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    Guys that use sextoys with their playmates

    In your experience, are women okay with knowing that the toys have been used on other women previously?
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    Business Owners

    I see many men on here own their own businesses. I'm wondering what types of businesses do you own?
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    Comment on text response timing

    Here's a comment somebody made that I thought was insightful... "The "5 minute return text = not worthy" is not that simple. On the surface, it sounds illogical, but deep down: it's totally reasonable. See, Daddy wasn't there. Maybe not at all, but definitely not enough. Maybe he showed up 3...
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    When white knights are your lawmakers/leaders...

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    SoSuave Cologne Theory

    I read the article on colognes. The theory is, if you rotate your colognes that are unique/interesting to your body, this tells females that you "get it" on a psychological level, by triggering emotional spikes due to playing with her senses. Do you successful djs on here think this is the case?
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    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    I approached and got the number of a 22 year old college chick in the grocery store today. I didn't set the date right then and there. I wasn't prepared for actually getting her number. I told her that I will be going to the bar sometime this week and I'll hit her up so she can meet me there...
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    Hi all, I am new to the site(obviously lol). A little about me... I found this site a couple weeks ago. I am 33. I was red pilled 2 months ago. I went through the five stages of grief and an identity crisis as a result of it. Now I just want to pump and dump some slvts. Maybe keep some around...