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  1. Bokanovsky

    When a girl suggests a change of plans

    It means that she doesn't want to play tennis. Why, is a different question.
  2. Bokanovsky

    Plate didn’t want to meet because i didn’t reply back in time

    The OP is obviously not a very good communicator (since he's struggling to clearly explain what has happened). I am going to presume that there was some misunderstanding. Having said that, why do you even care, OP? She is older than you and not attractive. Stop wasting your time.
  3. Bokanovsky

    Has online dating and game in general gotten much worse since 2020?

    Numbers mean nothing without taking quality and frequency into account. In my book, a man who has had sex with the same 9 a hundred times is infinitely more successful than someone who's had a hundred one night stands with 4's and 5's. Would you rather eat every meal at the same five star...
  4. Bokanovsky

    Should plates initiate? How often should you contact plates?

    This sounds like advice that was given on this forum circa 1998. In today's world, very few women under the age of 40 use their smartphones to make audio calls. And if they do, it's usually to call their mom, not to arrange dates.
  5. Bokanovsky

    Girlfriend’s ****testing went too far

    At this point, your response should have been: "I see. Perhaps I should start adding girls on instagram and going on dates with them too."
  6. Bokanovsky

    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    Agreed. No point in living together unless you have kids.
  7. Bokanovsky

    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    She doesn't have to be a supermodel but you shouldn't feel like you could do much better either.
  8. Bokanovsky

    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    Not a difficult choice.
  9. Bokanovsky

    Got Married After Following My Own Advice

    Let's talk turkey. You are settling in EVERY way imaginable. A woman who is not just past her prime but waaaaay past her prime? Check. Is older than you? Check. Has a long history of making poor life choices? Check. A party girl who took an extra decade to get the partying out of her system...
  10. Bokanovsky

    Does Canada have the worst incel epidemic of all the western world? What gives?

    There is no magic formula. Self-improvement is the only way out and self-improvement is hard. Discovering this forum would be a good first step for those folks.
  11. Bokanovsky

    Taco bell for two

    Yeah, she thinks that she's entitled to be taken to a fancy restaurant to be wined and dined, while she sits there and judgementally microanalyses every little thing that you do, from what you order to how you talk to waiters. Why would any man in his right mind volunteer to pay for that kind of...
  12. Bokanovsky

    Taco bell for two

    What a vapid b!tch.
  13. Bokanovsky

    I Just Deactivated My Profile from that Godforsaken Place known as LOVESHACK

    Good decision. Loveshack is an absolute cesspit...a toxic mix of ignorance and negativity.
  14. Bokanovsky

    Is the trans agenda a threat to civilization?

    I would argue that the actual root of the problem predates feminism by about 50 years and can be traced back to early-mid 19th century. Democracy worked relatively well as a system in the early days, when it was a limited democracy and voting rights were restricted to those who owned property...
  15. Bokanovsky

    Does Canada have the worst incel epidemic of all the western world? What gives?

    Perhaps you are confusing "nice and friendly" with passive and non-violent. The two are not necessarily the same thing. As for the incel situation and low quality of women, it's a product of several factors. Deeply entrenched feminism, residual effects of past puritanical culture...
  16. Bokanovsky

    Kevin Samuels has passed away

    Ever head the expression, "those who teach, can't do"? This is particularly true of anyone who describes themselves as a "life coach", "marriage counsellor", "relationship guru", etc.
  17. Bokanovsky

    She was lying about a dude, hard next?

    No need for a hard next but don't treat her as an exclusive or serious prospect.
  18. Bokanovsky

    Did i make the right choice?

    If she doesn’t pass the boner test, there’s no point. Your only mistake was agreeing to be her boyfriend in the first place.
  19. Bokanovsky

    Good places to meet good women

    If the bookstore doesn't work, try the record store. Or Blockbuster ("I have to return some videotapes...") Or how about your local drive-in movie theatre?
  20. Bokanovsky

    I am an average guy who has a harem of fashion models. Don’t make excuses y’all.

    All this time, I naively thought that "having a harem" means a steady rotation of women you regularly have sex with. But apparently, following women on Instagram and supplying them with attention and validation, while getting nothing tangible in return, is what counts for having a harem these...