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    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    How do we bang a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog, get her preganant, pay no child support and she can take care of the kid while i bang other girls? repeat.
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    girls tinder and real life.

    Had a girl on tinder. heres the messages we had. Me: can i touch your books? Me: I mean boobs? Her: Sure hows that going to work? do you plan on scheduling a drive by and touching one titty and then on your way to someone elses titty. Me: maybe Her: what a let down. Me: Why Her: I was hoping...
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    is game for me? or just pay for it?

    I wanna go past the foreplay stages in clubs. girls locking eye contact with me in the club and pointing at me and pointing at their eyes and zoning in on me. I've done this with chicks for hours in clubs with them just really looking at me while dancing. we end up talking at the end of the...
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    girls laughing at you when out?

    Why do girls laugh at you? I'm out and girls just laugh at me. they often ask if im on drugs. Had girls and guys ask if i deal drugs as well. When I tell them no they leave. Girls also tell me they will buy me a drink or they pay for my entry and say i have to buy them a drink for them paying...
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    girls asking to buy you drinks?

    I'm not out to drink anymore. Girl approached me and said she will buy me a drink. Get to the bar and shes like you buy us a drink. ended up buying her and myself shots which she ordered. Only 20 bucks for a shot for both of us. She followed me around for a bit after this while talking to...
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    how to get married then have the condom less sex all night long?

    I wanna get married and have the no condom sex all night long. All positions. Dress up as police man, fireman or doctor and bang the crap out of my naughty nurse wife. I'm working on getting super ripped. currently 212lbs at 5 foot 10. How do I even find a girl who wants this? I can talk to...
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    getting handjobs, titty bangs, makeouts from married chicks?

    hanged out with this married chick the other day. slapped her ass and p.ussy. she made out with another guy right in front of me. Her husband wasn't there. She wanted to go party overseas with me. I didn't end getting her number but I know where she works. she asked me for my number but we got...
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    How to get girls approaching you in bars.

    Preparation. Wear plain white, black or navy blue shirts. Wear blue jeans. Brown dress boots or shoes are nice. Although I've picked up multiple times in blue sneakers with navy blue dress shirt because of plain comfort. It still looks good though. If you have a hairy chest show it off...
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    Who here believes giving money away to poorer people makes you happier and perhaps wealthier?
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    Kids and women

    I talked to a guy the other day and he s going through a battle with his ex over his kid. He wants to see her and she won't let him. He said she's a narrcasist psychopath according to him. Personally that would hurt me I wouldn't even bother to try and see the kids. I would be out eye balling...
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    Finding out a girls std status

    Girl at bar looking at me. I want to bang her raw. Have to find out std status. Also she in relationship. How should I approach? She's smiled and looked at me now on 2 different occasions and it's the third ocassion tonight. Girls in relationships tell me I'm good looking and I have good facial...
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    girl at work

    Been talking to this old Vietnam guy at work. Being talking about him and his mate banging Australian hookers every week (perhaps it seems while married). He asked me a couple of times if i have a girlfriend or am married. Now today he asked me if I'm interested in dating a girl. He's hooking me...
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    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    I'm scared of actually catching something from rawdog. How safe is it?
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    cant get a boner

    In order for me to get a hard on I gotta rub it quite fast to get hard. condoms make me go soft. Help? what do i do?
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    makeout goals?

    anyone have any makeout goals? seeing how many makeouts they can get in a night? I had three the other night from chicks and another 3-4 I could of had if I allowed it from guys trying it on me. I'm aiming to try and get 10 in one night from 10 different chicks.
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    girls pulling girl away from you

    What does it mean when a girl pulls girls away from you? Does the friend just not like you?
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    Never going to a gay bar again

    Just went to a gay club tonight. Madeout with a chick twice and she told me she loved me twice. after the makeout she asked me if i would buy her a drink both times. I said yeah i will buy you a drink. She walked off. she repeated that. later in the night she approached me again but her friend...
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    you dont have to?

    when a woman says you can go now if you want or you don't have to come with me to the smoking room does that mean she doesn't or does want you to come with her? I had a girl in the past tell me that I don't have to go to the movies with her. I said no im not going and she posted on her...
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    Case I read this week thoughts? Female dress codes and immigration

    I saw a case here in Australia where a woman was told by a Muslim security guard that she can't swim in her apartment pool because she's wearing a bikiki and in order for her to be allowed to swim she has to put some clothes on. The woman ended up saying the Muslim man should go back to his arab...
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    What would you do?

    Lets say you just made 1 million dollars. Your happy. You come home to your girl telling her about it. She smiles but then just asks Where's the Bread which you were suppose to pick up? What would you do in this situation?