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  1. aray808311

    San Antonio/Austin

    lol i always think of this for san antonio
  2. aray808311

    San Antonio/Austin

    will do. my bad just saw your reply
  3. aray808311

    San Antonio/Austin

    Just checking if there was anyone in San Antonio or Austin Texas that wanted to meet up to go out and approach. I live in San Antonio, but I am happy to travel to Austin.
  4. aray808311

    Porn acting

    haha going to look this up
  5. aray808311

    54 year old disfigured celebrity is with hot 26 year old model

    haha she did it just for the scooter
  6. aray808311

    Looking for a wingman - Vancouver, BC

    welcome to the forum
  7. aray808311


    this is a guy posing as a girl? catfish?
  8. aray808311

    Women are valuable, how can sosuave say otherwise.

    i think it got misinterpreted
  9. aray808311

    Regulated to the garage for his mancave... Geez

    haha im very confused
  10. aray808311

    How do you all manage your money?

    live with roomates dont go out to eat
  11. aray808311

    Trump Reached Deal With Mexico

    haha guatemala is going to build a wall and is going to pay for it!
  12. aray808311

    What concepts, techniques or gurus made the difference in your game?

    pretty general but the advice of taking a mentor or gurus instruction of what to do and literally following it as closely as possible word for word has been most useful to me
  13. aray808311

    Roosh bans sexual content from forum

    have not heard the theory on expressive/passive personalities that is interesting
  14. aray808311

    Is This Guy A Cuck Or What?

    what sport is mike caussin?
  15. aray808311

    Your thoughts on Megan marble now

    megan markhle? the british?
  16. aray808311

    What's Your Purpose?

    to be happy?
  17. aray808311

    5 texts you should never send to a girl

    what if you do all 5 in one text?
  18. aray808311

    Chunky Asian chick has sex partner count in the "60s" on spreadsheet

    is it the one on the left or the right? and 15 and a half? how do you have a half