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    You should be afraid

    These beta students are soon coming to a workplace near you. Beware of them or you have to face the consequences:
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    Feminism is a big **** test!

    Have you thought of this, that the whole feminist movement is a giant *hit test?
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    Wife about to be cheating

    Hi! I need some advice: My wife is 47 years old (sexy and horny) and we have been married for 5 years.(i'm 52) The sex is still good and we have it maybe one or two times a week. Recently I have noticed that she has contact with an Indian guy from New Dehli on the net. (he is 25 and a model) I...
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    Double post

    Posted in wrong forum
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    Good satire about political correctness

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    Two dirty awesome tips for you!

    You can play around with these tips an have some fun: Tip 1. Buy two stress balls like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-76-Baseball-Soft-Foam-Hand-Wrist-Squeeze-Ball-Exercise-Stress-Relief-Toy-/111596501146?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19fbab789a Hide them in you pockets and ask...
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    Do you have these ego-traits?

    Triangle of Terror: The Top 3 Traps of Ego The purpose of this article is to bring to awareness three of the most devastating traps of ego-level consciousness, how they reinforce one another, and how to move past them intelligently...
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    What a Woman Wants From a Man

    What a Woman Wants From a Man Hoooo my god!
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    Very interesting interview with Robert Greene

    The 48 Laws of Power and Becoming a "Master" From the description: Bestselling Author Robert Greene joins Media Mayhem and discusses his famous Laws of Power and how they are used and abused by the entertainment and business worlds. We talk about the Hollywood elite, working with 50...
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    The Father of all inner game

    I have finished this book now and want to recommend it to you. It is a very liberating book. James Hollis: Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men Like All of his books, this one aims straight for the heart in a poetic and non clinical language everyone can understand...
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    15 lessons in thai?

    The brother of my thai wife have some struggles with his gf. Does anybody know if pook's 15 lessons is translated in to thai, bc he do not read so good english.
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    This picture say so much.

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    The best pick-up lines

    Hooooooooooooo my gadd! http://youtu.be/JEBA8k6wOU8
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    Documentary about love addiction

    If you have Netflix I will recommend you to see this documentary about love addiction. Love Addict Are you addicted to love? Through personal stories of love addicts and the people around them this documentary explores the nature of love addiction. It will seek to understand what...
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    Dear God, send me a man...

    http://imagehaul.com/haul/4bb906 :D
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    So what hobby do you have?

    It's important to have a hobby, a little bit macho hobby preferably. I used to practice karate when I lived in a bigger city, but now I have found my "thing": Paragliding and paramotoring. It gives me an incredible feeling of freedom, and is relatively easy to learn. What kind of hobby do...
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    The expendables 2: the ultimate alpha

    Just saw the expendables 2. Sylvester is the ultimate alpha. But when it comes to women he is omega. In the end of the movie her face screams "fvck me NOW!!" and all he do is say goodbye. He did that in the first movie too. What's up with that? :crackup: Funnie movie though.
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    Nice picture, so true.

    http://9gag.com/gag/4632809 :D
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    Why do my buddys always go home alone?

    I have two friends that is 20 and 25 years old. They are very handsome and sexy and look like moviestars both of them. The youngest one is my best friend and I have known him for about 3 years. We have party almost every weekend and the women always show they are interested in them, and...
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    Why it never last, and what to do about it!

    Ever wonder why relationships tend to last just a couple of years, often even shorter? This might be the answer: "Zing! Cupid’s arrow skewers a primitive part of the brain. Obediently, we fall in love amid showers of passionate fireworks, bond for a time … and then often get fed up with each...