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  1. Gamisch

    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    Be Extremely careful . A woman can change ( literally)overnight , and when you live together you actually accelerate this chance significantly. She had a kid?? Second dangerous aspect Once again, be careful, you never know when the baby daddy comes back in the picture. Plus women like this...
  2. Gamisch

    Is sex overrated ?

    Good question. Sez is a natural urge, but a man wont die if he doesn't have it. Its like asking " is eating in a restaurant overrated" or " is entertaining yourself overrated ". NRE is a real powerful emotion. People love to explore the unknown. That's why so many people argue monogamy is a...
  3. Gamisch

    you can't force someone to accept you

    If a man is a skilled seducer then yes. But if he has trouble getting women , a subtle nuance like that could make a huge difference. Do you ask your homie" would you like to play a game of pool with me this weekend"? Vs " lets play a game of pool this weekend". It's much more about a certain...
  4. Gamisch

    What is the definition of masculinity/ masculine energy/ frame?

    Glad you responded, I always love your opinion on stuff like this . Great post.
  5. Gamisch

    What women are experiencing online with Pump and Dump Chads

    Sounds like a mgtow /black piller who turned gey out of frustration. Sat in the friendzone ,while he actually never stopped longing for pvssy. Was a mental tampon for years ,had to listen to all her wild stories and labeled her as a super slvt. Now he's drunk he couldn't control his anger...
  6. Gamisch

    Aching body after consistent strength workouts

    - visit physiotherapy - use foam roller - incorporate more body parts such as arms, back, biceps triceps, abbs ect. This way your shoulders and legs can get more days rest. - warm up and cool down properly - check your diet for the right nutrition. - switch it up by having some days where...
  7. Gamisch

    Women and people in general will disrespect you if you let them

    Be careful with this " captain save a bro " shyt your doing. I ve done that in the past and at the end I was the one who lost it all. The guy works there for 12 years , maintains his marriage, so it obviously works for HIM. Great to have a moral compass and all that but you'd be better off by...
  8. Gamisch

    Girl cooled off after a hot third date

    Bro , the DJ,S told you DON'T text her" enjoy your summer" ,but you still do it...smh. next time actually take the advice giving to you. How can you don't know what you did wrong? You did plenty of stuff wrong, mostly accepting her sh1tty behaviour and pedestalizing her too quick. She knows...
  9. Gamisch

    Girl cooled off after a hot third date

    A lot going on here bro. Dont do dinner so soon. Dont stay kissing her without the possibility of escalating.(rather leave on a high) Dont stay in touch after two(!!!) bad dates. Dont chase after she doesn't reply Dont hang out with her friends. And :dont believe the excuses She actually...
  10. Gamisch

    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    Really flattered, but I think there are much bigger guns on the forum then me haha. But let me give my pov on this matter: I believe a big component is what a man feeds to his own brain . Keep telling yourself you are not good enough and watch how life will punish you. You'll wake up one day...
  11. Gamisch

    So what's the final verdict on the Amber Heard Johnny Depp situation?

    Going to court against a woman is like fighting a tiger on cage; you might win but you'll never leave the scene without scars. Although most men in the " manosphere" say it was a victory for manhood, I believe Depp personally doesn't feels like that at all. His whole life was at display in...
  12. Gamisch

    Fact or Bullshvt: Girls make certain guys wear condoms?

    This. Imo it's the MAN who decides . If she's already a state of arousal and you pull out a condom she probably won't judge you. But raw can add an extra layer of excitment to the experience and sometimes leads to a LTR even faster. Ive had women acting kinda offended I insisted on wrapping up...
  13. Gamisch

    Interesting Study...ugly guys who get hot women do so because they don't think they are ugly...

    Imo the biggest strength of the English language is that one word can become a complete definition. The term " game " is some kinda slang, a jargon. When a man meets a woman both know its " game time". Like when a man squares off with another man. Sleeves getting rolled up , and both know...
  14. Gamisch

    Where do you find dude friends?

    A true friend is a rare commodity. Almost like family. That's means, if he has a major downfall in life you still gotta treat him like your close peer. Or if you dont see him for years , the two of you will still be close. But that doesn't seems to be what you're looking for Like practically...
  15. Gamisch

    Tips on quitting smoking.

    I like your advice ,but that last sentence is a unnecessary kick . You are a self proclaimed alpha man yet you go to Asia on a s3x vacation and have this weird fascination with height. Real alphas don't need to go on s3x vacations imo, they get it everywhere they go. I still think you are...
  16. Gamisch

    What is the definition of masculinity/ masculine energy/ frame?

    I liked that clip a lot! I think the answer to your question about my question is both ..
  17. Gamisch

    What is the definition of masculinity/ masculine energy/ frame?

    Do you think women subconsciously understand that being with a man who possesses these traits increase their chance of survival, vs a pretty boy who cannot protect them in the long run?
  18. Gamisch

    Interesting Study...ugly guys who get hot women do so because they don't think they are ugly...

    I disagree. Imho true confidence is linked to stoicism and absolute sense of self. The realization you cannot control anything in life but yourself. Succes obtained by outside factors is always fickle.Thats why some of these rich stars ( J Depp, w Smith MB Jordan ect) still embarrasse...
  19. Gamisch

    What is the definition of masculinity/ masculine energy/ frame?

    Got inspiration to make this thread based of @BackInTheGame78 thread about looks , and @Pan87 's comment about masculinity. I assume we will conclude that looks only take you so far and masculine energy triumphs over said looks. But how do we define what masculinity actually is? How is this...
  20. Gamisch

    What is really the Friend Zone? The Zones every girl has for a guy.

    Great post. HOF worthy I believe I love it! A man can go from stage 3 to stage 9 REAL quick without even noticing. Maybe even thinking he secured his spot in stage 2/3 ( being realistic and understanding she might had something better once upon a time) ,while she already placed you in stage...