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    They Will Share the Alpha

    I went to a social gathering last night, first major one since before the pandemic. I ran into an old plate from three years ago. After some small talk, she revealed that she is “single” but in a “situationship” with a guy for the last 1.5 years because he won’t commit to being exclusive...
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    Disney Characters

    I recently downloaded Disney Plus to get caught up on Marvel (last movie I watched was Avengers: Endgame). So far I got through Falcon & Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and binged watched Star Wars The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. Thoughts: Female characters are significantly more powerful...
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    Nomadic Women

    I’m noticing this trend being in a major city (NYC) that girls now are working remotely and it actually means traveling all the time and drinking. Anyone else notice this? Thoughts?
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    Let’s Get an HB Rating

    Ava Louise, the toilet licking OnlyFans porn star Antonio Brown was recently caught up with. Instagram I put her in the 8/9 range. What do you rate her fellas?
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    Quality of OLD 2022

    I am currently in a relationship and was almost all of 2021. I deleted all my dating apps but did not deactivate them. Decided to have some fun snooping to see what the single market looks like a year later. …. my god. I don’t envy you single guys. The broads all got fatter and uglier...
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    COVID-19 Weight Problem

    Just an FYI for those of you dating post-lockdowns.. assume every woman has gained 20 lbs minimum. Unless they are a fitness chick their pictures online are certainly not accurate. It’s gotten out of hand. I went on a rant in chat with my non-red pill homies about women that weigh more than...
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    Find Your SMV

    I like the general idea of @cola ’s thread. However, I believe it can be simplified further. A mans SMV (assuming fitness and style are maximized) outside of school environment is based on resources, location, and height. Income is the easiest metric, as it correlates with social status. To...
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    Create Options

    My lifetime OLD first date flake rate is about 45%. Therefore, I always double up first dates. I scheduled 8 dates for 4 time slots (2 each day) yesterday and the day prior. Results: This is the first time all 8 dates either showed up or confirmed beforehand. I went on dates with the first...
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    If you haven't seen Avengers Endgame or Avengers Infinity War, go see it. It hit me the other day. Thanos is a man (alpha male). It's not the ideology people agree with; that's just the rationalization. He steals every scene because he is just that masculine. Discuss.
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    Height and OLD

    If you aren't using height to your advantage in OLD, you are doing yourself a disservice. Women screen by height. There's simply no getting around this. The average human male is under 6'0. Therefore, the majority of men could be leaving some height on the table. The following height...
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    Texting (Why You Shouldn't)

    It's popping up on a lot of threads, particularly when offering advice to newer members. Some of the more established DJs and relationship gurus advise against it, citing basic sales principles. Why shouldn't you text? It's really about the numbers and maximizing efficiency. The gurus that...
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    Six First Dates in One Day

    ......and I'm only going on two. I have two after-work time slots - 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. We all hate flaking. Women have no remorse about breaking dates after making plans with you, so why do you still feel bad about doing the same? Three dates are scheduled for the same time slot. They...
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    Plate Stood Me Up

    Posting this because this is the second plate to do so this calendar year. I've been smashing this girl (age 24) since early September. I see her once a week, usually on the weekend due to scheduling. We do something fun outside of the house then have sex. She's cooked on multiple occasions...
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    Trying to Cool Off the Chatty Chicks

    Still running into this. Met some chick on Instagram through a mutual group events page. After a few DMs back and forth, I exited the convo saying we might see each other at the group event. As soon as I walked in, she walked over and tried to strike conversation. High IOIs, positive body...
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    No Means No

    .......until she calls you "timid." Men, I've had this political discussion with both male and female friends. I was the most ardent supporter of the "no means no" movement (back as an AFC), until I was in the situation of that initial resistance when she says "stop" or "we can't do this" and...
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    Banned From Another Forum For "Gender Bashing"

    Probably AFC to post this, but whatever. I was a long time contributor to a forum (3 years), mainly for the other sections (politics, personal finance, and car stuff). I was banned the other day without warning due to "gender bashing." Lately I've been posting in the relationships forum. My...
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    When to Scale Back the "Alpha"

    We all come across some of these chicks who are so jaded by society's currently pitiful expectations of men.. that being "alpha" gets you no where. While the easiest course of action is simply to "next" the broad, what if a different approach is worth a shot? I had an exchange with a woman on...
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    Weening Women Off Texting

    Strategies please. No matter what, it's like when their interest level starts going up, they want to text all the time 24/7. I'm having trouble getting these chicks off the phone without ignoring them completely or just being a ****. I'm not a texter myself. I don't initiate using text ever...
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    Is this a **** test?

    Went out with this chick for two dates. She is a potential plate but we haven't had sex yet. Lot's of making out both times. Anyway, for the third date she volunteers to come over and cook for me at the end of our date (I didn't bring it up). I played it off and went home. Less than 24...