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    AMOG in university social setting

    in a way but the good thing about teh loud one is he always say more then he should, and since in this case, he is telling the whole room, you should join up the "conversation" and start to ask him questions who will undermine what he is saying, and then stole his spotlight to you when you try...
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    Toxic masculinity

    vietnam war killed millions? hey I agree vietnam was a dumb war who make US look even more dumb, but the damage done on water sources on vietnam really damned the country, but saying vietnam killed more then socialism..... venezuela is kinda there to tell you
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    How would you handle this situation

    meh I wouldn't, if you ahve options then she is really not much important, and is a waste of time to make her even FWB, your time is finite, so make he best use of it, wasting time with a girl who already said you will be in the back burn is not a best use of your time
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    Friend wants to hook me up with a girl that goes to our gym

    because it was not said before, and not following the cold aproach you can do it, without much problem, as long its natural, if him talk with her a little you can always tag along, you never had a talk with someone you just know because of someone else? that is the same, only you play a little...
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    (Purple Pill):'Purple Knight' theorem

    its not male diposition to be lazy, is a human being thing, everyone want to lazy around, some just can't because tehy have to live, others learned to force thenselfs to do things to not look like lazy tards. plus we know very well the ones who tend to go far on letting go after marriage is females
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    (Purple Pill):'Purple Knight' theorem

    you know what makes my mom a relative good person? my dad, if was on my mom only will, she would do anything possible to please others, she already do this, and others time its me who have to have a hold on the woman so she settle, before that? possible my mom family, but I didn't like her...
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    (Purple Pill):'Purple Knight' theorem

    yeah I wouldn't even bother to answer because a lot of things you are saying is wrong in some level, woman are amoral, they will do waht is needed for they survival and confort, even if that mean live with a guy who killed her last hub and its never a good thing be beta, its not healthy for...
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    Thinking about getting tattoo

    anything you do in life should have a reason, better yet a valid reason, want to go back to college to study? valid reason you want to learn to be paid more, not a valid one, to get to know woman, same on this case, waht reason you do have? for woman? not a valid one, try better. in a personal...
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    Women Hate Good Looking Guys

    yes I bet a lot of guys feel sorry for your life, so maybe you have a fame of being easy? :p you how we treat woman who is a easy lay right? now lets get real here I don't belive on anything you are saying here, because there is no human being who won't like to get close to good looking people...
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    Girl i'm going out is rude sometimes

    that don't work as well as you think :p if you only aim on her ass is big, possible she will like, serious I had one time a girl who was losing weight and her main complain about it was she was losing her ass. but teasing her, and giving backhanded compliments still works well. but the main...
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    Things Gold Diggers / Users say / Do?

    then why it ended?
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    Things Gold Diggers / Users say / Do?

    at that moment she would already be nexted, I was just getting fun out of her just to piss her off all woman are immature, means little, unless she is a stay at home girl, around 18 and a really family oriented girl and even so that is hardly a compliment, that means more like you are a safe...
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    Things Gold Diggers / Users say / Do?

    she did didn't she? so why you didn't say, "you get the tickets?" also if a girl says her mom would like you, you are a nice guy, let that sink
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    Tired of women behavior with me

    no man with any self respect does, hence why all the shaming, and manipulation op problem he cares what woman will think, he should just say **** off and laught at then, but not he is scared of then because they will be mean to him
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    Project REDPILL

    ah on this times I do remember morpheus explaining the matrix to neo, since the repill analogy came from it, its kinda nice to keep the analogy going with the same source in this instance, undertand, its not you obligation or duty to explain or made other aware, best you can do is do it, be...
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    Do you think the decriminalization of sex work would make women in general have a better attitude?

    then tell me why divorced now? during college? yeah ok I can belive, after? in front of cameras? plus you really belive there was not people who act in front of others in a way and alone other? you are trying to defend your idea they had something nice, you should just think they could have...
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    Do you think the decriminalization of sex work would make women in general have a better attitude?

    and like I said theatrics, they was together because it was better for both to play the part, looking like a lovely couple in front of cameras would net then more point, plus if we really going down to it, it was michelle the president not obama, she keep a short leash on him, everything to keep...
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    I am 22 and married but not happy. My wife is the 3rd and last girl in my life. Need help?

    kinda the norm or you marry a lot earlyer or it will take a hell of a time, normally with HS GF or something the OP problem is he thinks the grass is greener in the other side, he belives marriage or a new woman will bring happiness, he belive just because some woman are flirting with him now...
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    Do you think the decriminalization of sex work would make women in general have a better attitude?

    first rodeo? nah i'm dating around if I find her interesting enough, but my tolerance is pretty low so i'm most on casual, now if you are mentioning it me using hookers, nah, i'm good on gathering info, and I read a lot, what i'm stating is from guys I talk with and know in some instances from...
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    Do you think the decriminalization of sex work would make women in general have a better attitude?

    ok now I want to see the sources of it, I do read and know they do limit what sex act they are up to and the price, but now choose the client? that only did happen, history mind you, if the courtesan was in high demand, she had so many RICH clients she could choose who she would indulge with, so...