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  1. oldmanofthesea

    Books on sexual dominance

    I practice dominance in the bedroom but feel like I've only scratched the surface and the dominance that I practice is starting to seem vanilla. Part of that is because there are only a certain number of things in my usual bag of tricks and I haven't expanded it in some time, but the bigger part...
  2. oldmanofthesea

    Always call women on their bluffs/ultimatums

    This is something that one can only do once they truly get out of the scarcity mindset, and either have true abundance, or have honestly adopted the mindset that they are better off single or in a dry spell than getting regular sex from a woman who is trying to control them. A common female...
  3. oldmanofthesea

    “I wasn’t sure if our date was still on”

    Whether from cold approach, warm approach, OLD, whatever….. we know many girls flake. We get used to it - it is a numbers game. But what pushes me over the edge is when they covertly blame you for their flaking. The usual way they do this is to message you on the day of the date and say, “Hey, I...
  4. oldmanofthesea

    If most of your dates come from cold/warm approach, what adjustments have you made due to COVID?

    I was occupied in an LTR all last year into April of this year so COVID didn't really impact my romantic life. But now that I'm single again, my dating life isn't like it used to be pre-COVID. I don't do OLD and all the women I meet are from cold/warm approaches. Pre-covid, I would take the...
  5. oldmanofthesea

    Anyone want to pay $300k per month in spousal support?

  6. oldmanofthesea

    What are some good volunteer opportunities?

    This is an area I've always wanted to explore, both from a personal satisfaction/fulfillment stand point, and as a place to grow my social circle. Meeting women would be a nice side benefit. The issue is, I haven't really found many volunteer opportunities that I found satisfying, and that...
  7. oldmanofthesea

    Anyone notice this trend of oddly matched couples on social media?

    Whether it's IG, Tik-Tok or wherever, I'm starting to see a lot of couples that make me scratch my head. It is specifically the type of women who you would normally see with a very masculine dude, but instead they are with baby-faced nerdy guys who look 5 years younger than the girl they are...
  8. oldmanofthesea

    Has anyone been successful in getting a woman to take responsibility for her own emotions in a relationship?

    One of the biggest challenges, really the only challenge I still seem to face in LTRs, is dealing with women blaming me for their emotions. I look back at my blue-pill relationships and I had that issue back then, and I look at my recent relationships now that I am much wiser, and I still have...
  9. oldmanofthesea

    High Conflict People

    Great article here on high-conflict people. https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/5-types-people-who-can-ruin-your-life/202012/4-warning-signs-high-conflict-partner High conflict people (HCPs) tend to have four primary characteristics: 1) Preoccupation with blaming others; 2)...
  10. oldmanofthesea

    Will confirmation bias cause the end of civilization as we know it today?

    A recent post by RangerMike gave me the idea to post a separate OT thread on this subject. It is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few years. We live in a post-truth world now. Lies and disinformation and conspiracy theories seem to be embraced by more people than ever...
  11. oldmanofthesea

    Red Flags

    We have all seen the lists of red flags to avoid. We have all seen the women who had some, most, or all of those red flags. But the question I am asking here is this: If you eliminated every woman from the dating pool who doesn’t have a red flag, would there be any left? Now seriously, I don’t...
  12. oldmanofthesea

    How do you handle finances with your woman?

    Curious how you guys in LTRs or marriages handle this.
  13. oldmanofthesea

    What is love?

    I think one red-pill topic that doesn't get enough discussion is: What is the definition of love? I believe the majority of men's pain and suffering surrounding relationships is caused by misunderstanding of love. We are programmed through movies, tv, and books, from a young age to believe...
  14. oldmanofthesea

    Do literally all women do this at the end of an LTR or just the ones I've dated?

    Something I have noticed with all women I've had LTRs with: Each woman has their own wants and needs in a relationship. As with anyone, those wants and needs are their OWN, and they vary from person to person. We all have different wants and needs. But what I have found is that when it comes to...
  15. oldmanofthesea

    Women triggered by older men dating younger women

    I wanted to see what experience you guys have had with this. It has gotten to the point of destroying friendships for me. There is no valid justification for women trying to shame a guy for this. The arguments they put up have no merit, and many of the arguments are hypocritical as they don't...
  16. oldmanofthesea

    Dealing with declining libido as you age

    Curious to hear from the over 30 crowd who have struggled with loss in libido. I'm not talking about erectile dysfunction. I'm specifically talking about sex-drive. I've noticed a sharp decline in mine since turning 40. What concerns me is it seems to be accelerating in the last two years...
  17. oldmanofthesea

    Women and anxiety

    If you've read any of my posts, you will know I don't like blaming women for things that both men and women do equally. But the more dating I do and the more relationships I get into, the more I find that every woman I end up dating seems to have massive amounts of anxiety. I can't decide if...
  18. oldmanofthesea

    The archetypes of new SS members

    I've noticed a pattern with new members asking for advice here. The person comes here, asks advice, advice is given and then one of three things occurs: They ask questions about the advice. They respond to specific points people make. They respond to questions. They truly process the...
  19. oldmanofthesea

    Too many men vainly take credit for a woman's high-interest, to their own peril

    Something I see a lot from guys having girl problems, or recent red-pill converts is a lack of awareness of of how women can project their desire onto a man and how a man will often choose to take this as a reflection of himself. Both men and women do this, but because I'm providing guidance for...
  20. oldmanofthesea

    Volunteering and community service

    I realized years ago that the most fulfilling thing to me is helping others. I knew that as I aged, I would get to a point of wanting to focus heavily on this. I think that time has come. I have spent a lot of time reflecting lately and what I have seen is that I am good in my career, very...