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  1. logicallefty

    Got Married After Following My Own Advice

    Wanted to give an update to the forum community. The Moderator Team has known this for a while now, and now I'm posting it in the general forum. I got married last year. I followed my own advice upon doing so. Not my old advice from years ago which was "never get married" which I did say after...
  2. logicallefty

    Two Words: Cannibis Stocks

    With the projected election winner, time to make some cash Monday. Aurora Cannibis ACB Aphria Inc. APHA Cronos Group CRON Cannibis ETF THCX Cannibis ETF YOLO
  3. logicallefty

    How strict is your state about masks?

    - Where do you live? -Do places have signs posted about mask being required? -If you don’t wear one do the employees say anything? -If you don’t wear one do non-employees say anything? I live in Illinois south of Chicago. What I am finding is it signs are posted everywhere but if you go in...
  4. logicallefty

    Situation With Daughter & Her BF

    My daughter just turned 17. Her BF is 19 and she has been with him for 3 years. I've spoken on this forum many times about how much I love the BF almost as if he was my own kid. He's a hard azz worker with a great job as a mechanic at an elite car dealership. Treats her like a dad wants his...
  5. logicallefty

    New Corona Cases - You pick the numbers

    Pick several Random numbers between 100 and 800. Example 267, 452, 173, 697. Then do Google searches with your numbers, example “267 new cases”, “452 new cases”, “173 new cases”, “697 new cases” Just do it with your own numbers and reply here on what you see, and what you think.
  6. logicallefty

    Long Term Sustainability of MGTOW

    I am not MGTOW from the traditional sense as I still date women, still fvck women, have LTRs. But I do consider myself MGTOW because of the "Own Way" part. I go my own way because I no longer take the shaftings from women that society wants me to take. I protect what's dear to me while still...
  7. logicallefty

    Women Evolution Explained Using Video Games

    This doesn't need too much explaining. I played video games in the 80s-90s and was the nerdy kid at school. Now those same women who called me a nerd want my money to play with them naked. I related to this, wanted to share. My favorite is 2013. I bet some woman somewhere has really said that.
  8. logicallefty

    My Sister Had Coronavirus - But All Good Now

    A couple weeks ago my mom told me she thinks my sister might have Coronavirus but wasn't yet sure. Today I found out that yes, she did, but she is now recovering very well. She's 55 years old. Former diabetic but she lost a mound of weight from what she used to be. Here is the most...
  9. logicallefty

    The Crazy Wall Of Text Fun Thread

    In another thread we brought "crazy walls of text" briefly into the conversation. A crazy wall of text is a rant of text you have got from a woman when she is pizzed at you. Thought it would be fun to dedicate a thread to some of your craziest ones. Example: First, post the wall of text...
  10. logicallefty

    Learn Psychology & Analyze Her Early On

    I've always thought I was pretty well versed in psychology. I've studied sociopaths and psychopaths a lot after a really toxic relationship in 2009-2012. I've always know that there are a mix of crazy traits in all women, and I've known for quite some time to never expect a relationship to...
  11. logicallefty

    Article: Great Victory For Man Against Ex

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/arizona-woman-embryos-frozen-cancer-pregnant-without-ex-husbands-consent-donate-ruby-torres - Woman has cancer - She and Hubby have eggs fertilized and stored before treatment - Contract signed that both parties must conscent to use eggs he fertilized - Hubby becomes...
  12. logicallefty


    Anyone here from or familiar with Montana? Are the people decent ? Cost of living reasonable? I may have a job opportunity there and be moving from Illinois. Last time I was in Montana I was 10. Won’t be till summer at the earliest but I may take a trip there soon to check it out.
  13. logicallefty

    Air BnB Experiences

    I will be taking at least three trips this year out of state. Thinking about using an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Never done it. Seems like a lot could go wrong. Looking to hear the good, bad, pretty, and ugly. Advantages and disadvantages compared with a hotel. I know prices is usually in...
  14. logicallefty

    Just Played My Top Card With The GF

    GF and I have been together for 18 x months now. Lately she has been going through some stuff in her personal life unrelated to me which I get. But she also thinks it gives her the rights to push the envelope with me. I've caught her in a couple lies lately and this morning I proved to her...
  15. logicallefty

    Stock Market & Relationships

    Can anyone else see just how similar this is, or is it just me? - Day Trades & One Night Stands: Look at what you are about to invest in. The daily chart has a nice setup/damn she is hot. Going to enter a position and ride the gap up/going to rail her tonight and send her home by morning. -...
  16. logicallefty

    Bad Hillary

    Fox News disabled comments on this so I’ll post my comment here: “Hahahahahahahaha busted!” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hillary-clinton-emails-state-department-violations-security-incidents
  17. logicallefty

    Trump Reached Deal With Mexico

    Trump reached a deal with Mexico so they could avoid tariffs. In exchange they have agreed to help the US with the illegal immigrant crisis. It would be so easy for the Liberals to start supporting this president so they too can be on the winning team. And the thing about it is they would be...
  18. logicallefty

    Golden Corral Cracks Down On Skank Attire

    Did you guys see this one? Good for Golden corral. I don’t eat there because their food stinks but at least they have the right idea. Quite frankly I am sick of all women dressing like sloots. Not just fat ones like this one. I have no respect for women who dress like this in public, fat or...
  19. logicallefty

    Any St. Louis Blues Fans Here

    I live in Chicago Blackhawk country but have always liked the Blues. Blues going to Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1970. They've never won a cup in their history since 1967 or even a Stanley Cup final game in the few times they went. I'm tired of all these Blackhawk fans around...