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    Getting into shape - did it help?

    Yeah man. When I was about 28 I lost a bunch of weight but still was too shy and still had the same mindset but at least I started getting the occasional chick but I had zero game so any action I got was mostly because of my new looks and pure luck. About a year after I started working out and...
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    Who is the longest currently active member?

    Looks like you're up there as well. I would imagine a grand majority of those who sign up stick around for a few mouths than drop off. I've obviously dropped off plenty of times or you'd see a much higher numbers under my name, but seriously, 21 years ago man!
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    This guy needs even more help than I do

    That I suppose was me around that age in a lot of ways. Then I lost weight and screwed like 70 chicks. Seriously though. And I am serious. This dude scares the **** out of me. I could see him going on a spree. Just sayin. Someone needs to get to this dude before he finally goes nuts and does...
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    Who is the longest currently active member?

    I'm out here thinking of banging chicks that were born around the time I signed up on this site. ****ing hilarious. I should get a special title.
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    Who is the longest currently active member?

    Come on. I gotta be up there.
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    Gotta lose 40lb + gain muscle

    You probably dodged a bullet with the engagement. Take it from me, a divorced guy, but I'm surely not the first to say that though. But yes that is pretty good, and definitely do not deprive yourself. I once lost 20lb in two months which isn't all that different from your loss and I was still...
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    Gotta lose 40lb + gain muscle

    Yeah pretty much, and my genetics. My body type is ideal for someone who wants to look tall and have muscles. It's genetics. I also have massive calves naturally, which I guess is the hardest place to add muscle. I don't even have to work them as I wouldn't want them any bigger. My biggest...
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    Gotta lose 40lb + gain muscle

    I suppose I never elaborated much when I made the post. I was once 215 with 12% body fat at 6'2. I have tons of experience. Just seeing what other things people have done. I can lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. I've done this twice. I never checked, but I was also probably 15%...
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    What women are experiencing online with Pump and Dump Chads

    Exactly. Even if you are good at getting laid, there's nothing wrong with what you said and are completely right. I once got ghosted after I ate like a champ and ****ed her (not in the ass, that's disgusting) doggystyle. Well, she didn't ghost right away, but after the proper date we had days...
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    Gotta lose 40lb + gain muscle

    I can do this, just want to do it quicker. Any tips from the Chads here?
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    Sioux Falls

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    How many chicks have you slept with?

    God damn was I a slut. I don't remember making this post, but about a year later I was up to 70.
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    Borknagars getting back into it field report journal

    Ok there isn't going to be much. I was married for 5 years, but together 9, gained a few lb(working it off now) moved to a college town but venture out a lot, live alone and have a good job. I'm in total beta at the moment. Not that I haven't had it in the past even though I was getting SNL...
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    Divorce in 2 weeks, haven't seen the kids in 6 months

    I have nothing against children at all, but **** like this and the many other horror stories is why I don't want children of my own. I also have anxiety. I'm still in the damn process of divorce though and my ex has a lawyer that can be simply defined as a ****. A big fat **** and it's been...
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    Not sure I have ever dated a quality woman

    You pretty much summarized every women out there that isn't fugly or fat. Real women are married by a certain age. If you are like me, 43, you won't ever meet a quality women.
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    In the age of cell phone video...

    Ok, I've been out of the game for 10 years. I was sick with a life altering disease that sadly destroyed my mojo, for now. It's called marriage. Talk to any middle aged man about this common and deadly disease. It's easy to prevent, but it's like drugs, you can get hooked, it's fun for awhile...
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    Lying about your age

    I tend to get guessed anywhere from 7 to 15 years younger. I agree. If you have to lie to get some puss, it's ok. There's nothing immoral about lying to women.
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    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    Myself I have nothing against children or those who have them, but I'm rarely around them so there isn't a massive urge. Talking to some of my employees and others at work who are younger in their early 20s they have parents my age so I do wished I had a son or daughter but was already mostly...
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    Willing to be a wing in the Minneapolis or Minnesota area

    I was, but go back periodically.