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  1. andreihaha

    I hit on my coworker, now what to do?

    We celebrated at work yesterday, drank some champagne and stuff. Both me and this chick I've been working with for 5 years have been busting each other's nuts, kind of in a flirty way. I went and had some more to drink after work and started chatting a bit with her. Said something like "I owed...
  2. andreihaha

    Sorare Sport NFTS

    Hi mates, I found the Sorare project about 1.5 months ago and I've put all my crypto funds into it. It runs on the Eth blockchain and it's some sort of collectible card game meets fantasy football. Basically they create a limited amount of player cards each year that are yours forever and they...
  3. andreihaha

    How did you meet your "perfect woman"?

    I feel like success stories are lacking a bit and they might be the most valuable things to find here. Maybe she's your wife. Maybe she's your girlfriend for a long time or the love of your life. Or maybe she just was the best woman in your life and you shot yourself in the foot and lost her...
  4. andreihaha

    Taking a break from dating

    Lately it's been tough getting quality women. While the environment and the pool of women online are poor, I realize there are things to do about myself as well. We're kind of in a lockdown at the moment and women I meet online are low interest/low quality. So I decided to take a break from...
  5. andreihaha

    First cold approach in a while

    A bit of context: these past few years I didn't need to do any cold approaching. I've met enough girls through my social circle and online. Lately tho I've been focusing on myself for 2-3 months since my last LTR. Some more context: in my country(Romania) the government is sh1tting on the...
  6. andreihaha

    Forum content just getting worse

    I log in every day or two in here to see what's new and what people talk about. Lately most posts are about how crappy women are and how rigged dating is for men and how modern men are fvcked by feminist/marxist propaganda. All fair points, but this becomes a chain of mental masturbation with...
  7. andreihaha

    Get your sh1t together and start going out with women

    The dating world is rigged. But if you're normal man, it's rigged in your favour. I'm sure the lady users of this site can back me up. I've just been single for a month or so and I'm juggling more women that I can handle without being in the top 15% on looks, athleticism or money. I even get...
  8. andreihaha

    Playbook - fun plays to do on women

    I'm curious if some of you guys have a creative way or more to pick up women. The fun kind. A rate of success would certainly be appreciated, but there's no problem if it never worked before. Hell, maybe I or someone else reading this actually pulls it off. Honestly, after a few LTRs I just want...
  9. andreihaha

    The most value you can get in relationships

    I'm currently stuck at home with an ankle injury from basketball. My parents came to visit and brought me some stuff since I shouldn't put pressure on my foot. So they bring me the stuff, we talk a bit and they get going with my mother telling me "Sorry we couldn't get you milk too, we had too...
  10. andreihaha

    Can you overcome differences in beliefs?

    This is my problem at the moment. I met a girl, I was honest with her from the start. I'm more of a conservative guy, I do believe in God, I like to read and discover as much as I can. And I want to educate my kids in the same way. She does not believe in anything and didn't get to that point...
  11. andreihaha

    "I need some time for myself"

    I was thinking about this, as I was discussing it with some friends. The old line that all of us know, from either or both sides of it. What does it mean from your experience? For me, it's just what it is, feeling smothered or actually needing some alone time to do my stuff. How about you or...
  12. andreihaha

    Picking up live in 2021?

    Do you have a nice successful way of meeting women live in 2021? Bars are still closed in my country, except the outside ones but it's winter and cold AF. Had succes online last year, but the women were pretty subpar and apps still just want to take your money, not to help.
  13. andreihaha

    How do you deal with lack of respect in relationships?

    For me personally it's a deal breaker. My current experience: Been seeing some girl for 2-3 months, seemed a bit shy, maybe cold at first but she was good company. We were supposed to meet today and she texted me something like "I don't think I can see you today any more. Talk to you soon. Hope...
  14. andreihaha

    When she asks if you're a Don Juan

    Had a girl this week ask me if I'm a don Juan. Kind of a second date. For a brief moment I thought she might know about the forum, as unlikely as that is. Told her i'm more of a Don John, since my middle name is the equivalent of John from English. She laughed and said it's probably the best...
  15. andreihaha

    Flaky chick reschedules.

    Went out with her for the first time around 10 days ago. I've been busy with 2 other chicks in the meantime, but one is ill and the other one I'm kinda ghosting since she pissed me off. I wanted to set a date with this girl like a week ago, she couldn't. Then she texted me to set a same-day...
  16. andreihaha

    Abundance problems

    I currently kinda have 4 plates and an ex-GF going after me. I can see myself having a future with 3 of them, they are LTR-material, really nice girls. I don't want to hurt them but I haven't decided yet what to do. Do you have this problem? How do you deal with it?
  17. andreihaha

    Lay report #1

    About a month ago, I went to a party. My best friend's GF had her birthday. I was fresh out of a LTR, not really giving a fvck about women, no intentions. Had a 3-hour blackout, the only thing I remember was sitting down on the stairs with the hottest (single) girl at the party. Nothing...
  18. andreihaha

    Great DJ movies

    I've seen older threads on the site, but maybe an update doesn't hurt. What movie has a great DJ starring in it? For me, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, What women want, Hitch(without the last half an hour), Alfie (specially the Michael Caine version), Spread, Swingers had characters I could relate...
  19. andreihaha

    What's the best compliment you got from a woman?

    For me it was "You'll surely get your future wife pregnant first-time" after blowing a huge load on her. Too bad I don't remember who said it... What's yours?
  20. andreihaha

    The audacity of another b1tch

    Check this out: I'm matching with this 21 yo on tinder Me:Your picture reminded me that I didn't smoke some hooka in a while Her:Ohh, too bad Me: No problem, I'll go get some soon. Me: Maybe even with you. Her: If you'll pay :rofl::rofl::rofl: Not sure it's a sh1t test or for real, but this will...