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  1. oldmanofthesea

    In what occasion do you find using violence appropriate?

    You are right and it is for this reason that at my age, I avoid places where young drunk guys gather and it is crowded. Alcohol + testosterone is a terrible combination. Besides, I'm too old for that scene, liver isn't what it used to be, and I find way better girls at the grocery store or on...
  2. oldmanofthesea

    In what occasion do you find using violence appropriate?

    If you are letting a guy get that close to you, and not controlling the distance, then that is a problem. That is my point - you don't let an aggressive guy step in your face and you don't step in a guy's face either. You always stay out of striking distance and if tries to close the distance...
  3. oldmanofthesea

    In what occasion do you find using violence appropriate?

    We live in a society where you aren't allowed to just attack/assault someone simply because you don't like something they did or said. You do that and you end up in jail, sued, have a criminal record and no one will hire you. For those who think things would be better if everyone was legally...
  4. oldmanofthesea

    What are the BIG cheating signs to look out for that you have experienced from a cheating woman?

    1. When she is constantly worried about you cheating on her, asks who is texting you, asks where you've been and who you are talking to, and is extremely suspicious of other women in your social circle (even if you aren't talking to or hanging out with these women 1:1). Don't make the mistake of...
  5. oldmanofthesea

    Getting back with ex

    Good advice so far. I will re-stress this point: Once a woman loses attraction for you, it cannot be undone. It is simply the way women work. Her loss of attraction was not overnight and by the time she dumped you, she had been wanting to do it for a long time and got to the point where she...
  6. oldmanofthesea

    you can't force someone to accept you

    The purpose of communicating the date invite this way isn't about trying to force low-interest women to accept you; that won't work. It is about dominance and communication of value and it is one component of a larger picture. How does a woman assess her interest level in you and what is she...
  7. oldmanofthesea

    Do all women lose respect?

    In order to answer that question, we would have to understand the details behind the statements you are making here: What are you doing to women that they must "tolerate"? How are you treating women poorly and why? What kind of sh*t are you dishing out to women and why? Reading between...
  8. oldmanofthesea

    Turning 23yrs Next Monday And I'm a Virgin.

    What do you mean by assuming a woman you see is "better off than you"? Are you talking about financially? If so, that's nothing to worry too much about. Women are attracted to men who make them feel a certain way. Money CAN be a part of that but it's not a very important part. Plenty of...
  9. oldmanofthesea

    Maintaining frame when girl has high interest level

    You are asking great questions that bring me back to my awakening after my divorce. This all depends on what you mean by "rushed." After my divorce and before I learned game and RP, my definition of rushed was very different from what it is now, as is my understanding about how quickly women...
  10. oldmanofthesea

    Maintaining frame when girl has high interest level

    I was in a similar situation after my divorce, though my marriage was much shorter than yours. You might have some misconceptions that continuing to learn more game can help you correct. It's fine to want more than just sex, but you are going to get ghosted a lot if you don't escalate quickly to...
  11. oldmanofthesea

    Maintaining frame when girl has high interest level

    Way too much communication prior to meeting up in-person. You say you want to keep her at arm's length but you have already set the precedence for how much time you are going to spend communicating with her throughout the day. You would have done better to ask her out on a F2F date during that...
  12. oldmanofthesea

    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    This is all true but I want to bring up an opinion of mine which is that in most cases, a man's actions will cause a woman to lose respect for him and as a result, she will begin acting disrespectful to him. This is especially true with blue pill guys, or guys who haven't yet fully learned RP...
  13. oldmanofthesea

    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    This is absolutely true - but in addition to not wanting to see YOU happy, from an ego standpoint they can't handle being dumped, so if you dumped them, they make up stories in their minds about you - cheating, physical abuse... whatever it takes, and then they actually start believing in this...
  14. oldmanofthesea

    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    Couple GFs ago was like this. I literally did that. She tried throwing herself in front of the door to prevent me from leaving, and also laying down behind my car to prevent me from leaving. At one point when she was really drunk she punched and kicked me in the face. She had incredible aim. At...
  15. oldmanofthesea

    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    I haven't tried myfitnesspal but I have used the Carb Manager app on my phone and really liked it. It's mostly for people doing keto, but works just as well for any/all other diets. The food database is great and you can add your own custom foods or meals in there. Shows you at a glance where...
  16. oldmanofthesea

    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    The best weight loss I've ever had (and the only weight loss I ever do any more) is: 1. Walking, not harder cardio. 10k to 12k steps per day. And keep in mind, my main athletic hobby is running, but running burns a lot of glycogen instead of fat and it increases your appetite and makes it harder...
  17. oldmanofthesea

    Dating coach

    Yes absolutely. After my divorce while still blue pilled, my dating success was like you described. I seemed to do well on online dating (I had not learned about cold approaching at that point) in terms of getting dates with good looking girls, and not all but the majority of them would be into...
  18. oldmanofthesea

    I'm not sure if I can love anymore

    The root of what you are talking about is a side effect of red pill. We are brainwashed growing up to believe a specific narrative on what love is, feels like, and means. The unfortunate part about that is that most of it involves feelings and patterns that are counterproductive to not only the...
  19. oldmanofthesea

    I'm getting mixed signals.. give me advice

    You are going to have to provide more details. What is she specifically saying that you don't agree with and don't want to discuss?
  20. oldmanofthesea

    You must create the opportunity with a woman if you want to get laid

    Exactly. I have learned over the years that many women, especially hot, high-value women, are serial monogamists. They only sleep with a guy they want to date long-term and who they think would be interested in dating them long term too. Many women can be very, very picky about the guys they...