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  1. IKO69

    how many of you felt this way before

    there used to be a person in my life i was fond of and had a chance at. this particular person was very desirable and even open to the idea but to make a long story short- the failure occurred to having had little experience and not enough confidence to seize the opportunity, in short afc-ism...
  2. IKO69

    What happened to me today and where I need to pay more attention

    My female cousin flew in the other day and I decided to show her the city. We took the train since we'd avoid traffic. On the way back it was really crowded since it was in the afternoon but there was two empty seats and she sat down. Facing her was a girl, a really pretty one, the type I...
  3. IKO69

    Why the female sex has lost its mind

    never thought i'd see the day when an actual woman would speak out www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3zbA3_Oilw www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtYZ2DKMJmA
  4. IKO69

    are women like guys and think about doing it all the time and with just about anyone

    at the end of the day like us? i think so just for the simple fact they're human & i can't tell you how many times i've seen girls with the most revolting guys possible. now these guys had to have something about them that made them appealing but the fact they the girls were able to look past...
  5. IKO69

    This happened to me today, female psych ?

    There were a few minutes before class and I was talking to this particular girl I like in there who is really attractive. She used to be somewhat interested in me but I ****ed things up and I know she isn't now but we still talk and I figure it's good practice. There was this other girl facing...
  6. IKO69

    Hello I need some advice on style/clothing

    I've been working hard to turn my luck around with women/life in general. The other day I noticed I need work as far as my wardrobe. I am 26 years old and the Rock T shirt/Plain Jeans/Tennis-Running shoes doesn't work. I used to not think much of it but I realize its holding me back and even...
  7. IKO69

    what percentage of guys actually approach girls?

    not so much from this board but in general. i hardly ever see guys approach girls, be it school, the store or anywhere else in public. i think with strong game you could make some major headway into this thing.
  8. IKO69

    Working on inner game and not just outer

    A friend of mine and I started lifting weights at the same time recently. I have wanted to do this awhile to not only improve my health, but also be more attractive to the opposite sex as a perk. I have also tried to improve myself in many different other areas by doing new things, pushing...
  9. IKO69

    Friends, I have noticed women don't flat out smile at me but...

    a common occurence when passing a random bird is her eyes will dart straight down to the floor after our eyes meet. Possibly taken by my good looks? maybe shy? I used to be this way when I was younger saw a girl I liked and that's why I ask. I'm a decent looking chap and I don't think I look...
  10. IKO69

    Attractive women don't get approached, WHAT?

    Every now and then you'll hear a real whopper, this is one of those times. A couple of friends, both male and female have actually told me this. They say it's because the woman is so attractive that she intimidates guys and they become scared to approach. I can actually see this happening but I...
  11. IKO69

    Serious question about rape/sexual assault

    I have been chatting to this girl a while that I have been interested in, REALLY HOT, and I have found out she is interested in me also. The thing is I was getting to know her and while she didn't say it, she hinted she was victim of the subject line. She said she didn't want to talk about it...
  12. IKO69

    what to do? advice please

    there is a girl in uni i like. i would say we get along pretty good, made her laugh alot, was polite, yadda yadda. but i never believed i could have her because i am not that good when it comes to these matters and she is a very attractive lady. i asked her out before winter vacation and she...
  13. IKO69

    Question about first look

    Hey, I appreciate any insight I get here. Just wondering if there is anything to this. I get smiles sometimes from women, but, what I noticed is more then often when I make eye contact with a women for the first time she will immediately start touching her hair a few times or something, or...