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    Hoa do i approach women when anxious

    I always assume it's just a US thing, personally. I'm in the UK. The girl i've been sleeping with I met at work My brother has been with 2 girls from his work. About 90% of my friends are either engaged too or in serious relationships with work colleague. I guess it's just a culture thing...
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    What factors do you think affect a cold approach?

    95% of it is whether you are her 'type' (she thinks you're hot before you've even said a word) and that she happens to be a somewhat sociable girl receptive to chatting to random guys. If them things are in place, then you have great shot. Whether you have 'game' or not. This is probably...
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    Realistically what age range can the average joe guy date at below there age and have success?

    yeah. UK. 16 is legal here and we don't have any age gap laws so you could be a hundred and still bang 16 year olds if she'd let you lol
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    Realistically what age range can the average joe guy date at below there age and have success?

    i'm the king of the age gap, tbh. I'm getting old now well in my 30's, but I was seeing a 17 year old a little while back (lol) and i'm currently seeing the girl who's pic I shared in that other thread still, and she's like 22. I don't really think there's a rule. If she is attracted to you...
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    How often Do Women Approach You in The Bar/Nightclub?

    same reason it gives men the confidence to approach? Lowers inhibitions
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    How often Do Women Approach You in The Bar/Nightclub?

    It's only happened to me a handful of times in like 15 years of going to bars. Maybe 5-6 times? (E.G a girl walking up to you and basically hitting on you) My wingman (very good looking) gets appraoched about 5-6 time per NIGHT when we go out. So yeah, it happens lol. Don't believe people who...
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    The myth of women throwing themselves at tall, rich, ripped "Chads"

    It's not a myth? I have 2 friends (one is a close friend) who are chads who get approached by maybe 4-5 hot girls every single time we go out for a night. They can get laid with hot girls at will. They are getting picked up as opposed to doing the picking up But not worth getting annoyed about...
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    Women in my generation (21) do not like masculine men. They like prettyboy twink f4ggots

    Pretty much this. Even when I was very very young, my theory (and it hasn't changed much) was that the super hot, very young girls (peak SMV) are into the tall, athletic/slightly skinny facially handsome dudes, but the older women/cougars/MILFS seemed to appreciate muscles and masculinity in...
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    Have to be a Top 20% male to have success on Bumble/Tinder/Hinge?

    that's always a the main pre-requisiste when it comes pickup. But yes, online it's even more important. Zero wiggle room online!
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    Let’s Get an HB Rating

    She's quite hot. Like an 7.5-8 to my personal tastes
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    Have to be a Top 20% male to have success on Bumble/Tinder/Hinge?

    i don't tihnk ive ever met a guy who doesn't think that about himself! haha But really, we're all about the same. Some have slightly bigger c0cks and can last a bit longer lol
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    yes, I mention propinquity here: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/being-a-30s-male-debunking-smv-chart.272361/#post-2906146 I think it's a fairly big factor. With this girl, in hindsight and assuming what she tells me is true, I COULD have just walked up to her on the street or in a bar...
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    I wasted my youth and I'm struggling to let my regrets go. Any tips or advice?

    Maybe Tom Torero (someone who presumably enjoyed a lot of sex with many young women) topping himself should tell you that getting laid isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. You missed out on less than you think. We romanticise what we missed out on to some extent, too. You probably imagine...
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    Just got off the phone with a friend....

    just to add to that, with this new girl i'm banging whose pic I shared, it was fairly confusing. I'm used to cold approach in bars and I tend to know where I stand, but this was a work thing that i've never experienced so it was new to me. What i realised was that she was flirty as hell in text...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    im well in my 30's and the new girl i'm sleeping with who I met at a temping job is like 22. And i'm broke. She has way more money and stuff than me. I actually prefer younger though, tbh (and have succeeded a few times with teenagers in recent years, but takes some serious numbers game!) I...
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    Beloved Day Game Coach Tom Torero Has Died

    It appears to have been suicide Probably brought on in some way from that recent article that went kinda viral and that exposed his 'stealth seduction' product and wrongly made him sound like a pedo, revealed his real name and personal info, and shamed him in all kinds of ways, and the writer...
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    Flirting with and getting attention from women 10+ years younger is much more exciting

    Pretty normal and probably an element of, as you say, feeling like you missed out A few years back I wrote an FR here and I was already like 30, and I smashed some super hot 17/18 year old. The sort of girl i'd just see on the bus or walking down the street and assume i'd have more chance of...
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    Has anyone been rejected as brutally as this?

    anyway, enough messing around. Banged last night.
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    Has anyone been rejected as brutally as this?

    @Velasco it's amazing the **** they will tell themselves if they happen to be into you. She's very wrong on all counts! haha. But since i'm basically playing hard to get whilst she's getting 50 DM's per day from bouncers and barmen trying to bang her (i've seen her phone!) she's assuming i'm...
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    Location location location

    yep, i've said before that location is massively underrated. There's all kinds of things to do with location and culture and stuff that the commmunity hasn't really scratched the surface of, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's like places have personalities, some of which are massively...