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  1. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    It's no secret that high Quality marriage minded women in the west are extremely rare and usually only met through social circle. I tried church but most women my age had no interest in marriage until they are 30+ years old they seem to put work before family. So it got me thinking about Foreign...
  2. Georgepithyou

    Guy Confronted Cheating Girlfriend While She is with the Other Guy

    I find it funny how chill the other guy is. Tldw Guy goes up to car Confronted girlfriend while the other guy is there At first she denies knowing him Than she says "its because you kept crying" Two guys start agreeing with each other and calling her out
  3. Georgepithyou

    Been Having Really Weird Dreams Lately

    I've been having really weird dreams of me traveling back to my old highschool or my old Town and meeting people i have never seen before in real life. I'm really curious as to what exactly is going on in my mind to develop these dreams that i have been having for 7 weeks now during lockdown. I...
  4. Georgepithyou

    What is the Black Pill?

    I keep seeing people talk about this, but what exactly is it? Some guys say it means looks matter and others say it's a bleak outlook on the world. But aren't those two just the red pill? What exactly is blackpill supposed to be?
  5. Georgepithyou

    Finding Happier/Nicer Women?

    Obviously OLD is not good for that, but where exactly would someone meet women who are bubbly and just all round positive happy people? A lot of women i meet from OLD have a laundry list of issues that I'm no longer bothered to deal with. What is the best place to find a happy woman?
  6. Georgepithyou

    Why do Women Join Dating Sites for Friends?

    I don't understand this logic. One woman i was talking to was shocked that guys would flirt with her and try to meet up with her on a dating website. Another girl said "i don't meet strangers from the internet". Why would they join a dating app if they have no intention of dating? This is like...
  7. Georgepithyou

    How did your Relationship End?

    I was watching an AMS video and he mentioned that women would go cold and distant when they want a man to leave. All my breakups happened because she drifted away emotionally from me just like AMS said. So it got me thinking has anyone broken up with a woman for any other reason? Or did she do...
  8. Georgepithyou

    Are You Always Honest With Women?

    When your with women are you always honest, for me personally my parents would heavily punish me any time i lied so it's ingrained in me to always be honest. I feel like it's cost me a few girls like when i told them i would play playstation instead of meeting for a date. I'm curious to see...
  9. Georgepithyou

    Why do Men Date Older Women?

    What is the mentality in dating a woman 5+ years older than you? Most women want a man who is older than them, logically speaking a man would want a woman to be the same age or younger than him. So why would a guy go out of his way to date an older woman? I've even seen guys claim that they...
  10. Georgepithyou

    White Guy Steals Chinese Guys Girlfriend

    So this guy literally just takes his girlfriend away from him, right infront of his eyes. Just an average looking white guy in China not even a Chad.
  11. Georgepithyou

    Social Media and Mental Health

    Has anyone successfully quit from Social Media? Facebook,insta,tik tok and snapchat? I managed to give it up for a long time but have gone back to instagram, I keep getting FOMO whenever I'm off it. I know I could use it positively for buisness in the future but i always end up spending hours...
  12. Georgepithyou

    Be Thankful for this Forum

    This is the best Game forum on the internet. I just came back from R/seduction on reddit and boy is the "advice" there terrible. You have people autisticaly writing novels about how to "attract" women. You even have women telling guys not to approach because "that's creepy". The blind leading...
  13. Georgepithyou

    No one on the planet knows your low value until you demonstrate it

    Dress well, be fit, get your life together. Everybody is gonna think highly of you. Learn communication skills. Watch presentations by expert communicators, listen to how they talk about expressions and body language. Becoming High Value is not that difficult, you don't need to be 6'6 with a 6...
  14. Georgepithyou

    Moving in Together Destroyed My Relationship

    Two years ago I was in a 6 month relationship, we decided to move in since we only saw each other 2-3 times a week. We thought seeing each other everyday would make things better. It took me two weeks of living with her to break up with her. I'm not a clean freak but I hated how dirty she was...
  15. Georgepithyou

    Do You Need Rapport if She is Interested?

    If she has high interest do you even need to build rapport? Is it better to just strike while the iron is jot instead of beating around the bush? You get her number after approaching, why not just insta date? If you match on old why not just get her number? Is there really any point to banter...
  16. Georgepithyou

    If we Had the Options women Have

    Would we still go to gym,work on our game,get rich or even bother with anything really? Sure we have it really tough these days in the dating market, but if things were really good what motivation would we have for self improvement or building a better society? Despite what some say, most of...
  17. Georgepithyou

    Once She Loses Interest, You Cannot Get Her Back

    I see so many guys getting false hope that going NC, is somehow going to make her interested in you again. Once you go past breaking point and she loses interest in you, it's over and she probably has already moved on emotionally with another guy. In her eyes you are a weak beta and she is no...
  18. Georgepithyou

    Meeting Women at Church

    Has anyone here had experience with meeting women the same way our Grandparents did? As in our family played matchmaker and introduced us to the daughters of Friends from Church. Usually in Church Moms like to try and set their boys up with girls. In a way it's basically social Circle game...
  19. Georgepithyou

    Is it Possible to Date a Low Interest woman?

    I've noticed one thing in common with every woman i dated, it's that they always had high interest and made things easy for me right from the start. To this day i have not been able to raise a low interest womans attraction to me. The whole point of Game is to raise a womans attraction to you...
  20. Georgepithyou

    Girl I've been Dating Has a Boyfriend

    So there has been this woman i met from OLD that i have been dating for about a month for now, nothing too serious as we are just getting to know each other. She is really nice,feminine and attractive. I thought things were going well until i found out she had a boyfriend this whole time. They...