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  1. devilkingx2

    Opening girls with a compliment

    Last month I got a new job at a pharmacy in Times Square. Dead end minimum wage retail placeholder. So far in my market research I've determined that a significant amount of them have a very positive reaction. Many of them just smile and say thanks, a few just ignore me or mumble something or...
  2. devilkingx2

    Hypothetical: you think a girl is a sure thing on the first/second date, but she wants you to pay for an expensive date

    This thread was inspired by the occasional debate about whether buying a girl dinner before sex in the early dates: makes you beta bux, or makes the girl a classy lady. Scenario: this is one of the first two dates, you're as confident as you reasonably can be that you will get laid. However the...
  3. devilkingx2

    My boss at my new job is pretty hot, is it possible for a younger man to seduce an older woman?

    I'm 24 and she's like mid 30s probably. What are my chances here fellas? How should I play this over the next few weeks. This is like my third day working for this company as a door to door salesman and she's training me personally today. She has a fun personality but she's a single mom of 3...
  4. devilkingx2

    A girl I hang out with told me she's a lesbian and has a girlfriend, should I still pursue?

    So last month I took a female friend out to get drinks at a Dominican bar/restaurant near my house. This would be the third time we've hung out but I had a girlfriend the first two times, this time I was single. I met her at work in 2020 just before the pandemic. She said something about being...
  5. devilkingx2

    I'm travelling to Greece in a week, anybody ever been there or know about it? Good place to get girls?

    My older brother wanted me to join him on a vacation to Europe, I wanted to go to Colombia, he wanted to go to the Czech Republic, with all the COVID restrictions on travel we decided on Greece. His main goal is for us to go pick up foreign chicks, my main goal is to have fun and enjoy the trip...
  6. devilkingx2

    Where do you go to meet women in 2021?

    I live in NYC. Do people still go to meet people at bars and clubs in this day and age? Is it weird to go out solo? Discuss. I rarely have any luck on apps like Tinder/Bumble/etc.
  7. devilkingx2

    Does a girl's status matter to you?

    Common sentiment is that status doesn't really matter to men. But is that really true? If you met a pretty girl at a bar and then went on a date with her and found out she was a millionaire or a foreign princess or a celebrity you didn't immediately recognize, how would you react? Would that...
  8. devilkingx2

    Where will be the best place to meet horny women once the pandemic/lockdowns are fully over?

    Since it seems things are opening up again and people are regaining their desire to go outside and the summer is hitting all at once it seems like right now is the best time for us to discuss this. What are your ideas gentlemen?
  9. devilkingx2

    I forgot a girl's name (twice) because i didnt see her for 4 days but still got her number (somehow)

    Girl: black girl early 20s single mother. She's nice and pretty (HB7). Background (feel free to skip): Relevant Situation: basically, I went to say hi to the girl yesterday and called her by the wrong name (Diana) without knowing it, she told me that I got the name wrong but didn't correct...
  10. devilkingx2

    How do you choose which girls to cold approach?

    I have not been doing well with cold approaches specifically this semester (random girls on campus rather than people from my classes or groups/clubs) and I'm wondering if i just waste time approaching girls that are unapproachable by not being discerning enough So the question is, how do you...
  11. devilkingx2

    You: "hey baby wassup" Her: "oh nothing much, wbu" good or a bad?

    Say you have the title exchange with some random chick you kinda know, is it good that she doesn't seen to care if you call her that, or bad that she didn't return anything like "what's up darling?" I'm working on my understanding of women so that i can manage time and opportunity costs better...
  12. devilkingx2

    What's the perfect amount of alcohol that will boost your confidence without making you obviously drunk?

    I need to know, it'll make my daygame approaches much easier.
  13. devilkingx2

    Is there any scenario where a girl could cheat on you and you'd say it wasn't her fault? Is there one where you'd say it's your fault she cheated?

    We're all aware of the old stereotype that when a woman cheats it's the man's fault for not being man enough for her and satisfying her needs or whatever, and we're all red pill enough to know that that's bullsh!t. Either because it's rarely the reason girls cheat (except in sh!tty marriages)...
  14. devilkingx2

    How do you screen for girls who love sex?

    I know lots of girls who can be quite boring when it comes to sex and i try to avoid that, so I'm curious as to how you guys search for women that give lots of sex or interesting/kinky sex (if there is any way other than just fvcking them until you figure it out lol, i acknowledge that might be...
  15. devilkingx2

    Should i have gotten this girl's number? (she had just met up with her blind date)

    Basically i did a cold approach in the library to test out my new opener, seemed like it was going pretty well (she laughed a lot, asked my name first, asked where i was from, leaned towards me during conversation, etc.) But she said she was meeting a guy she had never met and wasn't sure where...
  16. devilkingx2

    How has learning game (whether red pill theory or PUA tactics or anything else) helped you?

    There's been a lot of anti-game hysteria here lately so i figured that it would be a great time to make a thread about the other side of the coin, So guys, lets talk about how game could've helped you in the past, or has actually helped you get a girl. Tell some stories of times when it wasn't...
  17. devilkingx2

    Help me out sosuave, Rate my appearance

    I've always pondered if i was good looking or not, i really have no idea. https://imgur.com/a/rRxZn Don't worry guys I'm not sensitive, i won't cry for longer than 15-30 minutes tops if your honest opinion is low :p
  18. devilkingx2

    I commented that I'm starving and the girl immediately responded "I've got class right now"

    So the conversation goes something like me: man I'm starving I've gotta get something to eat Her: I've got class right now Me: huh? What? Oh! I know that you do. I'm the one who's getting food lol. [conversation continues] I'm pondering if It's a good sign (that she must've thought i was...
  19. devilkingx2

    "I've cheated on every guy I've ever dated" is this woman's article trolling or legit?

    https://babe.net/2018/02/21/ive-cheated-on-every-guy-ive-ever-dated-and-i-dont-feel-even-a-little-bit-sorry-37120 The more you read, the less it sounds real "Seriously dating someone is similar to moving in — you can’t just un-move in with someone you’re seeing." What does that even mean...
  20. devilkingx2

    do you think the dating scene overall favors men?

    if you google it, there are a ton of articles written within the last few years (mostly 2015 specifically) suggesting that dating heavily favors men these days 1. https://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/ 2...