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  1. Chamber36

    My fragile ego cant deal with the dating scene

    Since my laptop's gone to **** I gotta keep this short. Gotta use the android. I may whip out the laptop soon because I like to log things. So here's the scoop: I have been a massive train wreck of a man for about 3 years now since my BPD wh0re of a girlfriend that also had a sweet side to her...
  2. Chamber36

    Dark Triad qualities and womens' needs to feel smaller than their man

    From Roosh's book "Game" (and anyone wishing to hate on Roosh or nitpick fuxk off please). Page 77: "For some girls, aloofness is not subtle enough - they need a man who harms them emotionally so they van truly feel that their value is lower. While I do not advocate ... we now live in an era...
  3. Chamber36

    Still angry at ex

    What does it mean? I wonder if I will tip the cops to her habitual drug use just to get this problem solved and taken care of. The country she is in isn't super lenient, I don't think. Get rid of the *****. What you guys think? Punish or no?
  4. Chamber36

    My broken heart from 2 yrs ago is still a blockade to my game

    I swear to god.... I made plans.... I try to get confirmation... She makes me wait for 2 hrs to get confirmation. So i tell her fvck it im gonna do something else. The OG's woulda told me leave ur phone inside, go for a walk, wait for the confirmation. Or better yet dont leave any options...
  5. Chamber36


    Women function on that thin line between utter banality and the procreation of the species. They love being adored for their role in the survival of all of our collective genes yet they want to hold no responsibility for the survival of those genes. That's what makes it such a tricky situation...
  6. Chamber36

    Good ol' Mystery Method

    Been watching some of Mystery's stuff recently, just to get back to the basics. His systematic approach to pickup is designed to tick all the boxes, which although contrived, makes a lot of things clear. Two things I have learned. 1. Keep your social circle strong. It will allow you to invite...
  7. Chamber36

    Has anyone read Heartiste's book?

    https://www.amazon.com/Heartiste-Game-Chateau/dp/1694969134/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=heartiste+on+game&qid=1580490502&sr=8-1 Is his book well put together?? I figure it's worth having even for that price. His blog posts were gold. I am curious if anyone has read the paperback. Here check out this...
  8. Chamber36

    You guys remember this old but gold TV show?

    Straight back to basics baby! Only for night game tho.
  9. Chamber36

    Poll: is it ok to approach a girl at the gym?

    To clarify this enigmatic question, this poll is meant to supply us with a general consensus whether it's OK to approach inside a gym.
  10. Chamber36

    I noticed since I quit jogging outside I have started to get a runny nose

    I started the Wim Hof Method last january. Been pretty consistent since then about the cold showers. The cold showers also basically made me immune to the rain even if it was slightly cool or cold weather outside. So I would run about every other day. I would notice a feeling in my throat from...
  11. Chamber36

    Meanwhile at the girls forum...

    Girl A: I've got it all figured out girls. Live, Laugh, Love! Girl B: I know! But he's such an a$shole! Girl C: That's true, but you're such a slut! Girl B: Heehee!
  12. Chamber36

    Learning to trust, love and invite vulnerability

    I thought I understood women. I thought I could think, in fact. Turns out women will do anything short of skinning you alive. I understand now why they boiled witches in boiling oil on the middle ages and tore out their fingernails. Because given the opportunity they would do the same to us...
  13. Chamber36

    Women and BD$M

    So, this may be left field for some but I was wondering a few things here. Obviously during intercourse it is required the female submit to the male. The male must elicit the trust from a female that he may enter into her body and eject his seed, potentially leaving her with a 9month pregnancy...
  14. Chamber36

    The most fundamental question

  15. Chamber36

    Woman whispering

    Has any of you ever wrangled with a feral woman and gotten her to cry and let out all her emotions and thank you for it? Tell us your woman whispering stories where you absorb the energy of a feral confused and fearful woman and allow her to settle into a state of calm submission. Also: Is...
  16. Chamber36

    Anger towards ex...

    Even though I know that all the bitchy behavior was caused by the fact she perceived weakness in me or that I didnt appreciate her when she showed me vulnerability, I am still angry. As I read material to rebuild the frame which was demolished along with that relationship (she used the fact I...
  17. Chamber36

    Owen Cook and his talk about Collaborative vs Competitive frame

    Which book am I supposed to read about collaborative vs competitive frame? I know he recommends a few, but which is it that has this information?? Some sales book or NLP or what?
  18. Chamber36

    Self improvement stack

    1. Ginkgo Biloba 180mg of extract daily (to lessen tinnitus) 2. Spirulina 5g (to detox and supplement with any needed vitamins, minerals and compounds) 3. Ashwagandha 2g (found out online its good for vitality and stress reduction) 4. Lion's Mane (good for neurogenerative properties, cognition...
  19. Chamber36

    Balancing gratitude with a go-getter attitude

    Hello all. 36th Chamber of Shaolin speaking. Lately I have gone through a very very tough period. I've mentioned in my previous posts what's been going on specifically. In short, just to recap, living with a somewhat immature, yet somehow incredibly authentic and vibrant 21 year old...
  20. Chamber36

    Why is it that I have the urge to contact my ex from last year?

    Because she was living with me I was forced to endure a whole onslaught of emotional abuse including gaslighting, insults, being derided and called names, having my reputation sullied among her peers, having my sexuality insulted and undermined, and more things. I had to wait a while for her to...