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  1. Kotaix

    How to raise children to be successful and happy?

    I have really good parents and family. I was never abused or treated unfairly, although I did get spanked if I got caught lying. I could probably have used more discipline, but I've never been good at listening anyway. That's just my nature, not anyone's fault. Being wealthy is an active...
  2. Kotaix

    She turns up with Purple hair & piercings. Drop the date or continue

    Tatoos are forgivable. Everyone was young and dumb at one point. Heavily tatted is a big red flag tho. Purple hair is an indicator of current bad decision making. I'd probably end the date pretty quick unless she proved to be cool. Piercings, depends on the number and location. A single nose...
  3. Kotaix

    In what occasion do you find using violence appropriate?

    Violence is acceptable if all other means of preventing abuse fail. Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.
  4. Kotaix

    When a woman is giving a man pleasure by sucking dvck / eating ass would that make her submissive? Or dominant?

    In prison, if you suck d!ck or eat ass, you're submissive.
  5. Kotaix

    Here we go again, will they never learn?

    I'm not buying this sh!t for one. These fvckers can lick my ass if they think they can push another lockdown on me
  6. Kotaix

    Why Have So Many Well Known Pickup Artists Had Major Personal Issues?

    There is no benefit to chasing more and more of the same thing. It doesn't matter what it is, be it pvssy, business deals, money, gambling, drugs, etc. If you chase it too much, if you do it for the thrill and become addicted, you will eventually burn out and be miserable. You always need to...
  7. Kotaix

    Getting into shape - did it help?

    Yes. Absolutely yes it improved. I literally got an OMG taking off my shirt in front of a woman. And it's not just the benefits of improving reactions from people. I find I have way more energy, Iife just hurts less (especialy as you get older) and seeing the gains happen is a great reminder...
  8. Kotaix

    People who convince me to date around my age

    Who are they and how old are they? In my experience it's usually women in their 30s who like you that start saying this, and it's because they're jealous and know that they can't compete anymore.
  9. Kotaix

    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    Tell her it's gross (it is) and refuse to kiss her if her breath or clothes smell like cigarettes
  10. Kotaix

    Do women like guys that shave their heads bald?

    Let's just say that owning the fact that you're going bald is better than pretending you're not. A comb-over always looks stupid. And shave vs a buzz cut. You have to go with what looks better on you.
  11. Kotaix

    Getting rid of intellectualism

    I've run into this problem before. I knew a girl who was perfectly aware of the fact that she wasn't smart, and said so. She said multiple times that my level of intellect was intimidating to her, but that she didn't care. I was actually able to get her interested in intellectual topics because...
  12. Kotaix

    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    I used to know a girl who had a kid with her husband because she thought it would be a way to improve their relationship. The guy is a recovered alcoholic. Needless to say, it didn't work, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. She openly admitted that she wished she hadn't done it, but she...
  13. Kotaix

    Dating a woman that lives with her boyfriend

    As others have said, stop rewarding this behavior and be true to your principles. You already know what you're doing is wrong or you wouldn't be here. And at the same time, the couple probably stopped having sex a long time ago and she's looking out for her best interests. This is a...
  14. Kotaix

    Coffee with sugar?

    I forced myself to learn to like black coffee when I gave up almost any kind of processed sugar, I now find sweetened coffee to be gross. The best way to do it is to buy REALLY good coffee, because that stuff tastes amazing. Once you get used to it, it's fine.
  15. Kotaix

    you can't force someone to accept you

    The inability of men to accept that a woman that they think is hot isn't into them is one of the biggest challenges he can face. Taking rejection personally is a self-reinforcing downward spiral. I think interest level can actually be influenced, but only on first impression or first meeting...
  16. Kotaix

    Italian men and trannies

    It's a pity italian women are unpleasant, because damn they're hot. A friend of mine was deployed to afghanistan. In his experience with the locals, women are only for breeding. Sexual pleasure is to be found in goats and young boys. Ancient Greece was in the same boat with pederasty...
  17. Kotaix

    Italian men and trannies

    "They" are not gays or trannies. "They" are activists who are neither gay nor trans, but exploit gays and trans people. This is evident when a gay or trans person, or a non-feminist woman, speaks or against their narrative, they immediately turn on them and call them every name in the book...
  18. Kotaix

    Italian men and trannies

    One interesting thing I've noticed about italians is that they move in groups, and those groups tend to be unisex. Men with men and women with women. They're also pretty narcissistic when compared to other cultures. Italian women have a reputation of being b!tches, which I can't confirm or...
  19. Kotaix

    Woman desire men for there resources........

    I think you're glossing over the fact that she's a single mother. She wants your resources because she has a kid, not because she's a woman or BPD. Single mothers are destined for poverty and being alone unless they're exceptionally smart or manipulative, and they damn well know it. This is why...
  20. Kotaix

    Italian men and trannies

    This has been a thing in many places for a long time, not just italy. Fag drags are no longer a thing in the US, but the term exists for a reason. I've known bulgarian guys who would openly admit to the same thing, so it's not restricted to just italians. If there was going to be an aids...