenting HBs is...
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    Surviving the harsh climate

    The amount of ghosting from female acquaintances, rejections, flaking of dates, and girls’ entitled behaviour really takes a toll on me. As I’m rigged right now I often develop some kind of enthusiasm, investment or hope, even in something as little as a conversation going well. As of now this...
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    As I’ve gotten better at my inner game, I have more focus on the externals, more precisely the adaption to different situations. Here are some situations one can be in: Night game/bar/clubbing Cold approach/day game Inner circle game Texting in OLD Texting after day game Texting within social...