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    Sex is being used against you

    I think that men really need to stop trying to get laid. I see this as the biggest problem in dating and relationships. It is just skewing everything in favour of women and boosting their egos and giving them too much power. This is kinda simple to see that looking at guys who have been good at...
  2. K

    How to be ABOVE - Body Language and other Alpha Characteristics respected by women

    So just making this thread for a bit of fun and interesting convo if anything is added. I guess this is how one is Alpha, it is all about being above. Alpha is not having a lot or being strong and tough. It is INTERNAL meaning it is not what you have but who you are. It is about what you care...
  3. K

    The Manipulation by women that destroys society

    It's just The Manipulation for ego. This is the reason why dating and relationships are so broken. This is why loser guys get laid and good guys get the run around. A relationship is meant to be for romantic love, not ego boosting. They say you need to fvck a woman quickly or you wont get...
  4. K

    Can high smv guys build a 'harem'?

    Serious points to consider here. High smv (looks, personality, intelligence, social skills, attraction) guys can obviously get more girls, better girls and make them happy. In the modern West there are many women who cannot find a husband or decent LTR and hence are single and alone in their...