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  1. darksprezzatura

    Got Strong but Fat [HELP]

    Hey guys. Ive gotten fat again in the journey to make strength gains. It's not like quitting working out and eating junk all day long. My strength has massively improved: Bench: 248 lb Squat: 347 lb Single Arm Row: 124 lb (I don't DL) I've gained over 50 pounds in an year, being in an...
  2. darksprezzatura

    Left the country, plates still spinning

    There's something intense about moving away thousands of miles from the women I used to sleep with. The weeks upto leaving the country I got laid 5-6 times a week by 5-6 girls. It was insane. No wonder nomads are perceived as hotter than cultivators. All the plates are still available but...
  3. darksprezzatura

    Pregnancy scare anxiety [Urgent advice]

    Hey folks, cut to the chase. - Smashed a hottie silly last weekend - She squirted a lot, dripped over her leg - Said that's never happened to her and maybe the condom slipped - I should've checked if it had slipped, didn't appear broken as broken condoms get completely ripped - I'd also pulled...
  4. darksprezzatura

    2 plates crashed the same day [need advice]

    Currently, I'm spinning 7 plates. 3 are regular weekly rotations who live near. 1. Manager 25 yo cute, slight chub 2. Lawyer 25 yo, fit and competitive 3. Professor 29 yo, fit and feminine 4 are plates in different cities I meet when I hang out. 4. Intern 19 yo, cute as hell, fit...
  5. darksprezzatura

    Plates Crashing - NY Phenomenon

    Hello gents, Just an interesting insight into the sport. 2 plates crashed last week, I'm sure it's a new year phenomenon. Plate 1[crashed]: Giving medical excuses not to meet, when I see her going out on socials. This girl told me she wants to marry me drunk last month, to which I didn't...
  6. darksprezzatura

    Mission 10%

    I've lean bulked for almost 5-6 months now. Been training religiously since 3 years now, still gains have jumped well non-linearly My strength has gone up: Bench 225x5 Squats: 315x5 One arm rows: 110x5 Lat pull downs: 291x5 (I don't DL) I gained to 210 at 6'2 ~15-18% tbf (probably 20%)...
  7. darksprezzatura

    How I look [outline]

    Just being a tad bit more vulnerable to the community in lines with the post I made earlier: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/caring-is-alpha.271765/ Shoutout to @DEEZEDBRAH @nicksaiz65 @mrgoodstuff @zinc4 and other folks active in the fitness subforum. Started off as a 330 pound guy...
  8. darksprezzatura

    Caring is alpha

    Three stages: - Naive - Jerk - Wise The naive guy pretends to care about women he wants to have sex with, or for as long as he got a shot. The jerk pretends to not care for anyone, while caring all the more about the pretense. The wise actually cares for his tribe, takes initiative to solve...
  9. darksprezzatura

    Formatting posts here

    Hey I've been there. Making huge posts about some specific girl. I actually use a phone to read through posts, so moderate length posts still seem huge. Maybe it's just me, but it would be awesome if folks can make paragraphs when posting. Whenever I login here I want to give back to this...
  10. darksprezzatura

    I do it for life

    This post is inspired by a question by my fellow player @nicksaiz65. What a motivating guy! I only do something if I can I can do for life. I try on an activity, and calibrate each rule according to how an action can fit into my life. - I made a rule to cook all my meals and not eat anything...
  11. darksprezzatura

    [Urgent-ongoing] Bipolar HB 9

    Im RIGHT NOW on the receiving end on text/video of a bipolar or borderline girl who actually takes lithium and psych meds. She's a druggie and an alcoholic as well. As much empathy as I have for her condition: I want to eject and run to the hills. For regular girls, it's a quick block from...
  12. darksprezzatura

    Crazy week - 5 dates

    With covid sort of out of the picture, girls are hopping out to bang. I've had some free time since I'm just starting out with my new job. 1) New Date 1, had fun Went base 2 "Thanks for the great time text" Asked her out again She said she's dating and it'd be cheating, don't want to lead you...
  13. darksprezzatura


    I like having hickeys. Call it immature or a high school thing but they look hot morning after. So now I have a couple of hickeys from two different girls. I have two dates today as well. I usually cover hickeys with a concealer before a date. What's your opinion are they too...
  14. darksprezzatura

    Am I overthinking or she's manipulating?

    Just came back home after a smash. I check motels for cams/peepholes cuz I'm paranoid like that. She mentioned she has her own paranoia. I asked what, she said she'll tell me later. After we got done, she mentioned her paranoia is around getting pregnant as she's from an orthodox family. I...
  15. darksprezzatura

    I'm struggling financially. Any tips?

    Guys I understand all of us like getting laid. There are 140,000 threads on game related sections of the forum and 600 on wealth and success. It's natural as this is mostly a game related forum. I am struggling financially a bit right now and I'm sure many others are too due to covid. It's...
  16. darksprezzatura

    Compilation of Finance/Wealth tips

    Suggest tips on how to accumulate wealth only if you've actually made money with them. Please do not include self help/bookish tips which are abstract and not usually applicable.
  17. darksprezzatura

    Psycho report [Expert]

    Met an HB 9 online. An hour away by flight. She suggested she could split my travel expense. We get hot and heavy on video. Plan to meet. She's upto it. She knows it's casual and that I sleep with other women too. Mentioned she takes meds and sees a shrink. Alcoholic sort of. Said she...
  18. darksprezzatura

    Lay report

    Phd Scholar. 29. Fit af. Smart. Noticed she liked walking ahead of me. Dominance test. Instead of hurrying to catch up, I slowed down. Let her look back to see where I am and wait. Smashed her rotten date 2. She loved it. Agrees to be a plate. Immediately looking for another plate...
  19. darksprezzatura

    Current plate rotation analysis

    Plate 1- Literature student. 2 years- on and off. High interest initially. Excuses like work/family/covid popped up. Doesn't seem as interested. Not a potential long term partner cuz she's not fit. Lacks depth of conversation. Plate 2 - Virgin Successful doctor and $$$. Paid for my flight...
  20. darksprezzatura

    Baked thoughts

    Kinda don't give a fvck about alpha or beta or sex or girls, just want to talk to people to make useful connections for my survival. Been through redpill years ago. "Don't give her attention for no sex" "Don't be a nice guy or she'd cheat with chad" "Be the guy she cheats with" "Check out...