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    Being guilt shamed

    A friend of mine is in love with this woman neither have kids. He’s 36 she’s 34. He wants kids she wants kids they are trying He is having serious depression issues and his doctor put him on an ssri. She doesn’t want him to go on it because of the side effects the main one being that it’s...
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    So I got into it with my wife's friend, help settle this

    So one of my wife's friends, dumped this guy who she really kinda liked, after knowing him for about 2 weeks or so, because he's "a player" . he admitted, he dated...3... girls, since the beginning of 2017. And one of those 3, died in a car accident. She claimed she hasn't dated anyone...
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    I got to tell ya, betting Norte Dame to win the WCB National Championship game on EASTER SUNDAY

    some of the easiest money i ever made in my life and you guys don't believe in god lolol
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    Differences in cultures / upbringing

    Igot a friend. who is dating this girl, let's call her J. J is half southern ute indian and half white. she's a dime. he's 35, she's 27. my friend, is like the only black friend I have (i'm black for those who don't know). She's a good girl. She works, she is independent and does her best...
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    So I met someone. Yes I know I'm married. I wasn't trying to met someone. I was trying to pump gas. I was at the gas station and out of the blue walks this tall dark haired olive skinned woman who I could not take my eyes off of. Her name is Maria. She's jewish actually a german jew. Yes...
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    Woman who can't raise kids

    My dad and I haven't been on speaking terms for a decade. My kids have never seen him. I thought it was time to bury the hatchet and invited him and his new family to my place out here. Apparently I have a a new step sister who is 23 and kinda hot lol Anyway this new step sister has a two...
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    Thanks taking day

    Thursday we as a country will get together with loved ones and celebrate the day that we buttered up the Indians before we ****ed them in the ass by taking all their land I have legit Indian heritage and on my father's side it's not a holiday that's celebrated. **** the pilgrims
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    People in general are so hypocritical

    The older that I get the more I am learning that people in general don't like change. They don't want to ever admit they are wrong, they don't ever want to be inconvenienced and most importantly they don't want you to challege their view point on anything. There is a 94094848484 billion...
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    Vet's Day

    I'm going to say the most politically incorrect thing ever. I hate Vets day. No, that's not correct. I don't so much hate vets day. What I hate are the "vets" that aren't really vets, that let you give them all the attention that real vets should get. I got a cousin that is a ****ing...
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    Remember Remember the 5th of November

    The Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. i know it's techncially the 6th now but im' drunk so **** you lol every 5th of november we celebrate whatever the **** day by watching V for Vendetta. My wife is a brit so it's kinda a big deal...
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    I signed up with facebook... within 2 hours I was considering sucide and rather humans will survive

    I have the distinction of never having signed into facebook or creating a facebook account. I work on the internet all day when I'm not working the last thhing I want to do is be on a social media account. That and for the most part I'm a private person. I don't care what you're doing, i...
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    i got caught red handed today checking out this woman's feet lol

    I am back home in little rock for various reasons mainly to go to the arknasas game saturday in fayetville and to visit family. I got a taste for chesters which sells fried chicken and so I go to this grocery store that I know has chestrs in it and as soon as I walk in, there is this woman who...
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    I'm so tired of . stupid, ignorant, time wasting people

    [rant] my wife at the end of the day, is a woman. I think they crave drama, like we crave sandwitches or some **** lol. people IRL who don't know me think i'm mean and i'm really not I just have zero patientce for ignorance. broke people see time as infinite. is there really a difference...
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    what happens later for womeN?

    my wife will be 40 years old in about 2 weeks. actually exactly 2 weeks. it got me to thinking i haven't been in the game for a while, but i got single associates. and the women my age are still playing the same games, doing the same **** they did 10 years ago. that women who who told you...
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    I'm boycotting the NFL

    And you should too. As someone who has been accused by a woman of doing something that I did not do, Elliots suspension, after a court of law could not find enough evidence to file charges against him, is the line I draw in the sand. A woman should not be able to say I did something, not be...
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    Backbreaker's Third Law - Caring is Careless

    Backbreaker's Third Law It's nice to help people, but only do when it's not to the detriment to yourself or your goals. Never let anyone shame you into doing anything, and pay close attention to the people who are there when you're not at your fighting weight. Backstory So I'm making...
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    The little things in life

    Every sunday night, since forever. I've always sat down and watched TV and ate takeout. When I was a teenager I would go to the dixie cafe and get grilled country pork chops and fried corn on the cob and watch law and order criminal intent and boomtown on NBC. When I was broke and starting my...
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    This is how an alpha dies in a volcanic blast

    Uknow u go die, rub one out http://www.iflscience.com/environment/this-image-of-a-man-preserved-at-pompeii-has-gone-viral-for-obvious-reasons/
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    so i just found out my 17 year old sister is a lesbian

    to be honest i'm not totally shocked she's always been a tom boy. but i mean, i don't know how i feel about this. i mean she's my sister she's like my oldest child i will love her regardless of what she does. i'm not even mad or feel bad or angry or any of that i mean if she likes women she...
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    so...i had foursome last night....and it was amazing

    not a true foursome as im not touching another dudes **** lol but mmff with the wifey she and i went to this jazz spot a few weeks ago to listen to some music and we met this couple lare tweenties him shes prob...24-25. shes ..?something lol i still dont know but nt white if i had to guess...