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    Kick my ass plz

    I used to be a very active member a while ago. I thought I knew it all but I honestly didn't/don't know ****. This year's failures has humbled & grounded me. I'm back here to ask for advice. I don't know the forum's state and what members are doing/saying what but I'd appreciate any guidance...
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    Men will sacrifice their loved ones for pūssy

    We as a group need to bring certain virtues back to the forefront of our lives. The current condition of society has allowed what used to be foundations of any self-respecting man to go out the window. Virtues such as Dignity Pride Self-sufficience Ambition Passion Gone are the days where men...
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    Wonder Woman

    The movie was great especially considering DC standards. It wasn't a masterpiece but it was extremely entertaining to watch thanks to the beauty and Charisma of Gal Gadot. For god sakes I can watch a two hour movie about her watching paint. Pictures don't do it. You need to watch her moving on...
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    NBA Finals

    Anyone into basketball here? Part III of a legendary trilogy taking place. The best team in the history of the NBA vs the best player since Michael Jordan. Who you got? I got the dubs in 5.
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    The Real World

    Facebook Snapchat Instagram Twitter Etc. How far do we go down this path? We are to far to turn back. Do not tell me we can. What do you think the future looks like? There is a show called Black Mirror gives interesting commentary of technologies possible effects on our future. In one episode...
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    The TRUTH about Race & Dating

    Generalization of men solely based upon race is OVERLY simplistic and thus makes an analysis this way a fallacy. I'm not calling you a liberal but liberals have made identity politics mainstream because it's convenient to lump groups of people together for easy thinking. However, this leads to...
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    PSA: Sosuave

    The point of this website is to improve men's lives in all facets. Sosuave is one of a kind, there is nothing like it. It singlehandedly changed my life as I can say with confidence I would not be where I am today. I want what happened to me to continue happening to more men. That's while I'll...
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    Are you happy?

    Would you describe yourself as such? How do you get happiness that derives from you and not some outside factor? Even while pursuing goals & dreams. I know personally that men should be content with themselves and never rely on outside validation, however, I still can't shake that feeling I get...
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    Amused Mastery

    An old topic that's not discussed much anymore but is very important. Being apart of the manosphere and forums like SS, make it easy to over analyze and take things too seriously. We should be approaching game as a way to entertain ourselves. Say things you find funny. Make observations that...
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    If you could tell your younger self anything

    What would you warn yourself of?
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    What are the different methods you guys use to overcome being in a funk?
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    I can't live with this

    So the girl I was talking about in a previous thread with "bad luck" I dumped her after some disrespectful behavior. After, she continued to hmu which I ignored and ignored. One day I answered. She asked to hangout to which I told her " I don't think it's a good idea considering we just broke...
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    Bad Luck

    Man, I don't even believe in bad luck but this woman I'm dealing with now is making a strong arguement. Bad shít, outside her control always happens to her. I mean always. It has been non stop for 2 months now and I don't know what to do. I'm not trying to be superman and solve her problems...
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    Cheating? Yay or Nay? Would you do it? Do you not gaf? Or are you just not that type of guy? A man of your word? Discuss. Me personally, I didn't really feel anything when I did. No guilt, remorse, nothing. She never knew and it was like nothing had changed. Really makes you think how easy it...
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    Curious to hear you guys' thoughts. Women inevitably will ploy to make you jealous. How much do you ignore before you eject or say something. For example, I might ignore my girl saying something about a guy whose texted her, however, if she ever mentioned meeting up with someone else it's dead.
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    Pullout Game

    Any other guys who use this method? Condoms kill sex for me. I do exclusively with my girl, for multiple sessions at once. I pullout correctly though everytime. Still can't shake the post-coitus stress, probably for good reason. A unplanned pregnancy would probably ruin both of our lives at this...
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    Power comes in caring less

    It's hard. This morning my girlfriend said something to me and I put it in the main brain chamber and immediately started over analyzing it. That's the way my brain works man, statistics, probability, it's similar to when you first swallow the red pill and you start paying attention to every...
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    What type of music do you guys listen to. When and why? Rap is cool, but I listen to all genres minus country. Can't get into country.
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    Need a refresher

    Gave a plate a chance at being exclusive with me. Great for about 3 weeks. This week would be week 4. Just got through hanging with her and she was cold and distant. When she explained why, she said that she is move too fast with her emotions.... Which is bullshít right? That just means an ex...
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    I love you

    How long do you guys typically wait to say this to a woman when in a LTR?