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  1. manfrombelow

    When a girl suggests a change of plans

    Actually hiking gives you a much more suitable environment for sex to happen than tennis if you ask me.
  2. manfrombelow

    Why am I ghosting women.

    So you mentioned the marriage topic with a girl you did not fvck? And she freaked. (How dare she overreacted like that)
  3. manfrombelow

    Why am I ghosting women.

    So there's almost nothing to discuss from your story. You did not fvck her, that's the fact. She declined your initial date offer but also offered back alternatives herself, but for some reasons you chose to "ghost" her, that's the fact. See? Nothing to discuss. You asked strangers on the...
  4. manfrombelow

    Why am I ghosting women.

    Question: Did you or did you not fvck the yoga chick?
  5. manfrombelow

    How soon do you start talking about or mentioning sex with her ?

    It's not about how hot a woman looks (and of course you should never downgrade your own standard, I agree) but about the mindset that you have to "entertain" them to a certain degree through social media/chit chat app in order to land a date with them. I mean, that's too much effort just to get...
  6. manfrombelow

    How soon do you start talking about or mentioning sex with her ?

    It is because competition is through the fvcking roof, then no matter how much you text or how charming your voice sounds through phone, it doesn't matter until you meet her in real life. That's why you need to seduce multiple women at once, so that the ones who are able to forget you just...
  7. manfrombelow

    How soon do you start talking about or mentioning sex with her ?

    Don't chat meaninglessly between dates that's the rule.
  8. manfrombelow

    I failed to have sex with her..

    Being too tense and nervous will cause erectile malfunction even for young guys. Don't sweat. It'll get better gradually.
  9. manfrombelow

    How soon do you start talking about or mentioning sex with her ?

    You sexually arouse her by actions not words. For example during the date when you feel the vibe is right you french kiss her right then and there.
  10. manfrombelow

    Tinder is dead. Instagram is the best dating app

    He's an incel who's spending too much time online and he just needs to go out more, including hit the gym, and get a job.
  11. manfrombelow

    This is why you don't let chicks lead

    My unbreakable rules: No matter how hot a woman is, if I can't fvck her at the 3rd date, I'm out and there will be no more dates. If we are in a relationship and she withdraws sex purposely to gain the upper hand in the relationship, I'm out and the relationship's over. It's painful for some...
  12. manfrombelow

    Forgiving vs holding grudges...

    No it's not petty nor immature because each person has their own story. I'd say this is a very good move.
  13. manfrombelow

    Forgiving vs holding grudges...

    Wrong. It's easy to hold grudges, but way much harder to forgive. I am holding some big grudges for some people in my life. Does it torment me? Yes. Do I want to forgive them soon? Hell no cuz they don't fvcking deserve my forgiveness.
  14. manfrombelow

    Asian Women?

    Asian women living in Asia? You're fine. Asian women living in the Western world? You're fvcked the same way you're fvcked by Western women living in the Western world. Source: I'm Asian living in Asia myself.
  15. manfrombelow

    Why do you think opposing LGBT is such a "Taboo" topic in the West, when in other societies is quite normal?

    How? Can you please elaborate on this? I have always wondered how it's more easy for straight women to French kiss & finger each other than straight men to do the same unless they are already gay, at least as shown on pornos.
  16. manfrombelow

    Potential fwb wants to see other guys

    Just say "I dont give a fvck as long as you make sure they all use condoms"
  17. manfrombelow

    What Are Some Signs Of A Time Waster

    In short: She's dragging you on purposely.
  18. manfrombelow

    What Are Some Signs Of A Time Waster

    To me, they are: 1. Control-freak. For example, I used to have this chick, whom when I sent her the venue & time for our 1st date, she insisted on picking another venue of her choice. This is redflag because she started to show signs she's the I-want-everything-my-way type of girl. And of...
  19. manfrombelow

    What counts as cheating in dating?

    In the "dating" period, I believe all involved parties already reserve the rights to see/fvck whoever they want. For example I make it a habit to date at least 2-3 women at a time, does that count me as "cheating"? Don't think so.