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    Dating a woman that lives with her boyfriend

    My own morals would say next... I wouldn't do to someone what I wouldn't want done to me...
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    The one drug that we're all addicted to

    Not really..... sex isn't the end all be all... pleasure is good in doses.. but balance is key. Chasing pleasure can and will burn you out and make you numb to it... plus once you get older you realize companionship.... loyalty and trust have a lot more value than just pleasure. Epi
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    Finally back to gym

    Gym hero... I like it. Wish we had that here. Lol
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    Maintaining frame when girl has high interest level

    Ahh **** sorry man.... beenderdundat.... 25yrs here.... good on you tryin to keep it civil. I'd just be honest.... tell her your not sure on something serious... but you would like to get to know her better. Don't use fwb that will usuallyput up the slvt shields.... and don't pretend there...
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    I'm Breaking Married Women's Hearts...

    Probably talking out his Azz.... I wouldn't be going around bragging about home wrecking. Karma's a bytch.
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    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    I didn't follow it exactly.... but I think wills response was uncalled for. She (from what I hear) had been raking Will through the coals for a while.... imho he shoulda just left her a while back and kept his composure. What I seen when will reacted the way he did was a broken man.... former to...
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    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    It is what it is.....
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    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    Sometimes you don't know they are crazy til after you get them pregnant. They play the long game to trap you.... then take you for half your sh!t while telling the world and your kids your the badguy when usually it's quite the opposite. If you leave.... it financial ruins you... if you stay it...
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    How would you handle a male neighbor getting too close to your live in girlfriend?

    If this is on-going.... it seems to me that she is making your life hard and not your d!ick. That's a problem.... if she doesn't respect that you have an off feeling about this guy... then she will continue to make your life hard. Don't fall into this trap. Good luck!
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    I'm having trouble understanding how the idea of "not explaining yourself to anybody" works in reality.

    This whole thing is confusing..... I don't explain sh!t to no one... I just do my thing and don't give a fvk. When I say no... its no... the only person that questions me now and then is my gf... but not very often. My co workers don't question me.... my tenants in the commercial building I look...
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    That's harder to determine.... the best absorption is penetration with ejaculation. Unless your condom leaks bad or somthing... I don't think she would.... women's juices can become external to her genitals.... where as ours is mostly internal til we blow...
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    Good question.... her juices come past the end of your d!ck... you can absorb it from the base of it... the condom only stops yours from entering her.
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    Make my d!ck hard not my life. That's the bottom line. As soon as that's not happening anymore to my liking..... your gone. Neeeexxxxt
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    The idea that sex makes 2 become one... is that there is sharing of hormones. You blow it in her and your actually giving her a dose of testosterone.... and in return she's giving you estrogen.. It balances eachother out.... condoms prevent that transfer and then men get more out of it than...
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    Is it even worth it to be in a relationship if the cex is rare or you gotta ask for it?

    I would say ... knowing what I know now and having been through that for 25yrs and 2 kids with same woman only to have her behave like that and then leave me and our kids for another man.. the answer is no. The chemistry would need to be pretty good for cohabitation. She would need to have a...
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    How to date hot models on Instagram

    I don't date women on Instagram... I date them in real life. What you gunna do? Fvk her E-gina? Alll you millenials and genx can keep your ego boosting phone sh!t. Real is where it's at. The fact that these models are on insta just tell me they have a constant need for validation. I like my...
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    I am considering abstaining from sex/dating

    I was with a woman from 16 (she was 15) til 40..... we had 2 kids together in that time (17 and 23 today).. sex was nearly non existent for me .... and then she left me at 40 for some dude 12yrs older than her.... kids decided I was the better parent and they jumped ship with me. I have...
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    I am considering abstaining from sex/dating

    Do what ya want..... totally true.. pvssy isn't everything... alot of guys here brag and post their hook ups... but what meaning is it? When the time is right... it will feel right. If you feel your forcing it.... its not for you. Quit worrying about pvssy and just live life how you want to...
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    Female Orgasms

    Her O is her responsibility.... she should guide you to what she wants to get her there.... if not.... that's her problem...
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    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    If she's making your life hard and not your d!ck.... there is the problem. Time for some honest convos. Epi